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  1. Perhaps on the odd occasion but that was the exception more than the rule for me,. 4-2-3-1 most games 4-5-1 at times that season too. Anyway, we won. Yaldi.
  2. Recent memory for me would suggest we did when Higdon played with Law, Ojamaa, Humphrey and McFadden in behind him, with Lasley in the anchor role.
  3. Tanner's out for the season, I'm afraid.
  4. Not one gets pass marks today, I'm afraid. How Grimshaw stayed on the pitch for the whole match I'll never know.
  5. StAndrew7

    AGM 2018

    Yeah they'll have to be, otherwise they'll be blocking an evacuation route from that end of the stand onto the pitch if anything happens.
  6. How do you know we've left it late? The fact we've made 4 offers to him would suggest to me we've not left it late at all but have been working on it for some time now - I would imagine the negotiations have been going on since the summer. I agree with your other points and given the information coming from the AGM we've made him an offer that will pay him a similar amount of money to a player who has full international caps and has played a significantly larger number of first team games (I would imagine that might be Bigi?) - I'm not sure what else the club can do here, other than to provide Cadden and Campbell as the examples of how staying here can do you much more good than disappearing to Leeds, Burnley or Celtic...
  7. StAndrew7

    AGM 2018

    Only stuff I would add are a couple of points: The nature of the success we had over the last year effectively means that we have no cash flow related worries for next 2 years; this isn't going to result in complacency and the club are looking at how best to continue to secure our financial position and budgeting "correctly" for low placed finishes in the league and so on, To confirm there's ball stopping nets being installed at the Cooper stand (I was nearer the front ) to protect the crowd during warm-ups (which should happen during the January break), Some of Robbo's comments (indirectly) about the squad/players hinted that he thinks there's a fair few freeloaders at the club who are only interested in picking up a wage - he also said that you'd be surprised at who there is interest in from a transfer out point of view, We continue to look after our injured players and make sure that we're keeping them engaged; Robbo is taking Carson and Tanner out for dinner this Thursday (I know that doesn't seem like much, but it's a nice insight into how the club operates) and Burrows stated the club's policy has and will continue to be that we will only ever release a player who can pass a medical - effectively in the same condition as they were when we signed them, He also recognised that we're really lacking in wide players and would look to rectify that; we have 3 or 4 targets but as above, we need to let players go before we bring anyone in, The Ravenscraig thing is an interesting one - Fir Park will become increasingly difficult (and expensive) to maintain and the new standards for public stadia coming in will result in several of the modifications (like the PA) being a necessity. I didn't hear a figure being banded about for the PA system other than 8 to 10 times the cost of the scoreboard - I don't know those costs off the top of my head so someone who does could work that one out. I'd meant to try and ask about the money we're putting into Project Brave; there's obviously been an increase in costs relating to being one of the 8 "elite" clubs as part of that - I do wonder if we're going to have to increase that money year on year to remain one of the 8? Although, I would imagine there's a significant case for the investment paying off in future revenue for the players we develop as a result of our involvement. It would be interesting to evaluate those total costs against those of a full time Colts team mentioned above.
  8. I'd be expecting them to at least match the £800k. Not sure they'd be willing to part with that much cash but you never know, I suppose. Would prefer to see him go south tbh.
  9. Centre midfield in a 3 with Campbell + another, but not as a #10, because as you pointed out, it's not suited to his game. Driving runs from deeper in midfield are where we'd get the best out of him in a 3-5-2 if that's what Robbo is going to persist with. I'd love to see us try a 3-4-3 with Cadden at RW but I doubt that's going to happen.
  10. Non-starter for me I'm afraid. Cadden plays best wide of a front three or as an out and our right midfielder/winger. He's also not a wing back, whereas Tait can play there.
  11. I'm not contesting that bullying can happen anywhere. Just sharing (from personal experience, might I add) that discussing anything that could have a legal implication for other persons on a public forum, even if it's speculation or otherwise can cause problems for people.
  12. Having Peter Lim as your majority shareholder won't hurt, either.
  13. I would suggest from the tone of that there might be ongoing legal issues in the background... Probably best to leave this topic well enough alone for now.

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