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  1. Sorry for the stupid question but is there a way just to watch this one game without having to commit to a long-term subscription to anything? Just looking to let my granda watch tonight's game when I'm up visiting and can set it up for him.
  2. Fuck me. I know it's a waste of time typing this but... Look, what some people forget is that there are Motherwell fans all over the country and all over the globe who can't get to games. There is next to no coverage that we can follow because 99% of Scottish football focuses on the Old Firm. I only saw our score after finishing work and I wanted to know how the game went. This place should be my best source of information. Clearly, I wasn't expecting positivity; we got beat 3-0 at home. It's not about positivity or negativity. It never, ever has been, despite the absolute morons resorting to throwing "happy clapper" out at any opportunity. So what have I learnt about today's game or today's performance? Not much. Instead, the thread is dominated by three clowns who just, whatever they claim otherwise, raced on here to... Ah, fuck it. What's the point? I'll just have to make do with my own interpretation from a couple of minutes of YouTube highlights.
  3. If Charlie Mulgrew gets another cap it will be an utter disgrace.
  4. Which tells you everything you need to know about the state of Scottish football.
  5. Why can we never hold on to a lead?!
  6. Stu

    2019-20 League Cup

    Tom Hateley back as set-piece coach?
  7. Stu

    2019-20 League Cup

    Well... EDIT: Can we please fine Charles Dunne £10 every time he hits a ball further than twenty yards? We'll get more money than for selling Turnbull.
  8. Stu

    2019-20 League Cup

    Match abandoned the best hope?
  9. Thanks @steelmansean and @Yorkyred.
  10. I'm looking to place an online order (still not decided whether to go for home or away). Any advice on sizing compared to previous Macron shirts?
  11. I know the club have to do the right thing by the player (our whole selling point is that we are a selling club) as well as the club's finances but it really is now a time to stand up for ourselves (that's not an insinuation that we haven't done so already). It's impossible to know what the truth is and what the circumstances are. Irrespective, I desperately want the club to now pull out of the deal and refuse to sell to Celtic. We need the money, granted. We don't need their money, though.
  12. Like everyone else, I was gutted when I read the news that Celtic had a bid accepted. I'm proud of our wee club (not offensive, realistic) producing a player of Turnbull's standard. If he's already outgrown Motherwell and needs to take the next step to progress his career, he goes with my best wishes. I had hoped that the next step would be an English club, or one further abroad, that would give him game time and help him become a firm fixture in the national team. The Old Firm disgust me. I won't go into the litany of reasons why because they are self-evident. I see a lot of criticism of the club for doing business with 'them'. The fact (something that is sparing in this thread) is that we are in debt and this fee will clear that debt. Once we're debt free, and only then, can we then debate the merits of keeping our best players, when to sell, etc. The decision from the club isn't questionable. What I've barely seen acknowledged yet is someone else's decision...the player himself. If Turnbull honestly thinks signing for Celtic is the right move for him then he is badly misguided. That's not the fault of Burrows or anyone else at the club. No one, I'm sure, is forcing Turnbull to sign for Celtic. He's a grown man and has a choice to make. For his career's sake, I hope he doesn't think Neil Lennon and being knocked out of the Europa League group stages is the answer. If he does, that's on him.
  13. Anyone who still gives Charlie Mulgrew a cap is beyond redemption.
  14. Maybe McCulloch and McFadden know that, to keep a job in the media in Scotland, you need to tow the party line: either praise the Old Firm when they win or look to find a distraction/excuse/justification when they lose.

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