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  1. I don't think even a fit DT would make it into this current all-conquering side....... Oct 8th.
  2. I like the idea of this, but I'm guessing any sponsor would be looking for some level of exposure, even if not through shirt advertising. Unless of course it really *is* a money for nothing deal I suppose there's the possibility that we haven't actually secured a shirt sponsor yet...
  3. Loving the kits, especially the away one, and especially without a sponsor plastered across it. Unfortunately, it would be extremely unusual for a top flight club to start a season without one, and therefore a bit surprising that one hasn't yet been announced. Personally think it would be great to see Suicide Awareness move from back to front of shirt, sadly seems to affect a lot of us in the area.
  4. Yip, on that we can agree. His distribution is appalling. He's constantly caught in possession. He's regularly caught out of position. His self discipline is non-existent. But aye, meaty challenges and that. Hunt him to fuck.
  5. Looking forward to the apologists standing up for McHugh. Again... Miles out of his depth at this level. But hey, he puts in a meaty challenge now and again. Hunt him to fuck.
  6. The original poster regularly bullies me into buying a round... That's the real story here.
  7. Overall, got to be happy with a point against this mob given our habitual capitulation. However, struggle to understand why we didn't pull Frear at half time given our 2 goal lead and the likelihood of an increase of pressure on our defensive areas. Although tbf, I doubt the management team expected us to be *that* bad for the 1st 15 mins. Plenty positives though... Main! The fella can pump ma missus and wipe his boaby on my curtains on the way out!
  8. This is my 40th season watching the Well. I honestly cannot remember a midfield regular with as poor distribution as McHugh. It's appalling week in week out, but hey, he makes some meaty challenges so that's ok... Anyhoos, let's just sit back and await the penalty.
  9. So, after our worst spell of the game, we score a shite goal, and will now win the cup.
  10. Gaffer has a straight choice: Wait til Nads gets sent off. Or change the shape now. Would be astonished if this finishes 10 v 10.
  11. Rose continues to improve and put in a great shift last night, especially after we took the lead. I think a wee goal or two would really lift the boys confidence in his own abilities. An easy first team pick for the gaffer. And he's much betterer than the McHugh guy

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