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  1. BobWilson (Anchorman)

    2018’19 Game 12: Rangers (A) Sunday 11th November 2018

    Yip, on that we can agree. His distribution is appalling. He's constantly caught in possession. He's regularly caught out of position. His self discipline is non-existent. But aye, meaty challenges and that. Hunt him to fuck.
  2. BobWilson (Anchorman)

    2018’19 Game 12: Rangers (A) Sunday 11th November 2018

    Looking forward to the apologists standing up for McHugh. Again... Miles out of his depth at this level. But hey, he puts in a meaty challenge now and again. Hunt him to fuck.
  3. BobWilson (Anchorman)

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Bravo sir!
  4. BobWilson (Anchorman)

    Bullying claim

    The original poster regularly bullies me into buying a round... That's the real story here.
  5. BobWilson (Anchorman)

    Scottish Premiership Game 31 :Rangers (H) 31/03/18 12:30

    Overall, got to be happy with a point against this mob given our habitual capitulation. However, struggle to understand why we didn't pull Frear at half time given our 2 goal lead and the likelihood of an increase of pressure on our defensive areas. Although tbf, I doubt the management team expected us to be *that* bad for the 1st 15 mins. Plenty positives though... Main! The fella can pump ma missus and wipe his boaby on my curtains on the way out!
  6. BobWilson (Anchorman)

    Scottish Premiership Game 30 :Celtic (H) 18/03/18 14:15

    This is my 40th season watching the Well. I honestly cannot remember a midfield regular with as poor distribution as McHugh. It's appalling week in week out, but hey, he makes some meaty challenges so that's ok... Anyhoos, let's just sit back and await the penalty.
  7. BobWilson (Anchorman)

    Scottish Premiership Game 30 :Celtic (H) 18/03/18 14:15

    Football is absolutely fucked.
  8. BobWilson (Anchorman)

    Scottish Premiership Game 30 :Hamilton (A) 10/03/18 15:00

    Ya bawbag!!!
  9. BobWilson (Anchorman)

    Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    So, after our worst spell of the game, we score a shite goal, and will now win the cup.
  10. BobWilson (Anchorman)

    Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    A truly abysmal referee.
  11. BobWilson (Anchorman)

    Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    Gaffer has a straight choice: Wait til Nads gets sent off. Or change the shape now. Would be astonished if this finishes 10 v 10.
  12. BobWilson (Anchorman)

    Scottish Premiership Game 26: St Johnstone (H) 06/02/18 19:45

    Rose continues to improve and put in a great shift last night, especially after we took the lead. I think a wee goal or two would really lift the boys confidence in his own abilities. An easy first team pick for the gaffer. And he's much betterer than the McHugh guy
  13. BobWilson (Anchorman)

    Are Motherwell A Dirty Club ?

    Agree with this. I no longer have any idea what constitutes a foul, and even less so when a booking is / is not deserved. The inconsistency of refereeing decisions has hit a new low, most games now seem riddled with baffling decisions. For example, I have absolutely no idea how Murray Davidson escaped a booking last night, despite committing at least 5 or 6 (punished) fouls. Game after game the same shite decisions are made, but, as always, are only ever highlighted when they don't go the way of the ugly sisters. I don't believe for a second we are a "dirty" team, but I also don't believe ref's have it in for us... They're just appalling at their jobs. Full article here if you want to throw away 90 seconds of your life: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/hearts-revealed-premierships-equal-dirtiest-11979818
  14. BobWilson (Anchorman)

    Ross County Man Of The Match

    Aye, but which one is his maw?
  15. BobWilson (Anchorman)

    Ross County Man Of The Match

    Main for me. Hard grafting in a match with very little football. The McHugh votes are surely from his maw n paw?

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