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  1. Until I see pictures, the Albo 10 are a myth!!
  2. During the 1991 Milk Cup, we played a Man Utd side (featuring the likes of Beckham, Scholes, Butt, Keith Gillespie & Robbie Savage) in the Semi-Final and drew with them, before losing on penalties. Does anyone know who all played for Motherwell during that game?
  3. So we can we say that McClair was better than Sutton but worse than Roddie using that method?
  4. 100k for someone with big game European experience. No bad at all. Different ball game back then.
  5. Oi I never mentioned John Hendry, no one mentioned him. Don Goodman, as someone mentioned above, came to Scotland to pretty much retire. During the late 80s & early 90s, he was far superior to John Sutton. He was bought for fees over 750k(91/92) & 900k(94/95) and to put those fees into comparison, Man United bought Roy Keane for only 3.75m in 1993. Im sure you'll agree he was playing in a higher standard back then than recent years' SPFL/SPL. Nick Blackman - again his transfer moves suggest that clubs disagree with your opinion. A club has even paid over a million bucks for the fella. Handsome in his most potential era moved to Millwall for less than a 100k. He's then been available at least 6 times for a free transfer and Hearts have been the "biggest" club to sign him. Why didn't the likes of Sheff United/Reading etc come calling on a freebie but opted for the likes of Blackman, Murphy, Higdon etc?? Do you honestly believe he could have played in the English Premiership like Blackman has? Willie Falconer - again perhaps forgotten about him but as a kid he managed to play in a very successful Aberdeen(including SAF's era) team before heading south to Watford for a fee over 250k. Now again, surely you agree that the standard of football in the 80s & 90s was far better than Sutton's SPFL/SFL era? Dirk Lehmann - our paths first crossed during 1998/99 when he played with Fulham(they romped the league) in the same division as City. I used to watch quite a bit of this league and the standard wasn't too shabby. I've no doubts that we'd bite our hands off for players like Lehmann, Dickov, Goater etc etc in recent years. Again perhaps by time he arrived at Fir Park his best days were behind him but i'd still pick him over JS. Impressive Hibs debut v us too, chuckle chuckle.
  6. Chuckle chuckle, nowhere near good looking enough!!
  7. Anyone wanna chip-in and get McGhee a pair of these? http://www.haterblockersunglasses.com/
  8. Who said I didn't like John Sutton? I have no ill-feeling towards him. My list is based on footballing ability alone. I'd take all those mentioned above at their footballing peak over auld handsome at his peak. If you don't like it, ack I won't lose any sleep over it.
  9. Mare - Porter, McCulloch, Foran. You could also fire in Elliott & McCormick as would rather play them up front than Sutton.
  10. In no particular order sir; Walker, McClair, Coyne, Arnott, Coyle, Spencer, Clarkson(1st time around), Murphy, Ferguson, Falconer, Jutkiewicz, Blackman, Lehman, Cusack, Ojamaa, McDonald, McFadden(played as a striker), Kirk, Higdon, Goodman. Off the top of my head.
  11. I reckon I could think of 20 forwards from the 80s onwards that I would play in front of John Sutton, the large majority all scored less goals than him.
  12. Isn't that 3rd Party Ownership and not allowed in our game?

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