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  1. ML1

    It starts here

  2. ML1

    It starts here

    As in not exactly proof of a manager who demands peak condition fat.
  3. ML1

    It starts here

    Was it the signing of the fat Dutch guy that confirmed this for you ?
  4. Was a strange thing for Lucketti to say unless he was toying with Brian Rice's prep, theres more chance of seeing Alf Roberts in the team
  5. I have my doubts , at least one of those projections is an absolute mile out quite hopeful
  6. Aye fucking outrageous that he isnt making grand signings outwith the transfer window , wheres my pitchfork ?
  7. It would be the preferred choice however the recent evidence (including today) suggests otherwise BTW i dont have access to any magical fairy willing to grant my wish
  8. I'll tell you whats petty, if offered id swap a win against Morton for one against Hamilton
  9. ML1

    Super Cooper

    Any excuse to post this
  10. I never said it was ok in fact i only went and offered my opinion on them in the first 4 words of the post The frothing at the mouth , keyboard thumping and faux outrage by some who didnt give two hoots when other sets of fans were doing it, as recently as last week isnt very convincing though
  11. Rangers fans are fannies Anyone gushing at the vagina about them on here who never cared enough to post when it was celtic fans at their protests , their covid cup final, their 8 and a half in a row or St Johnstone fans last week is also a fanny. Anyone who thinks that should we win the cup there wont be similar scenes here with our fans is definitely a fanny
  12. Seen this movie before 8-1-1 Hastie up front on his own , back to Marcantonios before closing for a team fish tea to celebrate 3 points
  13. Crossbar should be an option this week
  14. When he plays on Weds or next week onwards then dissapears at the end of the season or accepts a wage rise for a new 2/3 year deal you can judge , dont take my word for it
  15. We will wall wait and see wont we Dont worry i wont come back and say i told you so
  16. Its not difficult to work out is it ? If it helps think of the same agent who leaked and moaned about a contract clause that he himelf stipulated in the first place and has now been instrumental in having ripped up
  17. Have a search back and have a look at the values folks were putting on him for the market in January and for Celtic - who told him to do one , he was reading his own press on here methinks. The one that sticks with me is a poster comparing him to Alan Hansen , im sure we will agree that Alan Hansen was a genuine superstar ?
  18. Wasnt having a personal dig at you fella . During the post qualification hysteria it was suggested on here that the bold Tony could be the answer to Scotlands goalscoring woes. Gallagher is thought by many as a superstar , not by Celtic who he asked for a dance in January or Dundee United who like him but not enough to put a bid in before the summer , mainly by posters on here who dont realise that his career consists of playing entirely at our level or below us at the age of 30
  19. In response to an earlier post , you're older than me
  20. Im with you however the majority on here think we have 2 international superstar defenders and Tony Watt was in with a chance of going to the euros as Scotlands number 9 , despite someone only "surprisingly" finding out today he doesnt score goals Always been the way on here , Connor Ripley was the next Gordon Banks etc We did beat Ross County a couple of weeks ago though after giving them a goal of a start and have picked up a few other points so all those who have disgracefuly ran the white flag up already should be aware that we are still favourites to stay up and have a good at least a fighting chance of doing so. We are Motherwell, we are Motherwell, we are, we are
  21. In the main its bad luck , we should have bodies returning in time for Wednesday ,who knows , maybe even the vastly over rated chap you mention ...(not Gannon).

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