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  1. Na, Suffolk doesn't even touch the Midlands in terms of grimness and general depressing shiteness.
  2. The Midlands is the most downbeat place in Western Europe, so I'm not surprised the accent's tone matches the location.
  3. We just can't start the season with Lamie, Lawless and Crawford anywhere near our starting XI. We can't. Lamie has had a major hand in the 4 goals we've conceded in the last two games against lower league opposition. Better players in the Premiership will absolutely crucify us.
  4. Really not a lover of it. It's a Livingston strip with a Motherwell badge stuck on it. The home one still hasn't really grown on me yet either.
  5. Burn_Broomfield


    Really sad news. He was an absolute gentleman. RIP and deepest condolences to his friends and family.
  6. You take Trippier as No.1 then James as back up.
  7. I'm convinced Eddie Nolan doesn't actually exist.
  8. great chance for Watt to go 1 on 1, unfortunate first touch lets him down.
  9. I'd happily see Polworth sacked for that. An absolute tadger.
  10. I would take any type of win tomorrow, but I would be relatively satisfied if we handed out a scudding to the money launderers.
  11. A good and vital win in what was a turgid game. Killie saw a lot of the ball, but did little with it whilst we created the best chances with much more efficient use of possession.(Cole has to score and the move for Watt's effort was brilliant) Gollum gave us absolutely nothing as usual. I was slightly surprised by Wright's post-match assessment, but I suppose he is only saying what you expect new managers to say. Granted he's hardly going to come out proclaim Killie were shite and should have lost by more, but I thought he was vastly overselling their performance. He certainly has his work cut out to improve their offensive play otherwise they could be in a lot of bother this season.
  12. I disagree, he regularly gives the ball away. Played a proper suicide pass during the County win that better teams would have punished us with. Playing such passes and losing the ball in dangerous areas certainly seems to be his calling card. We're playing him to the detriment of our own youth players who genuinely couldn't be any worse.
  13. And rightfully so. I hope we utilise it. I wouldn't be surprised to see Celtic scrambling to get tomorrow's game called off. £10k is a small price to pay in their circumstances.
  14. Appeals successful. Fines reduced to £20k with £10k suspended. No real penalty for failing to fulfil the fixtures through their own negligence. We should tell the SPFL to get fucked and play the games when it suits us just like Killie and St Mirren have done. Sometime in 2022 should suffice. Just like the Aberdeen situation, the authorities have now given free reign to every club to do whatever the fuck they like without fear of serious punishment.
  15. Heads down, game over. We've seen this dance before haven't we? We did have chances, but we are a rudderless ship just now. We seem to be so easy to play against.
  16. Excruciating viewing it was, but at least we weren't on the end of a defeat.
  17. The Napoli v Juve abandonment was an entirely different set of circumstances though.
  18. Excruciating defeat. I can't see where the next win is coming from unfortunately. I would be more than happy to be shocked by us turning up tonight and pumping Aberdeen though.
  19. Lamie and Mugabi Any score Rangers want it to be.
  20. The biggest issue for me is Robinson, as he's done on his previous stinking runs, continues to do the same things expecting it to yield different results. We've been pretty honking all year and there seems to be no real signs of improvement. The goals we're conceding are criminal and belie the fact we've got some good players in those positions. We continually pass up chances at the other end and the midfield isn't doing either of its jobs proficiently. It was a very predictable outcome on Saturday and worryingly, the players looked like they chucked it when Mugabi hit the post. That was it, the game was done. That's never a good sign for a manager coming under increasing pressure. Recruitment has been pretty poor and unfortunately I don't think we'll have much scope to rectify things in January. As for St Mirren, it's a game we dare not lose given our run of fixtures. We look so devoid of confidence that it won't be a shock to see them come and secure a fairly comfortable win. Hopefully that isn't the case and we can kick start our season. The current 3-5-2 system and the same players(and subs) needs a serious freshen up.
  21. I can see a defeat ahead this weekend. We're not inspiring confidence at the back at all and are persistently wasteful at the other end.
  22. I'll not be paying personally. After buying our season tickets, I've not got a great interest in spending more money on live feeds as they are invariably shite. Truth be told, I've lost interest in watching the games via streams. The occasional Sky live game, drubbings aside, has been refreshing in comparison, but shite all the same.
  23. Great 3 points and a clean sheet in brutal conditions. Here's hoping we can keep this run going.

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