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  1. I really feel we need a specialist right back or at least someone who is well used to the position. Like everyone else, I love the attitude, passion and work rate Grimmy brings to the team, but he is never a right back.
  2. If I were to reject a contract at my work then return the said rejected contract months after the event then I would be rightly ridiculed and told to fuck off. There's no industry I can think of that would accept such mincing about from staff during contract negotiations. He's gambled on a new deal and lost. It's on him and agent and no one else. It's not as if Covid 19 came out of nowhere either so I'm not buying that. Has he failed to watch the news , read the papers or online since November 2019? We had contract renewals at our workplace on April 1 due to IR35 and every single person was shiting themselves that they weren't going to be in a job due to Covid 19 so I can't believe a footballer would allow such a situation to develop especially when they have offers on the table.
  3. Southland Stags play in claret and amber, though it's been diluted a wee bit recently. The Highlanders have always got the claret and amber Southland flashes on their jerseys.
  4. Baraclough will get it...
  5. I think one of Campbell's big issues is the amount of running he does. He must be way ahead of everyone else in the league in terms of distance covered, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is a good stat. I think his recent figures suggest he is running himself into the ground rather than it being a positive asset of his game.
  6. Penalties are not a lottery. Professional footballers failing to hit the target from 12 yards is just a lack of ability in that particular skill set, irrespective of how many minutes they have been playing. To miss 1 is unlucky, but to miss 3 out of 5 is unforgivable.
  7. The point is not without its merits. Although it lies more at those responsible for recruitment rather than our CEO. Manzinga and Mugabi are easily 2 of the worst footballers I've ever seen. Neither should be anywhere near a professional football team. We needed a striker, we signed another 2 wingers. Arguably we should have been in for another centre half and a full back. Though we've got a winger on trial so that should sort those issues out...
  8. I never really thought he was that great to be honest.
  9. Just to change the subject a bit. It can't be overstated just how bad that offside decision is. In the circumstances, I reckon you'll struggle to see worse at any level of professional football this season. I wonder if Robbo got an immediate apology from the officials or if that's just reserved for Gerrard and marginal decisions against Rangers?
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks like that. He is the very definition of a carthorse. Miller, with obvious bias, mentioning trying a pairing of Devlin and McKenna as they play together at club level and will have an understanding. That's a fair enough point if both of them weren't absolutely fucking shite.
  11. I'd be very surprised if Hearts were able to afford Robbo if I'm being honest. They aren't awash with cash at present thanks in part to infrastructure projects and mainly a fucking wild transfer policy that sees them spunk most of their budget on utter shite. Would Robbo even fancy the job? A major rebuild both on and off the park, with the current owner due to leave within 18 months, may not be that attractive a prospect from a football side. They can offer a good bit more in cash salary wise though...
  12. It was disappointing to lose to Rangers, but even more so to an abysmal Aberdeen. Hopefully we can bounce back this week to avoid a slump. For all the grandstanding from the Scottish press, Rangers aren't a particularly good side despite the mountains of cash thrown at them. They are absolutely honking at the back and are more often than not bailed out by the super human heroics of McGregor. The bonus they have is a player of Defoe's quality to call upon and to a lesser extent Morelos. What is fast becoming a major issue is our lack of goals and a real distinct lack of ruthlessness when attacking. Passing up scores of chances every game has been a continuing theme of our season so far and it would be great to finally address it by giving someone a hefty scudding. It's a problem plenty of teams in the Premiership would like to have, but it is problem that has to be solved nonetheless if we want to have a good season.
  13. An excruciating performance against an absolutely dug shite team. Not exposing Logan at any point of that game is a major faux pas from Robbo. Any team that contains a defenceof Considine, McKenna, Devlin and Logan should be on the emd of regular trouncings, but we barely laid a glove on them. A desperately poor performance and one, if we repeat it next week, will see us on the end of an almighty hiding.
  14. Talk of McKenna being called up so I assume someone else is carrying an injury?
  15. There is. As someone who watches Cooper regularly I can testify to how absolutely dug shite he is. He played a big part in Leeds staying in the Championship last season. Grant Hanley is a fraud of a footballer and genuinely one of the worst players I have ever seen pull on the dark blue. As an aside, Hanley started 6 matches last season so it's a bit of stretch to say he captained them to promotion when Tettey did that rather stellar job. Both have played International football and both have proven on more than one occasion that they are nowhere near good enough.
  16. Gallagher is a vastly superior defender who is significantly ahead of Devlin, Findlay, McKenna, Hanley and Cooper ability wise, who all seem to be called up with no complaint. I genuinely wouldn't be against him and Halkett(injured now obviously) at the back after what I've witnessed the last few games. Devlin is absolutely honking yet has been in the 4 of the 6? squads. I'd be hoping to never see Cooper play another second for Scotland as he is fucking shite. None of the above players are of the required "International Standard", but we have no one else which is why we are murder.
  17. Apologies, I wasn't quite sure what direction your response was going there. Agreed, the link up between the companies should absolutely be of huge benefit to us as a club. Good to see my Welsh team Newport County involved in it as well.
  18. Virtually every company on the Earth has a fully functioning, targeted and paid for social media presence. It's easy advertising to increase site hits and customer interaction. It is literally how most companies operate their online presence. Even LinkedIn has basically morphed into a business version of Facebook.
  19. I'd agree with that. The games and mobile companies and platforms like Facebook are responsible for addictions Worldwide and the general loss of social skills, but are universally accepted. Suicide prevention is a noble addition to our shirts, however there are endless causes of it. Whilst gambling may be a contributing factor in some cases, it is only a small piece of of the overall picture. Drugs, drink, relationships, mental health, lifestyle, work, trauma the list continues ad infinitum. Separating the business side of things from the charitable side of things is essential here. Both can work on our shirts. I'm sure Paddy Power contribute greatly to the specific addiction charities concerned with their markets, with the likely implementation that they will have to contribute an even greater amount through evolving legislation.
  20. Gambling/Alcohol advertising doesn't bother me, fuck even the (iconic) tobacco advertising in motor sport didn't bother me. (which they're impressively sneaking back in) We're a small Club and a hugely successful business being willing to back us financially is quite the coup for the us. Gambling companies, airlines, car manufacturers and tech giants seem to be almost exclusively where the money is at these days so there's no point having some faux morality about the business of sponsorship deals. IMO having Cash Converters as our main sponsor was much worse than what we've just agreed with Paddy Power.
  21. Can UBH knock up a green 3rd kit to see how it comes out. In the dark green similar to a Fir tree. Some C&A flashing as well.
  22. Would be an absolutely mental move. The chance to get out of our backwater league to develop at an EPL team under a very good coach is something young Scottish players should be walking over hot coals for. To throw that away to work with Lennon and Kennedy at Celtic, under the cloud of shit that will come over the next 2 seasons is bewildering.
  23. As you say it's a rough guide, but some documentation I was reading had us owing Les £650k and Boyle £350k via guarantees. There's no way we can owe John Boyle that much surely? I'd be surprised if we actually still owed Les as much as stated either. They both seem enormous sums of money unless things really were that bad? I like that we've got a Pacific Shelf 1272 involved in the Club as a creditor as well...

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