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  1. Looking forward to this one. Think it’s a game we should be looking to take a least a draw from but don’t see any reason why we can’t win it. I think we made Hearts look better than they are in the recent cup game. An early goal would be ideal for us given the recent pressure on them and Levein. Going for 2-1 well
  2. Bit off topic but did anyone happen to catch the 50/50 numbers today?
  3. Anyone know what the half time draw numbers were or where I could find them?
  4. Totally disagree with pretty much all of that. To say we need a manager who has plan A,B,C and more for me is a bit harsh. It’s fair to say Robinson’s favoured formation is 3-5-2 or at least it has been. But he changed to 4-4-2 around October time and it worked for a time until the scudding at Ibrox! He then reverted back to the 3-5-2, a tried and trusted style that got us to 2 cup finals, but it wasn’t really working so he’s now switched to a 4-2-3-1, which has seen us win 2 and keep 2 clean sheets out of 2. I think it’s clear to see we have improved over the season, especially recently although there’s still work to be done. Also you say we need to sign a proven goal scorer? When was the last time we signed a proven goalscorer at this level? We don’t have the budget to sign these kind of players, we take a chance on players who are either playing lower league or non league in England, or players who have struggled and looking to rebuild their careers. Anyway about the game yesterday I didn’t think it was the great performance but felt we showed in glimpses of good football at times. Thought Gorrin was our best player, feel like we might have a good player on our hands if he can get a run of games and stay clear of injury.
  5. I don’t really understand the need for a left sided defender. I understand we have a few injuries but by my reckoning we have a few players who can play LB/LWB or even the left of a back 3. We have Livingstone, Dunne, ATS, Donnelly and Tait who can all do a job there. Looking at the season so far I’d rather we used the limited funds we have to strengthen middle to front because our lack or creativity and ofcourse goals is the reason we are where we are.
  6. Totally agree with posts above in that we need a fast start after the break. Got a decent run of games which could shape the end to the season. It wont go to plan though so will interested to see how it all plays out.
  7. If only we had over 2 weeks until our next game!
  8. I had got in and was given a ticket at the turnstile and was then told by stewards I had to sit in the right seat. Found my seat and it was for the area which was cordoned off! Shite team, shite stadium, shite pitch, shite stewards, just an overall shite club!
  9. Went for Frear, thought we seen the best of him today and what he is capable of when played in the correct position. Aldred was a close second due to his goals. Also felt Grimshaw had a good game. For me he is starting to show how important a player he is for us in that he can play a number of positions
  10. If I’m being honest I’d take a draw from this with the injuries we have and also the form we are in. That said I’m hopeful we can sneak a win. It won’t be pretty, it never is against them on their kid on park but that might just suit us with the team we are likely to have playing.
  11. At this moment we are 9th, if we are in this position or even 10th come the end of the season then he will have done his job, it’s as simple as that for me. Yes the football has been horrendous at times but it also got us to 2 cup finals. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. If we had a manager who got every single tactical decision right, every signing was sensational and had us playing like Barcelona, the simple fact is he wouldn’t be with us!
  12. I always liked Bowman, purely down to the effort you get from him however in terms of footballing ability he doesn’t possess much so the fact we are getting a fee for him is a great bit of business. Wish him well if he does go
  13. I don’t think the team did a great deal wrong today in fairness. Can’t remember Gillespie having much to do at all, especially in the second half. However we never really looked like scoring either. Our set pieces at times were ridiculous. As someone said above, if I was offered 1 point from Celtic and Hearts after the livi game then I’d have taken that. Better teams than us have lost and will lose at tynecastle
  14. Anyone know where the best place to park the car in and around Tynecastle on Wednesday night? Never drove through before it’s always been bus or train usually.
  15. I think Cadden has been brilliant for us however I feel that in terms of his own developement, moving on this summer would be the best. I personally don’t think the right wing back position is best suited to him. Anything upwards of around 800k for me would be good business. It is good to see the club stand firm with offers for players recently and holding out for the value we have for them. That’s not always been the case in years gone by.

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