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  1. I haven't posted for ages but I can't believe that a monumental victory against Hearts at Swinecastle has so few responses!! That was a superb performance with one of the goals of the season from Seedorf and a great defensive display ( despite the 2 Hertz goals) allied to some combative midfield play. We are shaping up to be an attractive, winning team. Only downside is we may be proving Chico right with 3rd place this season!!
  2. I don't post a lot and I normally have respect for Weeyin but that is the third game I have paid to see Craig Thomson ruin my day and affect my team's result. It should be pointed out that he was demoted to the lower leagues after his mishandling of the St Johnstone game when he wrongly sent off 3 Motherwell players but was then awarded the Cup Final! Today he sent off Cedric for the second time because he 'thought' he retaliated? The man is incompetent and yet he is allowed to make decisions which affect results. This red card will be appealed and rescinded but once again too late for the paying fan. Well done to the team for their performance before and after the sending off and to our Manager for his tactics and discretion. COYW
  3. I will be there and I hope Collum realises he is under the spotlight. I am convinced that most of the additional 7500 Well supporters at the final will not attend and this can be placed at the door of the SFA. They did nothing to enhance the experience of fans on the day (fireworks don't work for me) and appointing a referee who 2 months earlier was demoted for errors against us, which we hilighted to his bosses and was seen to smile as he got his revenge, demonstrates their arrogance and lack of respect for supporters. We can win on a level playing field.
  4. Since Alan is so far ahead I have voted for Cedric. First time I can remember a standing ovation for a tackle when he stopped Jones at full pelt. Hope we don't get too many idiot decisions like Madden's yellow for a grat legal tackle or he may get suspensions!
  5. I suppose we should be glad that YB isn't conducting negotiations for any player sales! Apparently we have a worthless team of worthless players? These players are very much part of our survival strategy and have attracted interest from other clubs. We are now waiting for meaningful offers. If Cadden and Heneghan are not of value to others then they will surely be in our team next season.
  6. I firmly believe that Carl McHugh has, since he moved to central defence, kept us up this year. Solid, reliable performances versus flash in the pan cameos? McHugh is our future and deserves recognition.
  7. Congratulations Jay. I hope your views are heeded and you continue to contribute to this 'board' as before.
  8. Baked, boiled or chipped?
  9. Mixed bag. 2 worldies from header in first half and point blank in the box second half saved us but 2 howlers cost us. their goalie had the same.
  10. Sitting here thinking about the club and our sad position for the second year in a row I can't help thinking of St Mirren's recent demise. I know that their survival game went on for a few seasons longer and featured some great last minute escapes but there are too many similarities with our own plight. How is it that Hamilton, Ross County and Inverness who all have practically no away support and empty home stadiums are able to put competitive teams on the park and fight for results while we struggle to motivate a group of precious professionals, some of whom are lucky to still have a team to play for? Strong management is part of the answer but all of this team seem to have a 'so what' attitude and are ready to blame everyone else for poor results. Unless attitudes change we will need a Ross County type clearout in January with 6 or 7 replacements capable of going on a run to mid table. Relying on Hamill, Las and Mick returning when they were part of last season's failure and the early part of this season I cannot regrettably see improvement happening. Sad times.
  11. Careful Sieb. You might spoil the Big John love in we have been reading for weeks. Its a good job Barra isn;t listening because we have been a far more mobile and dangerous scoring team since Big Lee arrived. Couldn't be happier for him today. Anyone who can't see his value to the team is being a bit of a Bezer!
  12. Hope Skippy remembers how poor Reynolds can be on his right hand side when defending. He could get a hat trick.(hopefully).
  13. I too heard the 'Anier' song, which will I am sure, with practice, become as popular as 'big John Sutton'. I also heard the chant of 'Iain Vigurs' as he was subbed yesterday! Gradually I think most of the fans,especially the strong away support are beginning to warm to this guy and his contribution to our success. Long may it continue.

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