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  1. Neil


    A really good guy, shocking news. Always a guy who you could catch for a couple of minutes at a game and get some sense from and I’m forever in his debt for him sorting me out a ticket for the Ibrox playoff leg at the last minute. Thoughts with his family.
  2. There is not a chance that was anything like a penalty for Accies. Unbelievable decision.
  3. Neil

    Club Statement

    Initially it was to glare at us for shouting a few choice words as they blanked us for a few minutes and then they saw a few more coins and spit land nearby and they set off to what I assume was upstairs.
  4. Not only is the Rangers game the only one on tv it is also the bbc commentary game. A game they can't go to. Literally commentating watching a monitor. You couldnae make it up.
  5. I honestly don't see why we are buying into that being a red at all. He wins the ball, his foot bounces up and catches Dembele. Absolutely no intent there other than to win the ball.
  6. Yup. We were up the back of A4 and it was a rain of liquids and coins after they scored and for about 5 mins until we eventually got the plod watching the game to take notice. It was the decision of the SPFL and NOT MFC to seat Celtic fans above us. Should never be allowed to happen.
  7. So the leagues decision to seat Celtic fans above us resulted unsurprisingly in a rain of coins and spit. Gfitw.
  8. Also works and temp lights on KP Avenue and Bankhead road for anyone coming down from EK way
  9. Had a quick look on the spfl rules and it appears that if you enter in round 1, which we did, it's 3 yellows for a suspension therefore we are all in the clear.
  10. That moron agentscotland on Twitter. Also said we would deal at 350k. That'll be deleted shortly.
  11. His debut vs Hamilton when he was all over the park winning knock ons etc and laying chances on a plate for Moult
  12. Looked like a roll of duck tape, a few coins and a zippo. Poor stuff.
  13. Cannae believe folk questioning Carson due to his height. He has taken every high ball and has some command of his box. Far more promising than any goalie since randolph.
  14. Leaped on the pile and gave a very good ric flair wooooooo

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