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  1. Is this not on MFC TV later because it's a cup game? It isn't advertised on the website.
  2. Is this on MFC TV? I don't see it listed on the website. I'd take a draw from this one.
  3. Do we have a sell on % for Cedric Kipre? If so, does anyone know what it is?
  4. Bop

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Inverness fans think he's absolutely useless.
  5. Another previous transfer window target with SPFL experience incoming.
  6. Is it working ok for you? The stream is so choppy for me it's like watching a series of still images.
  7. Is your stream watchable gazzy? Mine was ok for a minute but it's constantly cutting out now.
  8. Any working streams? I can't find any at the minute.
  9. Any links? Red TV international are showing it live so i'd expect there to be something somewhere but i'm not able to find one yet.
  10. Don't you need that for someone from England too? Anywhere outside Scotland really?

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