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  1. I seem to remember that at the beginning of the season FIFA gave a directive that refs had to clamp down on holding etc. in the penalty box,especially at corners ,free kicks etc. I think in the first few weeks there were a number of penaltiesgiven for shirt tugging. Maybe the ref was just following the directive.
  2. One thing I liked about tonight was hearing from the commentators that Stuart McCall was getting tore into the fourth official and not the apologising Judas Broon.
  3. I voted Scotland. But Really In those far off olde days gone by this poll would be laughed at, During the week,the excitment would build,until saturday you would grab your claret & amber scarf and support your team against allcomers.If it was the bigot brothers then that was even more of an incentive. Every so often you would swap your C & A scarf for a tartan one and support your National team against all the foreigners,Irish, Welsh, English or whatever, because you were Scottish and Motherwell. The two of them are part of you Every two years you would save money and head down to WEMBLEY.
  4. Season 1950-1951 We got to both finals Won 1 Lost 1 Could it happen again??? 60 Years !!!
  5. Just heard a story on the tele. During WW2 footballers when volunteering or called up gave their trade as Professional footballer and were just stuck into any of the Services.The government were trying to keep football going so if they were stationed near a professional club they were allowed to be a Guest player. Some of them could be called away during the game so before the start the crowd were asked if any professionals were there and to report to the dressing room. There was a game at Chelsea and a guy turned up and said he played for Motherwell, he was told to get changed,after 5 minutes of the game starting everybody realised he didn't have a clue. He was taken off but had gave everyone a good laugh.
  6. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. RIP DDM
  7. Auldyin

    Attendences Again

    Large advert for the Rangers game on the back page of the Sunday Mail. Plenty of tickets left. Step in the right direction??
  8. Auldyin

    Scottish Cup

    Special Aka It was Brandon High Senior Secondary My memory still seems to be playing tricks, I was positive it was Dens we went too.
  9. Auldyin

    Scottish Cup

    Well folks I seemed to have made a bloomer as it wasn't the 1963 Dundee game. My memory seems to be playing tricks and I'm struggling now to remember who it was we played. I remember the bus and there was only a few 'Well supporters there just about 100 in a wee clump behind one of the goals.It was the early 60's and I've been positive it was Dens Park and Dundee. Well if anyone can enlighten me, it was a Wednesday afternoon and a 3pm kickoff.
  10. Auldyin

    Scottish Cup

    The 1963 Scottish Cup Replay was at Dens Park on the following Wednesday. But as Dens Park didn't have floodlights, kickoff was at 3pm. A crowd of us dogged the school, hired a bus and went up only to get beat 4-0. It was a wee bit different to see a 50 seater bus, full of 'well supporters leaving from a school,the rest of the pupils and a coupla teachers looking on.
  11. Well JAM 20 As I'm due another operation and knowing the NHS it'll probably be in January, I'll probably miss the League Cup Semi and the Final, so at the moment I'm keeping my fingers crossed and looking forward to the Scottish Cup Final in May.
  12. MALKY79 You don't know the half of it ,mate.
  13. 1950 League Cup Final (only 2 year old) 1952 Scottish Cup Final ( there was talk of me being the mascot, but I caught measles the week before.) 1991 Scottish Cup Final (again very ill,went down on bended knees, but doctors refused me permission.) 1960 Motherwell 9 Flamengo 2 ( I was there but would love to see it again) 1961 Rangers 2 Motherwell 5 ( as above, and any other times we beat the Squirm) All European matches ( either ill or financial reasons) Late 1920's and early 1930's ( by all reports we had a great fitba' team then my mother and father used to talk about them.)
  14. Commentary O.K. with IE Firefox no commentary
  15. I hope that it is a very strong referee. As after watching that game last night, United tend to throw their weight about especially Goodwillie and he was quite happy obstructing the goalkeeper at corners. We don't seem to have heavy built players.
  16. I was also at the 5-2 game. Pat Delaney's goal from about 25 yards out was a cracker.This was in the days of the heavy leather balls. I think it was the following year that we played Rangers in the Semi Final of the Cup at Hampden.Right from the start they decided to stop us playing,Bert McCann was badly injured and ended up as a passenger on the right wing,he couldn't run far less kick a ball.As the game progressed some of the other Motherwell players seemed to be carrying knocks as well. Rangers won 3-1. Celtic were playing the other semi-final at Ibrox and with about 10 mins. to go someone started a rumour that the scum supporters had set fire to the main stand, a cheer went up from some of the 'Well support and on the way to the buses,no segregation in them days, some major scuffles broke out. I remember scarfs getting flicked in my face and my mother giein' it laldy to some fat guy in a Rangers scarf before my faither stepped in to stop any retaliation. Friendly Floodlight Nights After the first night when Preston North End beat us 3-2,I think we went something like seven years undefeated by quality foreign opposition. I'm sure the stats are somewhere but I can't find them. I was only a young lad but I remember an air of excitment walking with the crowds to Fir Park,the place was always mobbed for these games,brilliant atmosphere and really good football without the pressures of the league.
  17. Is Nick Bateman noo the guy fae Big Brother. : tumbleweed: Edit:too slow agaln
  18. Just announced on Radio Scotland. Sponsor will be announced in next few days. Too slow
  19. I do know that it is impossible to meet another unseeded team and maybe it was a bad example,but, I was trying to foster the idea that it might be better to have the glamour ties in the group stages. .
  20. If we get through would be delighted to miss out on a glamour tie but get someone like The New Saints where we have a 50-50 chance of getting to the group stages.
  21. Laptop b***ered at 4-2 Need new mains outlet/charger or something. YABBA Put me down for 5 as some relatives missed it. 'Cos of work etc.
  22. RICK I suppose it depends how you look at it. EG. Shotts comes under Motherwell' s postcode. Larkhall and Bothwell come under Motherwell's telephone code so I reckon we could move the sign and claim Ravenscraig.
  23. If I remember correctly the postal address for the steelworks was:: Ravenscraig Steelworks, Motherwell. as in New Stevenston, Motherwell. Craigneuk, Motherwell. Wishaw, Motherwell, etc.etc

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