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  1. I've included this quote because I agree texan is on to something. I think Roberts put in a good shift last night and chased after the ball. KVV and Shields had to play off scraps. I think we will look stronger in attack if we play a stronger midfield. I hope the reason Slattery is being used sparingly at present is Covid/illness related. It's a popular opinion that Maguire and Donnelly should not form 66% of our midfield. Slattery offers more of a threat, both in shutting down opposition and passing forward. I can see Tierney being used as an impact sub as he develops further. Last night, we caught a brief glimpse of Liam Shaw. OK, it was just the last few minutes, and against a tiring Hibs midfield. However, his physique and movement almost got his head on the end of a cross in the final minute. Now Donnelly is out for definite, let's see what improvement there is to creating more opportunities for our attackers.
  2. As a season ticket holder, do you have to collect a paper ticket for the Morton cup tie or is it simply credited electronically to your season ticket?
  3. Sunderland interested in O'Donnell
  4. I agree. The policy of loans and short term contracts make business sense. We have also signed older players with experience. Roberts may not come with the best of reputations but he still has more experience than Hastie and Seedorf combined. How many points have we lost this season for failing to be streetwise, make silly mistakes or close out games. I think Smith, Lawless, Nolan and Foley offer what we have been missing.
  5. We have had numerous posts here about Long's poor attitude, which have led to calls to have him kicked out the door. It is also reported that he is injured. I'm not knocking anyone for repeating rumours but has there ever been any concrete evidence to suggest Long has no commitment to the club? I agree with recent comments about Cole improving by being played in the middle. Maybe Long's poor performances this season are down to his lack of confidence playing on the wing. I would like to see what he and GA make of one another before making further judgement calls.
  6. Great battling performance. My bum cheeks are aching with all that squeaking. Once the equaliser went in, I fully expected another couple to go in. I imagine I am one of many today, pleasantly surprised by the performance of Mugabe. He and Gallagher cleared loads of corners and crosses. I also noticed Lawless made a few good passes when he came on. It was nice to be able to have a quality, impact sub for a change.
  7. Welcome to Steelmen Blue3. If you want to find out more about Motherwell, look for Mark McGhee jogging about Brighton. He may not be a fan's favourite, but my son (who lives in Hove, and is Well daft) bumped into MMc a few weeks ago and had a great chat with him. He claims our 07/08 line up, with Clarkson, Porter, McCormack, was the inspiration for Klopp's Liverpool!
  8. All the strikers will have to work hard to get a place in the team. If Carroll and Dunne can regain fitness, I now see competition for for all places. Who else in the squad can play RB? That's my only concern now. Or can SR do a Tait number on Carroll or McGinley and swap them over to the other wing?
  9. For a pre-season test, I think last night's 0-4 drubbing from Rangers was far more useful than a 1-0 or 2-0 win over lower league opposition. They had to work hard and now know what level they need to reach to compete.
  10. gullane

    Season Tickets

    I calculate my refund entitlement to be £70+. Like many others, I consider this money already spent and can regard it as a donation to the club. However, watching the news, and foreseeing a gigantic economic depression ahead, I feel one of the lucky ones. I have been able to work from home on full salary and my employment looks secure for the time being. It's alarming to see an almost daily announcement of thousands of redundancies. So for anyone facing an uncertain financial future, loyalty to Motherwell FC is one thing, but I for one would never question your need to claim a rebate on your season ticket. Good luck everybody. Stay healthy.
  11. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/scott-fox-join-motherwell-kilmarnock-22178570?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar&fbclid=IwAR3PP_63GyLZ0XgK3kK8WgjgUyxEm4Fo8I3EVs-xRnbzsKH4ky7J1T-0lGQ Motherwell have also agreed a new two-year deal with defender Yusuf Hussain.
  12. I hope for a comfortable afternoon but having watched The Well for 50 years, teams who can't buy a win, often end their ad run at Fir Park.
  13. Hi Fraser. Peter and I were at the crematorium to pay respects to your Dad this morning. You wouldn't notice us in the crowd - great turn out. He was clearly a lovely man. Deepest condolences again to you, your Mum and sister. We will be there on Saturday for you if you can make it.
  14. Colin is someone I have sat next to in the Cooper for 20 years + and shared in the banter. My heart goes out to his family - especially his son, who also comes to every game and has inherited his Dad's wit. I'm sorry I never knew him better. If anyone here knows the Anderson family well, it would be good to know about the funeral arrangements. Colin died tragically during a charity bike ride. His Just Giving page is now close to £6k. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/colin-anderson28
  15. James Scott. He worked hard throughout and took on defenders. I thought he demonstrated an ability to compete at this level and is ready for a regular start.

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