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  1. I hope for a comfortable afternoon but having watched The Well for 50 years, teams who can't buy a win, often end their ad run at Fir Park.
  2. Hi Fraser. Peter and I were at the crematorium to pay respects to your Dad this morning. You wouldn't notice us in the crowd - great turn out. He was clearly a lovely man. Deepest condolences again to you, your Mum and sister. We will be there on Saturday for you if you can make it.
  3. Colin is someone I have sat next to in the Cooper for 20 years + and shared in the banter. My heart goes out to his family - especially his son, who also comes to every game and has inherited his Dad's wit. I'm sorry I never knew him better. If anyone here knows the Anderson family well, it would be good to know about the funeral arrangements. Colin died tragically during a charity bike ride. His Just Giving page is now close to £6k. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/colin-anderson28
  4. James Scott. He worked hard throughout and took on defenders. I thought he demonstrated an ability to compete at this level and is ready for a regular start.
  5. gullane

    Vs Hibs

    I'm simply posting to try and balance the debate on Seedorf, Hylton and Long. They have been signed as potential talent - not matured! If they had already shown their potential, they would command transfer values of £Ms and multi thousand salaries. But they're at Motherwell as freebies on relative peanuts of a wage. This is how we operate as a club. I think it is great that we are seeing glimpses of skill from all three, and we should commend them for it. The mistakes, poor touches and dropping out of games will hopefully diminish as the weeks go by. This is not just my view - listen to Stephen Robinson's post match interview. James Scott looks like he is ready for a regular start. I'm glad he hasn't gone out on loan as many on here suggested.
  6. I always try to be a glass half full Well fan. So here's my take on current squad. Most of the signings have taken a big step up in level. They offer potential. I see the next two/three months are going to be tough, and some of the squad will progress whilst others won't. I hope to see us go on a winning run from November. Until then, Hylton, Seedorf, etc. will get my backing and encouraged to develop. Has anyone heard anything on where Casper Sloth is in terms of fitness?
  7. Are half season tickets available this year?
  8. The only way to play Celtic is to run at their dodgy defence, force them into errors and subsequently un-nerve the whole team. We've done it before. Hastie, Ariyibi and Main have the ability to do this. Campbell and Turnbull can feed them. Alternatively, sit back, admire McGregor and Forrest, and concede 3-4.
  9. I think Main deserves lots of credit for his graft. He isn't banging in the goals but he chases every ball and gives centre backs a nightmare. Only an online clearance denied him a goal today.
  10. Is there not a FIFA rule that bars players for signing for more than 2 clubs in a season? I think Erwin is either has to fly back to Iran or return to Killie. If that's not the case, I would have him as a replacement for Bowman.
  11. Louis Moult rumoured to be heading to Aberdeen. I hope he has a good pre-season and stays at Preston.
  12. SR's statement of the creative midfielder's signing being 99.9% done suggests to me it's not Crawford. With Blackpool rumoured to be interested already, I think Crawford will still be considering his options - and ambitions. Another media story I don't see happening anymore is Kenny Miller. With the signing of Johnson, and SR stating he is interested in a winger/striker, I don't see where Miller fits in the team. Also Aberdeen and His are likely to offer higher wages. Livingston could add in a manager's salary too. For me, I'm anticipating two more unknowns to the squad.
  13. I think Ciftci and a striker/winger with pace is all we need to have a creative attack. We still have Bigi, Tanner and Turnbull as options. If we then add a left sided defensive player to the squad, I would feel fairly confident for the season ahead. That would be five new signings in total.

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