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  1. I would love a blue peter badge. I wish I could KNOW things.
  2. I would be disappointed if Hartley left, same with Sheridan and Caddis. They'd all do a job for Motherwell, no bother.
  3. Congratulations on that by the way big man! You've always been Uncle Ryan to me anyway.

  4. Some of you need to get a fuckin grip. He's the best manager in the SPL, and with him in charge you will definitely keep progressing. This season has been tough in regards to injuries, and with a small squad like Motherwell have, it must have been a nightmare. Fickle... fucking understatement.
  5. Next time. You will be powerless.

    The bear like grizzliness of my person are irresistable.

  6. No, no. HMHBP propositioned you with a 'manbearpig sandwich' (amazing, laughed at that), and you said, 'no, no, you're both too young', or words to that effect. I got shunned :(

  7. Only because I had been shot down!

    My moves are the stuff of folklore though, that be truth.

  8. Au contrare! I was too young, as was HMHBP :(

  9. Still made you shoot me down! I still have hope though. Next time we both happen to be at some SO online gathering you will be unable to resist my bearpig manliness

  10. Oh aye, I forgot I'm too young :(

  11. 'How about it'?

    I thought I was modelling, but I suppose I'm up for a bit of that!

  12. when, where, and how much? I'm game.

    Fiver and I'm sold

    I'll talk to HMHBP

  13. Aye, pictures of me in a mankini and the like. So hot


  14. you should see some of my other ones ;)

  15. manbearpig

    Dundee Utd

    because we're moany, truth shy bastards, and we had to find something to shift the focus from our inadequecy in front of goal. I don't blame the pitch, I blame your goalkeeper. How dare he fucking save the baw
  16. I just rated you a 5 because you're great.

    Cheers, Chris


  17. who's better, manbearpig or Half Man-Half Bearpig? You can tell me, I won't tell him what you say

  18. manbearpig

    Inverness Away

    Caley will win I think, I hope I'm wrong. Can't stand that Butcher prick, and I hope he get's the fuck away from the Scotland set up soon as.
  19. manbearpig

    Ewan Cameron

    'Celtic paranoia' there son. He's clearly a Jambo. He's just a cock
  20. It annnoys me aswell, but I'm not fucking old.
  21. Fair play, we were by far the better team in my viewing of the game. Well played though, down we go lol. Unbeaten for the most games since Billy Davies was manager, now? 4th place is well a possibility

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