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  1. Dodge


    Why not merge the Old Firm together and then the rest of us only have one team to challenge?
  2. I wasn't suggesting he could - just trying to clear up that it wasn't our player.
  3. http://www.nwemail.co.uk/sport/barrow-afc/match-reports/article/Barrow-AFC-v-Crewe-Alexandra-Match-Updates-f6cea612-3f04-45fb-b43b-a1eab8ef9392-ds Team sheet lists Scott McManus
  4. That game was a Sunday night with kick off at back of 6pm. I think it was part of a pilot to give Sky something to make "Super Sunday" last a little longer. As the match was on Sky, I'm sure Boyle either dropped the prices or used one of his season ticket holders can bring 2 friends scheme to boost the crowd. Bear in mind this was also shortly after Boyle acquired the club, made a lot of promises and backed some of them up with a large number of signings during the summer.
  5. Nearest train station is Markinch in Glenrothes which is about 10-15 minutes away by car.
  6. I would only be worried if we were thinking of going through the entire season with someone thought to be 2nd choice. All the noises coming out of Fir Park is that we are actively trying to recruit a new keeper (see managers recent interviews and recent podcast with Flow who mentions we've several irons in the fire). Whilst using Dan is far from ideal if he isn't seen as immediate first choice, the time for worrying was during the play offs and not to dampen the enthusiasm of getting back to business in a new season.
  7. O'Connor is a couple of years older than Clarkson and was an established player when Clarky was a prospect. If you look at Seib's comment he said he was one of the most exciting talents - at no point did he claim him to be better than anyone.
  8. We don't need a right back. Josh Law is as steady right back with Reid and Watt to cover.
  9. The times you mention in the South, it was segregated with very small away support and no animosity between both sets of supporters.
  10. The Stand cannot be segregated with both sets of supporters sharing turnstiles, pie stalls and toilets so thats a no.
  11. What extra cost? How many police do you see in pubs so why should they need to be at a football stadium just cause they sell drink? The clubs already hire stewards who require to be licenced and there are already stewards who look after pie stalls. These same stewards go and work in pubs and nightclubs after a shift at football so are already used to dealing with inebriated supporters. At most, an extra couple of stewards would be required, not a return of large police presence.
  12. Pretty sure that wasn't the last game of the season. If my memory serves me correct that was a Scottish Cup tie which Durie equalised to send the tie to a replay which we lost. Something also comes into my head that this was Andy Watsons game in charge after McLeish left us. Don't think Woods was that bad a keeper, again I think he was unfortunate in that we had been spoiled with Seib for a bit. The Twardzik comments on stature and shot-stopping ability are similar to comments from Man Utd fans about De Gea. I'm not saying Twardzik can be as good as De Gea but it shows that fan opinion can quickly change once a keeper gains some confidence in his own ability and in his defence and to a certain extent is part of a winning team.

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