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  1. Part of me wished Robbo said something like "Can we just let Celtic kick off on Saturday from the penalty spot, get it over with" Tongue in cheek he would get away with it but it would embarrass the referees publicly. Or am I just bitter and angry?
  2. Radio Scotland switching between commentary on Aberdeen game and ours.
  3. Been up for half an hour. Excitement/anxious sick belly/heart racing feeling is ridiculous already! Gonna sit and watch the ashes with a coffee.Don't even like cricket!
  4. If anyone is getting the train up and is heading for a pint or 2 here are your options from someone who lives here: There's only really 1 big sports bar in town, right up from the station called Morrisons Cold Beer Company, good choice of beers on tap and a big boozer. It's the old post office for those familiar with the town. Just round the corner is Molly Malones, we have always liked it for a pint and strangely it doesn't feel like the pseudo Irish theme bar I suppose it is. For those of a craft beer persuasion there's a Brewdog up Friars street, the hill across from Morrison's, still only a few minutes from the station. There's a big spoons next to that and a 4 or 5 other boozers in that area. All these pubs are in town so a good 20 minute walk to the ground, over the railway walkbridge and past the Cinema. There's a brewers fare type pub across from the Cinema and another one next to the ground if you want something like closer, but I'm not a fan of those places for a pint. There's also a small bar in the main stand, bottles only though, but Well fans will have no issue I would think. Looking forward to it, first 'home' well game for me and I've lived here for 15 years!
  5. Juan Kerse

    Fir Park

    Yea, it was essentially built for them, IIRC the initial plan was to have a single tier effort so the ground looked balanced but they thought by doubling it we would easily pay for it and more with OF visits 4 times a season. You wouldn't plan in such odd proportions to a purpose built New ground though so would have to plan for 5000 seats together going round one side and behind the goal, which would be fine I reckon.
  6. Juan Kerse

    Fir Park

    I recall reading P&B with interest when St Mirren were in the discussions stage of their new ground and the amount of fans that had conceded it was going to be a bland Lego land identikit stadium but would be happy with at least 'corners filled in' was unbelievable. It seems it would at least make a new place more of an arena and hold am atmosphere than 4 identical soulless stands (or worse, 2 or 3 stands) And not every corner would have to be filled with rows and rows of seating, for a 9/10/11 thousand capacity stadium we wouldn't need to but at least the roof going right round creates an arena, ala Scarlets ground. It would make sense to have at least 1 corner filled to create a large 'away end' of one end stand and down one touchline to the half way line, that could accommodate the bigot brothers. One corner could be a bar/restaurant with pitch views, another could be the TV 'Box' etc... Corners, they're the future. St Mirren wanted them, got fuck all of them and look at the place.
  7. Ah, didn't know that, thought McGhee was being proactive! Guess more reactive then....
  8. It's deeper than that, I've heard from Celtic fans on more than one occasion that they won't go to these split gate games as they won't give 'the rest' their money, and as they put it, if a ticket's a score a tenner means more to Motherwell than it does to Celtic... Then they moan about lack of competition.
  9. Interesting that Raith (could be) through on 8 points while St Mirren have 9 but are in 3rd place in the group so are out. Thems the rules though!
  10. Geography wouldn't come into it if either arse cheek were playing in Stranraer, Stornoway, Scarborough or on the dark side of the moon, BBC would have a reporter there.
  11. Good effort mate, thanks for going to the bother of writing that up. Looks ok for us, IF we stick a couple past Stranraer.
  12. It's win win for everyone surely? Prize money aside, the split of 4 gates is going to be much more income than getting papped out in the first or second round of the league cup. (Include Motherwell in this). The games are better (and more income) than friendlies, which are just pointless. It means we get to play 3 or 4 teams we rarely face and visit New/rare places. Way better than a same old september Midweek snoozezfest against Kilmarnock or St Mirren.

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