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  1. We have a spare ticket and bus seat booked well be in Club 100 for opening
  2. Our players need to stop surrendering possession, our ball retention is shocking and continually caused us to invite pressure. The beggars gave a lesson to us on that aspect yesterday and we'd do well to try and replicate that. I know our players are not as good as theirs but we need to learn to look after the ball.
  3. Liam Grimshaw confirmed on club site.
  4. No not Fletcher young sandy coloured hair guy
  5. Just back in from FP purchasing my ST and saw Barra & Flow meeting and greeting what looked like a youngish player and agent outside the POD before going in the players entrance. Didn't recognise the potential signing or agent though.
  6. Great thoughts from the keyboard warriors. Mon the steelmen online. Nae wonder I'm hardly on here.
  7. studos


    The irony MoM how funny is that. I never seen one MAN in C&A on that park I did however see a parcel of rogues quite literally stealing their wages out of my pocket. Null vote from me.
  8. studos

    Tom Hateley

    In this economic climate I've had to take a significant pay cut to do the same job and so have many of my colleagues. Why shouldn't he. Tom unfortunately is only one of many sorry, most footballers who expect to be paid over inflated wages (in my opinion) they need to get real. If they want a wee team to showcase their talents to take them to a higher level then they should expect (again in this economic climate) that the wee team can only afford to operate within their means. Rant over.
  9. studos

    Partick Thistle

    Great team performance but James McFadden for me. His quality shone through and he gave Partick a torrid time.
  10. 7th close season signing to be made at 7 pm tonight and his shirt number will be 7. You heard it here first from a most unreliable source. If the red tops can dae it so cin ah ;-)
  11. We've booked an 8 seater from Carluke to Morecambe. Nice wee stadium is the Globe Arena. Been to a few Shrimps games over the years as that's where my Mrs comes from. Main Stand's cracking with a pre match pint available in the bar beneath. See you in the Kings Arms AKA.
  12. Late 60's early 70's scarf. A bit threadbare at the white tasselly bit.
  13. studos


    1368820497[/url]' post='383029']Is that because they're Motherwell-minded

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