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  1. Heart says draw but head says fuck them 2-1 Well, big Fish to grab his first goal
  2. I think from the performance they seemed to have had the other night I reckon they could get point at least. On the other hand, they've lost every game after the split and are in deep trouble and their bottle crashed on Saturday against us. It's up for grabs for both teams
  3. Wellarmy

    Lionel Ainsworth

    He wants to stay so keep him. I know it's not as easy as that but we should be offering him a new deal.
  4. Wellarmy


    If that's the final time, I wish him all the luck and success in the world. A great servant and a legend but most importantly of all a real gent of a guy
  5. Bore off mate, aye I wish he turned up more often but it is what it is. He done the business and people can't resist a dig, it's tiresome on here sometimes
  6. How's it poorly planned? They put the promotion out two weeks ago
  7. If only the players would show that passion, great post
  8. They're rotten, we're rotten. Reckon a blood and thunder 1-1
  9. Hughes should've been the man whether he had just joined Raith or not, it was a no brainer!

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