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  1. Amy Bulloch has now re-signed and our Ladies team has also signed Christie Kerr.
  2. A great result so congratulations to our Ladies team, players and management. They really have done well. Hopefully the club will acknowledge their fantastic achievement. Onwards and upwards. No doubt the squad will require strengthening but there's time for that. Now is the time for celebration!
  3. Thanks, as always for the update. Our ladies team has done very well and this reflects well on the club. It does seem a very poor show from the powers that be no public explanation has been given for the points deduction.
  4. Certainly a relevant factor but we need to look at a wider context. Firstly if we restrict ourselves to football have SPL/Scottish Premiership prices risen by more than comparable prices in lower leagues? How do they compare to English prices? In a still wider perspective how do these price rises relate to say the cost of public transport or the price of concert tickets or the cost of musical entertainment or of Virgin/Sky TV prices? I have no figures to back it up but anecdotal evidence suggests that the cost of hiring a bus for away games has rocketed in recent years and this is certainly a factor in diminishing away attendances.
  5. Congratulations to our Ladies team. A great achievement and I hope the club recognises this.
  6. Thanks for the comprehensive report. Things have gone very quiet off the field and the team deserves more recognition from the club. Hopefully they'll rap things up next weekend and if there's advance publicity and information it may encourage fans to go along.
  7. A thumping 6-0 away win for our ladies side yesterday which keeps them well clear at the top of the league? The Development side also won making it a fine double.
  8. A good result for our ladies side yesterday beating second placed Celtic Academy 6-2. Top, of the league!
  9. Has there been much change in personnel since last season or is the squad basically the same?
  10. Our ladies team has started off the new season by winning all league games so far and are now sitting top of the league. They're not winning games as easily as last season but they are winning them. Promotion for the second year running?
  11. Another win for the Ladies team today. Quite a game. We took a 3-1 lead then lost 2 goals to make it 3-3 and then scored a very late winner. So far so good this season.
  12. The Ladies team kicked off their league campaign today with a 3-2 win against Celtic Ladies development side. Well done girls that tops off a great weekend for the club with the first team winning a crucial derby game and the Under 20s reaching the Youth Cup Final after defeating Ross County 3-0.
  13. I see our Ladies team has signed a new striker in the form of Colette Fleming. As team building for their new season gets underway they will be optimistic of consolidating their position in the first Division.
  14. I agree with your general point about marketing calls. However am I right in thinking that the Society and MFC are 2 separate entities and the club simply couldn't hand over personal details without breaching data protection laws? Maybe an IT expert can clarify.
  15. I thought Dennyc's account was comprehensive and a reasonable summing up of the proceedings although I don't agree with all of it, mainly his/her account of the panel but would concur that the panel could have been more effective in handling some questions. Credit to Jim McMahon though for showing great patience in answering a persistent questioner in relation to a point about Jamie Murphy's transfer. The guy must have asked the exact same question about 3 times and the original answer was as clear and as plain as the nose on your face, but still he persisted. Some Chairs I know would not have been so understanding and would have cut him off brusquely after the first reply. I'll be emailing the Society in the morning to ask for clarification on renewals/monthly contributions and also to request that emailed questions be answered, if they have not already been dealt with (I didn't submit any myself). That said, I can quite understand why "live" questions were taken first.
  16. For better or for worse thats the truth of the matter.
  17. Suzanne Grant, a top striker, according to the Official Site. A bit of a coup for our ladies team.
  18. I've now seen Craig Moore play behind a lone striker 2 or maybe 3 times and on each occasion he's looked like a fish out of water and was completely ineffective. Being kind to him that could be down to those around him, the tactics, ground conditions whatever. However how many more chances do we give him in that position?
  19. A good informative post from Charlie Bennett. So, it seems like there is indeed a well thought out plan in place to develop a successful Ladies set up at Fir Park. All Well fans should get behind it.
  20. 1,000 fans paying a tenner a month would generate £120k per year. Over 5 years that amounts to an additional £600k - does that not meet the Society's target. Agree about our core support.
  21. Partick are not safe at all. They have some very tough games coming up and will lose ground before the split.
  22. I'm not convinced by Stuart Carswell although he has the odd very good game and odd very poor one. I reckon he's a bit like Mark Fitzpatrick - a hard working journeyman no more no less. Maybe Championship standard. Agree about Stuart McCall.
  23. A poor all round performance especially from midfield, which looks totally unbalanced. Carswell dithered and hesitated at Thistle's 3rd goal, and Vigurs was caught out for their first. McCall really needs to deploy his formation and tactics to suit the players he has at his disposal not the other way around. Vigurs is not suited to a 4-4-2 formation; I'm not convinced of Carswell; Keith Lasley is past it; and I'm not sure what Josh Law brings to the team. Something needs to be done urgently to stop this slide.
  24. He should stay at home and sort things out here. The club pays his wages.
  25. £20 on its way from me by cheque and £15 from Kmcalpin

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