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  1. rgf17

    Motherwell Fc Memorabilia Thread

    Long shot I know, but anyone know where I can find the framed print by senga Murray from the 90s? Saw it recently for sale in Glasgow recently and kicking myself for not picking it up. Anyone willing to part with theirs?
  2. rgf17

    retro kits

    You can see the cuffs better in the other photo of the back of the shirt. Same pattern as the collar. I'll try and get a better picture. Edit just realised the other picture has disappeared. The skelly logo is black on this shirt.
  3. rgf17

    retro kits

  4. rgf17

    retro kits

    I have one at home, will try and get pictures uploaded
  5. rgf17


    We're going Monday/tues night not tues/wed though.... Anyone looking to half in on a taxi at 3am from airport on mon night tues morning though?
  6. rgf17

    New Strip

    Guy in shop tonight said tops should be in for last week july/first week august
  7. rgf17

    Season Tickets

    Got my East stand one on Saturday morning through the post
  8. rgf17

    Our Umbro Away Kit

    I think i had looked at old programmes a while back and Brian Wright was a name i had came up with. It's a very small and tight shirt so i didn't see Kirk fitting into it(even in the 80s!) I wore it years ago and played football in it as I assumed it was a childrens top, if i'd known it was a players top it would've been looked after a lot better! If i get a chance i'll stick photo's up.
  9. rgf17

    Our Umbro Away Kit

    i have a small long sleeved one with a 10 on back, would that be a player issue? Who wore 10 that season?
  10. rgf17

    Sound Bite

    Here it is again http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I4XVZTYO
  11. rgf17

    Sound Bite

    email sent
  12. rgf17

    End Of The Line For Canterbury?

  13. rgf17

    Sound Bite

  14. rgf17

    Sound Bite

    works fine for me? Amyone else having bother?
  15. rgf17

    Sound Bite

    Here you go chaps!

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