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  1. 46 minutes ago, Stevie73 said:

    Seen it, big guy was worth a chance, you’ll get the haters saying he got relegated from the championship but one player doesn’t make a team, Oyala is slower than a week in the jail, Sol is a bomb scare and our left backs are shite, so why not give him a chance.

    I don't think Sol is a bombscare. Sign  of the times on this forum. Let's see how he does next season.

  2. 1 minute ago, santheman said:

    A few bog standard saves but nothing of note.

    I never felt that Hearts despite all their possession actually had us under any real pressure.

    Still don't want to go through another last 20 mins like that though.

    Ojala off, made the game different

  3. I'm willing to give it another go next season.

    I think the quality of the squad individually is better with a team that really doesn't know how to get the ball down and pass, yet individually they have capabilities.

    3 months max if we start badly.

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  4. 6 minutes ago, eddiemunster said:

    I hope we don't get into Europe because we are fucking garbage.

    I hope we do.

    I was a young boy at Katowice home game, loved the glamour of it and seeing something different.

    Then I was spoiled with trips to some great places.  Aalesund, Nancy, Odense, Bucharest....gave me an excuse to see places I never would. Camaraderie and memories.

    The games are not simply a by-product but to get to the places and sing the songs & walk the walk is something I don't take for granted.

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  5. 6 hours ago, ppower said:

    You maybe right but one signing from a team currently sitting second bottom in the championship does not make your case that there is barely a footballer in those leagues. It just means Alexander is incompetent in assessing players. If things go tits up you may well see with your own eyes whether there are footballers in a lower league.

    The previous comment is harsh on Shields. He is a second striker. He does not fit in with our structure.

    It's a bit like when we signed Vigurs who had a position he found successful at his previous club and then never playing him there.

    If you adopt a style - then we can't sign players who's success lies outside this. He is not a wide man.

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  6. 3 hours ago, wellsince75 said:

    My thoughts are he's not the man for long term - there's a need to entertain and he's happy just to have people who work hard, huff and puff. We need hard workers but we also need some players who have skill /guile. 

    Slattery, Goss. Shaw, Tierney all offer something more than we have but no where near starting.  Watt seemed very happy at Well but can see the style of the manager not working for him. Slattery must have said/done something behind the scenes to be dropped like a stone.  There's a fine line between arrogance and ignorance and for me GA falls on the wrong side.

    GA has been allowed to spend, we have a huge squad and must have a much bigger budget than previous mgrs.   

    In short I've heard and seen enough to be happy to thank him for 1 1/2 years and let him move on to something new come the end of the season.   I'd much prefer we bring in someone with a long term vision and plan who wants to give fans something to get excited about. 

    Slattery done something behind the scenes to be dropped like a stone.

    He did. To what lengths that this is known/punished for I do not know. The fact he's on the bench seems like it's not dead in the water.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Great Balls of Shire said:

    donnelky isn't the worst by a long way, who is actually doing themselves justice in that midfield?

    I think that was more a comment on Alexanders philosophy than a dig at Donnelly himself.  There's a lot of a head down, arse up and I feel for them to a degree.

    My most annoying thing about today, is Alexanders comment of "I knew it would be scrappy" that's because we make every game that way with no intention to pass the ball.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Stevie73 said:

    Who is our best eleven:


    O’Donnell,  Sondre, Lamie, McGinlay 

    Ohara, Slattery, Cornelius, Woollery


                                    Van Veen

    Not far away - I would have Mugabi for O'Donnell & that be fine for me. Lot's of endeavor, 2 youths to prime. I like it. Stevie73 get him on a 3year deal.

  9. I think if we take away games v the old firm including three defeats we have a 9-9-9 record.

    What does that mean in reality? I think it's what as Well fans we would take this especially after some worries in the preseason League cup.

    The football been dire, sometimes sure. The high press high intensity games I've enjoyed like Dundee United in the rain! Pure football hasn't been in site by any team I've seen outside really Celtic.

    Some guys will never make it but we seem intent on giving contracts after 3-4 decent games from some. Some have said give Grimmy a contract, I like him, but it's polar opposite to my thoughts. Exactly the player who we should let go and wish him all the best and see someone new better or worse. Some players are incapable of getting to higher standards.

    It's been ok a lot riding on the next 4 games.


  10. On 3/3/2022 at 9:48 PM, GazzyB said:

    O'Donnell's display last night was indefensible, he absolutely deserves to be dropped. So does Carroll before anyone points that out to me.







    Re-sign Stevie Hammell










    Time for Alexander to stop fucking about, he's risking our season. Shields, O'Donnell & Donnelly are not our best options. Time to play our strongest XI.


    Anything less than a win and our league campaign is basically finished.

    The first line is correct. Robbos Boy is deflecting from O'Donnell's singular performance by discussing others. O'Donnell has not done anything to deserve to be playing.

  11. Kelly

    Mugabi - Johansen - Ojala - Lamie/McGinley

    Cornelius - Donnelly - Slattery

    Woolery - Van Veen - Roberts

    I agree with many stated and try the team out for a few weeks.

    Also I think that 4 at the back are principally defenders we don't need expansive wing backs when playing a front three, more required in a two. Hence drop Carroll.

    Support can be give by slattery and cornelius

    Tempted by Shaw too forgot about him

  12. 17 minutes ago, David said:

    As we head towards the end of the season we have the following players out of contract at the end of May unless I'm mistaken (please let me know if any of these have changed):

    • PJ Morrison
    • Ricki Lamie (pre-contract signed with Dundee)
    • Nathan McGinley
    • Victor Nirennold
    • Liam Grimshaw
    • Mark O'Hara
    • Liam Donnelly
    • Liam Shaw (end of loan)
    • Jordan Roberts
    • Justin Amaluzor
    • Darragh O’Connor

    I'd look to only retain Morrison, O'Hara, O'Connor, and possibly Grimshaw for his versatility as a backup from that list.


    O'Hara maybe O'Connor - rest can go.

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  13. 5 hours ago, Welldaft Mk1 said:

    For the most part it has worked. As mentioned above we have not gone on to lose many games / goals once he loads up defence and midfield. As also mentioned it is not conducive to an enjoyable finish in games. As we are pretty much always on the back foot from his subs onwards. 

    I do see the logic. How many times have teams who are winning by the odd goal chase another only to concede because they are too open. I listened to the DW podcast with GA and he often mentions how important the result is and not the performance. He likes his teams to outfight the opposition certainly in terms of effort and application.

    I have said many times before at the start of last season under Robbo we were dominating teams possession wise and having many more shots on and off target and losing 1-0. Hamilton, Ross C and DDee United all followed that pattern. 

    So yes he is a bit of a do not lose type coach but as long as he gets results I will have less problems with such an approach.

    I'm trying to think of when its backfired. Has it yet?

  14. 2 hours ago, AllyMax said:

    Agree with that. They were much more direct going forward without Brown in midfield.

    Definitely  agree - I watched the game though and thought both sides for sure were poorer than a normal Motherwell display - to lose we will need to be poor. The fear is taking it to easy and not approaching with intensity.


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  15. Regarding this forum & Facebook - couple of people who doubted us today expressing the delight of a victory.  Well done boys. The rest notable in their absence, I'm sure they will be back next time we lose.

    It's ok to not be an Alexander fan, and it's ok to express any doubt about any players or tactics after defeat, lastly it's ok to say well done to the boys on a quarter cup final qualification irrespective.

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