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  1. Curtis Main, Shea Gordon and Joe Chalmers all hitting the net last night for Shrewsbury, Partick and Ayr. Bigiramana with a man of the match performance for Glentorran.
  2. I'll start by saying I've no problem with O'Donnell - I think he's been mostly good and I've never doubted his commitment on the pitch. However I think for many, including myself a wee bit here, it all comes down to perceptions about commitment and attitude towards the club. There's a perception, rightly or wrongly, that O'Donnell signed for us in the summer window because we were a last resort. He wanted a bigger club, it didn't happen and settled for Motherwell. He was then offered an extension in December and didn't sign it till the last day of the window - again, the perception was that he was expecting something bigger then had to settle for us. We all know that players come here with aspirations and no-one would begrudge a player weighing up options first, but I think if you give the impression that you were expecting bigger things to come your way, as opposed to just hoping they would, then you better show on the pitch why you had those grand ideas in the first place. Unfortunately O'Donnell hasn't really done that.
  3. Last game was 24th August 2019. 19th months ago. He had his operation in September 2019 - I can't recall if there's been further setbacks, or what the current position is now.
  4. Alexander has commented on the size of our squad so I anticipate he'll be looking at improving the quality over quantity next transfer window. He's hardly covered himself in glory with the his signings so far however managers frequently talk of how difficult it is finding quality in the January window and I can only assume the signings of Smith, Nolan and Foley were desperate measures due to the injury situation at the time. He needs a decent shot at building a squad.
  5. That's it for me. Definitely not as shambolic a performance as the St Johnstone and Hamilton games. In those games we looked completely clueless whereas yesterday Killie at least had to play their part in nullifying everything we tried.
  6. Maguire's goal is only the second equaliser we've scored this season. That's a mad stat.
  7. That's it. He won't have been the first player to say it's fucking shit, just unlucky that it's been caught on camera. Folk need to give it a rest.
  8. Glencairn played in Dark Blue, could be a reference to that. We also had the 1997 fluorescent yellow kit which only had claret and amber on the crest.
  9. Nolan TBC'd his TBC when he was TBCing. Foley twisted his TBC last TBC. Expected returns TBC.
  10. Nice, I've never seen that top one before. I'm always impressed with how absolutely knackered the main stand looked before its facelift.
  11. These are brilliant (although sad to see the turnstiles go). Any more from that era? Or any era?
  12. Comes back to the very discussions we have on here - do you follow a football team for entertainment or to see the club stable and successful. McInnes' record is very good - 4 cup finals -including one win - and 4 second place finishes. Despite all that, for a few seasons they have been brutal to watch and I think a lot of their fans would rather pour hot bovril in their own eyes than tune in these days. Maybe the board feel the quality of entertainment isn't an issue, rather, he's taken them as far as he can and they want someone else to come in and take that next step forward.
  13. Robinson doing the rounds as next in line for the Aberdeen job. It's just a twitter rumour, literally 30 minutes after news broke that McInnes is away, but he'll be in the running regardless.
  14. Can be explained by four changes between those two games and persevering, for one more game, with a system that we can't play. He's completely transformed things with limited personnel changes - I'd say that's a sign of an astute manager rather than anything to worry about.
  15. I wonder how long Martindale will last. I imagine players will only respond to that psychotic screaming for so long before they tune out.
  16. That's what I thought.
  17. Lang with his 5th goal in 7 games today for Wigan.
  18. Good post. One huge difference is that we actually have a midfield connected to both the front three and the back four - in possession, particularly in the first half we frequently had 5 or 6 in the final third which quickly switched to 7 or 8 playing defensive roles when needed. It's something we've tried and failed to for the more than a calendar year. I'm sure the more tactically minded on here can explain what's changed, but it looks like a big part is down to the desire and motivation Alexander has instilled.
  19. The very fact they didn't, and the fact GA was talking him up yesterday tells me that the club don't have a problem with him - that suggests that most of what has been posted on here about his contract is mere speculation / shite.
  20. Bold move by Alexander. He's obviously setting the tone in the dressing room - play well, knock your pan in and I'll reward you regardless of who is waiting in the wings.
  21. I'm not sure it's anything like a "face fits" scenario at all. I can't remember too many other than the usual gullables thinking much about the Vigur's rumour, and Hastie and Gallagher's situations are completely different. The outrage about Hastie was pretty simple because the facts were out there - confirmed by the clubs - and it was felt by many (rightly or wrong) that we had been shafted by him. There's nothing other than forum speculation about Gallagher's contract. A few folk coming on here and saying "it's a fact" doesn't make it a fact.
  22. Special menshy to Crawford, Macguire, Lamie, McGinley, Cole and Kelly.... but it's got to be Roberts.
  23. Speculation is part of a football forum, but a lot of your posts read like you are stating facts or are 'in the know', and that's how those three examples read at the time. Even when you get asked about sources (Gallagher contract), you use some half-truth to claim you were right. Even though it's clear you cant back up your claim. Maybe it's not your intention, but that's how it comes across and I don't think it's a great approach when talking about court cases and child abuse, and to a much lesser extent player contracts. Anyway, I'm tuning out on this and going back to my own ill-informed thoughts on the game itself.
  24. We've won 3 of our last 8, so it's do-able. All depends on a few more key players returning.

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