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    Stevie O'D

    Disagree. Put together a 5 minute highlight reel of why we went out and you'll have a couple of contributions from O'Donnell where he arguably could have done better alongside plenty from almost every other player on the pitch (who are all on 5/10 times his club wage) - the biggest culprits being our midfielders and forwards who missed plenty of half chances and a few absolute sitters that could have turned all three games in our favour. Likewise, put together a highlight reel of positive passages of play and chances created and you'll have O'Donnell playing his part there.
  2. Yep. 180'000 fans in attendance across the final three euro games at the start of July. Whatever logic they are using there should easily translate to accomodating 5k into Fir Park. Unless of course yet another massive error of judgement from the UK government. Which is highly likely.
  3. CoF

    Chris Long

    Yep. I think there's two things that led to that conclusion - one was his dour coupon when playing, and two was the fact he has clear qualities that only came through in patches. He drifted in and out of games / the first team as much as anyone else in the last 18 months but I think the weight of expectations coupled with his wee face led fans to think it must just be an attitude problem.
  4. Carson might disagree. The days of letting our players go for pennies is gone, for now at least.
  5. CoF

    Stevie O'D

    Starting tonight. Absolutely chuffed for the guy.
  6. CoF

    Stevie O'D

    Exactly this. There isn't a position in the first team that's under as much scrutiny as O'Donnell's for the simple reason that there's a 'Rangers wonderkid' who has played 8 senior games apparently waiting to take his place. He looked nervous in the first 20 but settled into the game and was no better or worse than anyone else.
  7. A goal every two games at every club he's played at, including Motherwell and Dundee. That's exceptional. He's one of those players that makes me think I must know fuck all about football if he's not been able to impress with those stats.
  8. We're needing to hire some better lawyers if he simply "reneged" on a deal....
  9. You're not mistaken. It did used to say May 2021.
  10. This talk of Lafferty signing got me thinking about who the biggest off-field arsehole to ever pull the claret and amber on is? Bob Malcolm? I suppose someone who skelps folk with baseball bats should be up there.
  11. Did we actually want Long to stay? I assumed we didn't offer him a new deal.
  12. Would much rather have Cole than Lafferty on the pitch. Would much rather have Cole than Lafferty off the pitch.
  13. We were great to watch for a 6 month spell. Physical aye, but plenty of teams had a worse disciplinary than us that season.
  14. Agree with the comments about Dunne, he's had a tough few years and the wages we've been paying were probably a fraction of what he was on. He was offered a trial with us or a two year contract with St Mirren. That offer probably wouldn't be on the table for long and so can't blame him at all for jumping at it.
  15. Just had to nip out for a can of coke after reading that.
  16. Both championship level players, just not in the same country.
  17. True, but looking at the actual standard - would a 27 year old with 90 appearances since 2018 at mid/ lower english league-one clubs seem like a decent signing? Most fans would say that sounds decent enough.
  18. CoF

    Stevie O'D

    Exactly. I think it's easy for fans to look at the shoutiest guy on the pitch and think that's what a captain needs to be. A captain is the one who is a often a go-between between the players and coaching staff and is someone who has influence in the dressing room. In any team it's often the calmer more mature head that gets the message across. O'Donnell might be that guy.
  19. He's scored 8 in his last 15 games at Wigan so he's definitely thriving down there.
  20. Totally agree with your second point, but your first point isn't adding up. We only had Lang, Crawford and Hastie on loan in the first half of the season. Hastie wasn't great but he definitely knocked his pan in, Lang was good enough to go straight back to the Wigan first team at Christmas and regardless of Crawford's performances he never looked apathetic. Kelly and Roberts coming in on loan In January saved our season. Nolan was injured (or something), Harry Smith just didn't look good enough and Magloire has been okay(ish). You could argue about quality, but there's I don't think it's fair to say the loanees attitudes were a problem.
  21. Aye, Martin Grehan. Think he was scoring about 40 a season for them. Only came off the bench once for us.
  22. Exactly. The form guide since he came in, even before the split (which skews it a bit) had us sitting 2nd and 3rd. There's been a few really disappointing performances along the way, but there isn't a team in the league that doesn't apply to and in the big picture so far Alexander has been excellent for us. I think folk are right hold back just now though - one of the biggest tests for a manager is building a squad and there's a big job this summer, however I think there's every reason for us to feel optimistic about things.
  23. Jack McMillan at Livingstone, and Dom Thomas has had his time in the Premiership with Killie. The rest seem to be floating about league one and two. Ben Hall is probably the biggest surprise. Got a great move to Brighton in 2016 and hasn't really kicked a ball till joining Falkirk last year.
  24. Moult on the Not the Old Firm podcast thingy this week saying he wouldn't rule out a return here. I imagine he'll have bigger clubs than us after him, however he talks a lot about the importance of enjoying his football and building confidence so it's not a ridiculous move for him.
  25. Theres been various articles / sources over the years saying we budget based on the guaranteed income of 10th place and no cup runs. Obviously clubs all have differing streams of income from other sources and different outgoings outwith the playing squads so its difficult to say where we sit in terms of playing budget. I think he general consensus is we tend to be in the bottom of 3 at best depending on who else is in the league.

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