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    Big Dec

    ? He played 38 games for us last season. Took us to third and won two Scotland caps.
  2. Agreed with all your post, but this bit. The next Gannon, Baraclough or Malpas could be just round the corner. Finding a manager who can achieve what Robinson has is going to be very, very difficult.
  3. He was excellent in the first 20. He and Campbell had that side rattled. Then they got a free kick....
  4. Good question - https://news.sky.com/story/why-does-israels-football-team-play-in-europe-10359083 From what I understand, the rest of the arab footballing world has refused to play them for the last 70 years so FIFA had to do something.
  5. I dunno, I thought it was one of those decent yellows. The boy who skinned him is rapid and if I remember correctly there was a lot of empty space between him and the goal. To put a guy in a headlock 2 minutes later is absolutely mental though. Even if he had his hands over Gallagher he's got to be smarter than that.
  6. Haha, aye you did. But those would ruin my shite patter so had to be selective. Yeah, I think we can be disappointed in that. We actually looked pretty well organised and up for it but undone by a defensive lapse and a moment of madness from two experienced players who should've done so much better.
  7. You've got an actual hard-on right now don't you?
  8. I know nothing about youth contracts. How does that change things?
  9. Haha, very good. O'Hara's interview is in the Daily Record. It looks like your article is a dodgy translation of what he actually said. Either that or he did give a separate interview to the press over there and went all Joey Barton / Steve McLaren on them with a mad Israeli accent.
  10. I'm not sure if that's word for word what he said. Looks like the English translated to Hebrew then back to English might have skewed the wording a bit. I think the proper interview is elsewhere and all seems fair enough.
  11. Us. Quite a few comments about the 'physicality' of the Scottish game.
  12. Managed to find a Hapoel forum. "Group of physical monsters" and "on Thursday we will see the UFC and not football" were particular highlights.
  13. Biggest chance by a mile was that Odense game at Fir Park. 92nd minute away goal in the previous game, needing a 1-0 win and if I remember correctly we weren't short on chances at Fir Park yet found ourselves 3-1 down at half time. Penalty and down to 9 men at 85 minutes with us needing 2 to stay in the tie. I'd have loved to have seen how those last few minutes panned out if we'd scored.
  14. In the last 5 years they've beaten Inter Milan (twice), Olympiacos, Celtic and drawn with Southampton (twice), Steau Bucharest and Dinamo Zagreb. A win would be our best ever European result. It's a huge ask but I canny wait.
  15. MacIver on loan to Greenock. Good move - think he'll develop well at that level.
  16. His finish for the offside goal was even better. Some consistency and he could be an oustanding player for us.
  17. I tend to be one of the last to conclude that a managers time is up but honestly, I woke up this morning expecting a defeat and felt we could be genuine relegation contenders this year. I don't think it's as unreasonable as you make out that folk to have been thinking along those lines. It's not just about this season, but since the departures of Scott and Cole in January we've been rock-bottom of the form tables. If you include the cup win over Championship team Dundee, we won 3 in 13 after new year last season and went out of the cup to 10th placed St Mirren (after finding ourselves 4-1 at one point). We took 2 points from an available 18 at the start of this season, scoring 4 goals in 6 games - our play in the final third was shocking, we pose no threat from set-pieces, whole games would go by without us getting a shot on target and defensive lapses were gifting goals. Existing players were going backwards and while the new signings looked decent in glimpses, none made a significant impact. Most worrying, it just didn't look like the spark was going to come. I'm more than happy to be proved wrong there, because today we were fantastic. I've never doubted Robinsons or the players desire to do well for the club and I hope that today gives them that psychological boost to regain that winning mentality. Bring on Thursday!
  18. Try link 2, working fine for me.
  19. Might be mistaken but I'm sure redtv and the PPV website are two separate things? I'm watching it through https://ppv.afc.co.uk/
  20. Nah, you can sign up on the ppv site. Just miss out the Dons ID bit. I've just bought a game pass without one.
  21. I rarely agree with ranty posts after a defeat, but this is pretty much spot on. I'm struggling to pin-point what the problem is. I don't think that we've got a bad squad of players. Individually they're all capable and I don't doubt the effort but there's just something completely incoherent about how we are playing in every part of the pitch. There's something going on within the squad that isn't working. Whether it's just the wrong chemistry, or a loss of leadership. I don't know. It feels like we've got a squad that would make good players look shit. We lack an instinctive goalscorer but if we signed Louis Moult on loan tomorrow I honestly think we'd just bring him down to our level. The same could be applied across the pitch. Fuck knows.
  22. Fair enough. I'll wait till the facts come out from credible sources before deciding.
  23. Can you expand on that? What corners are being cut that would make it unsafe?

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