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  1. To be fair, I blank out Celtic defeats too.
  2. Mad how it felt like we had 400 midfielders a few weeks ago.
  3. I've watched every competitive game so far this season apart from Hibs and I honestly can't remember a Motherwell player getting on the end of a corner. With big Peter gone, has our goal threat at set pieces dried up completely?
  4. I think that's what most folk are experiencing. I've got a season ticket so the streams feel like a freebie to me, so I'm not overly fussed by the quality however I doubt folk paying £12 a game would say it's 'fine' to have to fanny about with refreshing and changing players.
  5. From what I've seen, McGinley's return is a real boost. Early days, but he looks confident and composed going forward. Looking forward to seeing him again.
  6. CoF

    Big Dec

    Aye, that's better put than "tail between his legs". Scotland call ups are so rare for Motherwell players, we should be proud regardless if he got a game or not. You're right though, hopefully he can use not playing as a motivator for the rest of the season.
  7. Disappointing to drop from 3rd, but top six would have still been an achievement in the grand scheme of things.
  8. I hope you're right. Robinsons comments were made before the Turnbull deal was even being spoken about and just after we'd made a few signings so I took it at face value.
  9. The form for all of 2020 has been shite so from a fans perspective, he's under pressure. Rightly so. The board will however have a different take on things. Aye, their minds will be wandering into "what if" territory, however for the last 4 years Robinson has absolutely excelled in the job he's been asked to do. The club have been open that his remit is to keep the team in the league and to sell players. I'm led to believe we budget for 10th. 16/17 Kept us in the league when we were in freefall. 17/18 Finished 7th 18/19 Finished 8th 19/20 Finished 3rd. 7 million pounds worth of players sold + the finances from 2 cup finals and now European football. When you've been asked to do a job, and you proved season after season that you can do it then you'll be given plenty of time to get things right.
  10. Robinson had already said the budget is done. However, he then managed to bring in O'Donnell so who knows if they'll find another few quid lying around to get us out this mess.
  11. You're aff yer nut but that's quite good actually.
  12. Yeah, but why? Are they excluding away fans completely this season? As I'm typing this I might have worked it out. Are Celtic one of the arsehole clubs not to offer a season ticket guarantee of a minimum number of games? That would explain why pay-per-view games aren't being offered - as it would devalue the cost of the season ticket.
  13. Bit pish that no-one can see this game. Are Celtic allowing streaming for some games and not others?
  14. They've got two polite young gentlemen at the back who would rather not get their kit dirty. Ajer and Juluen are so easily rattled with a bit of physicality so we need to capitalise on that.
  15. Fair play to him. Probably on the biggest wage of his career. Heard Robbie Neilson talking about him today - as much as we might all remember a lot of frustrating performances, apparently his stats were among the best in the league for assists and crosses. Always thought he was decent for us.
  16. Not sure I get your angle. Not playing him was for our benefit (£££), not Celtics?
  17. To offset the small fortune we spent on the agreement with Premier Sports.
  18. Aye, heard him on the radio talking about it just after the draw was made.
  19. Why do you think it was there and not on other streams? Go on, engage the brain.
  20. Polworth just shading it ahead of Long for me.
  21. I don't think I've ever heard any player or manager say abuse from their own fans has been helpful. Accies would probably have put 3 past us if the fans had been in the ground.
  22. It's easy enough to make a judgement on the success of individual players, however that doesn't help make a judgement on the success of the head of recruitment. To do that fairly, you'd need a comparison of others in his role at our level with similar resources. My instinct is that in recent years our average of absolute 'duds' is no higher or lower than any other year, however we've brought in more successes - either guys who have contributed on the field and / or brought us some money in. No idea how it compares to other clubs though.
  23. Had a proper chuckle at that comment. It was weird attempt at deflecting criticism from the players then batting it straight back at them - "Don't blame the players for being shite, blame me for signing the shite players." Hope I'm wrong, but these kind of comments are usually a sign of a manager who has run out of ideas and is scraping the barrel to try and get a reaction.

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