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  1. Didn't know the first thing about the guy 2 days ago but absolutely delighted with that.
  2. Didn't know a thing about Graham Alexander but looking at his record looks like he's done well at every club he's been at and been given the boot by nervous owners at early signs of trouble. Could be quite an exciting appointment.
  3. Interesting that we've eaten up a bit of the budget the day before the new manager comes in. Might mean we're either paying next to nothing for him, or the new manager is already at the club.....
  4. Turning up pished and making the players greet is probably the only man management technique Robinson didn't try. Good shout.
  5. ....and unfortunately for those reasons, he'll be in line for any number of jobs down south and nowhere near us.
  6. CoF

    Lasley out

    Maybe so, but it's ridiculously premature to say they've been napping. If we're still managerless in two weeks time then that criticism is fair.
  7. CoF

    Lasley out

    In what way have the board been caught napping? He resigned two days ago. You have absolutely no idea what discussions they've already had nor what plans are already in motion.
  8. Its so bad it's kinda comical.
  9. Haha, phew. Canny tell on here.
  10. Tell me that's tongue in cheek?
  11. Nice of Accies to loan us a Casio keyboard to plug some mics into. Think it's run out of batteries now though.
  12. Yep, would love for Las to succeed but I do wonder if the dressing room needs a new voice, a fresh set of eyes on the players.
  13. Me too. Felt quite positive after the the last three games where we looked a bit more organised and cohesive and the first twenty minutes tonight I thought we had finally turned that corner. You could see it in the players that all it took was that first Killie goal for it to all be undone.
  14. Once again, the SPFL make themselves look like idiots. I generally find things aren't as unreasonable as they first seem, however their communication is so vague that it leaves a void of information for us to surmise all sorts of incompetence. I've been saying this all year and have lost all sympathy for them. If my understanding is right, the notice of Appeal must be made within 5 days of the judgement (SFA Judicial Panel Protocol). The Protocol outlines that the determination must be suspended pending the appeal. I'm not sure if the SPFL would or could hand out a punishment and say it'll only be enforced at the end of the appeal period (maybe they can? who knows). However, the judgement was made on 3rd December and Killie and St Mirren announced their intention to appeal within a few days so I have no idea why it's taken another two weeks to suspend the determination.
  15. Disappointed with the manner of the draw, but more positive about the season than I was before the game. We actually had a clue and a tempo today. That concludes my analysis.
  16. CoF

    Set Pieces

    I think that problem is evident in how we play for 90 minutes. Everything is hesitant, passing is laboured, players look like they're not certain where others are going to be. A complete lack of fluency. I don't know if it's a confidence thing. Maybe the players are in the frame of mind where they just need to retain the ball and find the next claret and amber shirt. Keep it safe before taking risks. Hopefully just a phase.
  17. United have conceded 5 in their last 9. We've scored 3 in our last 6. Not a great combo.
  18. CoF

    Set Pieces

    I'm sure set pieces are a regular part of our training. It's just that, like everything just now, we're fairly shit at them. I doubt it's through a lack of trying to improve things.
  19. As I posted elsewhere, in games we've actually played we're averaging about 0.92 points a game in 2020 and it's roughly the same for season 2020/21. If we keep up that trend we'll finish on 36-40 (ish) points, depending on how Kilmarnock and St Mirren's appeal goes. That involves slipping down the league to what is usually a bottom 3 position with the possibility of relegation play-offs. That there is the 2020 form under Robinson. The only reason we care about form is to crudely predict what is likely to happen next. Those additional 6 points completely skew the trend and you would be mad to think they are somehow relevant to our actual on-field performances. We are absolutely in relegation form regardless of whether those points are there are not.
  20. My impressions of Robinson in his first 18 months was that when he didn't get things right - whether it was a first 45, or in a transfer window - he knew it and made swift and effective changes. I always felt quite comfortable when things weren't going well, as he seemed to have a genuine knack of turning things around. That faith has been gradually eroded the last 12 months. Unfortunately for Robbo, we've been in relegation form for a year so no matter the difficulties of a January window, this one is huge.
  21. Fuck me. Must be 70%+ possession to them and Archer has barely had a save to make. We've been outstanding at soaking up pressure, and when we do try and play we've been decent. Excellent goal too. A long 45 minutes ahead if we stick to this plan, but it's working brilliantly.
  22. Aye, see I understand that. I think it's illogical though. It's akin to making it legal to drive at any speed and only charging folk who crash. As it stands, the SPFL are saying it's okay to break the rules. Just make sure 1 - your luck doesn't run out, 2 - you've got a big enough squad, 3 - the Scottish government doesn't cancel the game on a PR whim. Despite being praised for their COVID controls in the SPFL investigation, Celtic and Aberdeen have huge suspended fines yet Dundee United aren't even being investigated despite 8 players and a manger testing positive and having been slated by Scotland's national clinical director for breaches of protocol. My point is that following a breach or protocol, the decision whether or not to investigate and discipline comes down to sheer luck. An organisation properly thinking about prevention would do something about those near misses too.
  23. Ideally he'll be the only shining light in an absolute woeful season for Celtic and get a big move to England next summer. That way he'll be a great advert for our youth setup while still allowing us to pish ourselves laughing at their meltdown.

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