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  1. I don't think I've ever heard any player or manager say abuse from their own fans has been helpful. Accies would probably have put 3 past us if the fans had been in the ground.
  2. It's easy enough to make a judgement on the success of individual players, however that doesn't help make a judgement on the success of the head of recruitment. To do that fairly, you'd need a comparison of others in his role at our level with similar resources. My instinct is that in recent years our average of absolute 'duds' is no higher or lower than any other year, however we've brought in more successes - either guys who have contributed on the field and / or brought us some money in. No idea how it compares to other clubs though.
  3. Had a proper chuckle at that comment. It was weird attempt at deflecting criticism from the players then batting it straight back at them - "Don't blame the players for being shite, blame me for signing the shite players." Hope I'm wrong, but these kind of comments are usually a sign of a manager who has run out of ideas and is scraping the barrel to try and get a reaction.
  4. Stuart McCall was one of the best post-war managers we've had yet he simply ran out of ideas. I've officially got the fear that Robinson is on that route now. I think we're good enough for teams to feel the need to camp in, but we're not good enough to break them down. It's that simple. Robinson has pulled us out of a hole before, but this time round I doubt he's got a £3.5m rated midfielder waiting to step up from the youth team. Fuck knows what the solution is here.
  5. If twitter is anything to go by, many Celtic fans no longer think Turnbull is the midfield Messiah. He's now an injury prone 4th choice. Deluded. If Turnbull ends up there, hopefully he's prepared to be hated when he leaves for bigger and better.
  6. I honestly thought you were talking shite but I've done my reading. You're spot-on and now my head is burst.
  7. Missed the game so great to hear it was a much improved performance. Plenty of comments on the forward line and worry about where the goals will come from. Whether it's due to recruitment or tactics, under Robinson we've never really had a prolific striker - Louis Moult was our last striker to hit more than 7 league goals in a season and he left almost three years ago. That's a pretty shocking stat, yet it didn't get in the way of a 3rd place finish last season.
  8. Some of the maddest out of the box ideas are often the best. This isn't one of them.
  9. When folk use that term, they don't necessarily mean the players have stopped trying. It can mean a whole host of things. Players might lose trust in the managers decisions / tactics so revert to their own ideas because they think they know better. That puts the game plan out the window. They might stop being as receptive in training. As soon as doubt sets in about the manager's game plan then that's a huge problem. Sounds like drivel, but there's also an extra level of performance and effort that can only be found in the mind. That's why sports psychology is so huge now. A happy dressing room playing for the manager will always be able to tap into an extra 5% for every sprint and tackle. Cohesive squads with a leader on the sideline won't be beaten until the final whistle. If all you've got is arguing from the 80th minute then the games done. You could also have cliques forming in the squad. A divided squad off the field is rarely coherent on the field. If the manager isn't in control of all that then it's a massive problem. There's a tipping point where it's impossible for him to get that control back - the mistrust in his tactics is too ingrained in the squad, or the disagreements too deep. That's what losing the dressing room means.
  10. It''s hard to work out exactly where things are going wrong here. I think Robinson is a very good manager and while a few will dispute this, his record with us proves that. The squad, with varying depth and quality still looks strong enough to compete far more than we've seen this year. Last night as a difficult watch as we seemed to once again persevere with a tactic of hoofs, chips and dinks to the forward line which was easily nullified for the whole second 45. That tactic is down to the manager however its difficult to say if it failed because of a lack of application from the players. I rarely doubt a players commitment, but there were certainly times where it looked like that 'run through a brick wall' effort was lacking. Robinson's post-match is as angry as I've seen him and I think will be a watershed for him. It will either galvanise the squad or they'll turn on him. Worryingly, for the first time under his tenure the application of a large chunk of the first team seems to be in question. That off-field chemistry can be a really difficult thing for a manager to set right. Robinson has always spoke of getting the right characters into the club. Here's hoping they've got the mix right otherwise we could be in for a very difficult season.
  11. I've been going to Fir Park for 25 years and think Robinson is among our best managers during that time. Out of curiosity, if you think he's shite then who do you think has done well in the last 25 years?
  12. Cheers. I take a scattergun, approach to punctuation and hope that; I occasionally get it right.
  13. Haven't been paying too much attention to most of this. Am I right in saying we're one of the few clubs to offer:- A season ticket guarantee (therefore 'free'streaming for ST holders) the cheapest PPV in the league PPV for all our games with no restrictions (unlike some clubs who are considering limiting which games they show) If so, once again fair play to the club. You can't say they don't put the fans first.
  14. I think it's how we've chosen to structure friendlies. They'd played Accies, Lyon and Nice before last night and played a settled in 11 in both games in France - more like a competitive game. We'd played Dundee United and Kilmarnock and played more or less a different in 11 in each half of those games, so more of a bounce game. Can only assume SR was talking about intensity of the games and consistency of the 11.
  15. Accies aren't exactly the best example of 'how not to get pumped by Rangers'.... Su 06Oct 2019 Rangers 5 - 0 Hamilton Su 24Feb 2019 Hamilton 0 - 5 Rangers Sa 18Mar 2017 Rangers 4 - 0 Hamilton Sa 04Mar 2017 Rangers 6 - 0 Hamilton Sa 15Jan 2011 Rangers 4 - 0 Hamilton Su 08Mar 2009 Rangers 5 - 1 Hamilton Sa 06Dec 2008 Rangers 7 - 1 Hamilton
  16. Yep, great wee videos - keeps the fans connected to the team. It's been said a million times before but we're really lucky with the quality of stuff our media team puts out.
  17. Aside from his red against Hamilton then I'm not sure his focus or attitude could be questioned. Aye, he was dour faced but that's absolutely fine - he wanted to score goals and it wasn't always happening for him. I never doubted his commitment.
  18. Agreed. Usually a third place finish would see the squad taken to bits in the summer window but there doesn't seem to be any of the usual rumours of bigger clubs having their eye on anyone. We've also made what looks like good signings and got decent cover in most positions. I'd say with the exception of Gallagher or Carson, we'll be able to adapt to any losses. For the first time in a while, I've also got faith in a manager and recruitment team to bring in quality. It's also great to hear the manager say that this is the strongest squad he's had at the club. If we do keep the spine of the squad and make a few shrewd additions then there's every reason to be optimistic for the upcoming season.
  19. If there was a hierarchy of loan players being accepted by fans, he must be near the bottom: Other league (fine) > Other non-OF SPFL club (ach, go on then) > OF player (I'd rather not) > Ex-well OF Player (Hmmmm, nah) > Ex-well player who spent 10 years in our youth setup, refused a contract extension and jumped for nothing more than the development fee (fuck right off) > Ex-well player who spent 10 years in our youth setup, refused a contract extension and jumped for nothing more than the development fee and called us all smelly bastards on the way out (apocalypse) For the record, he's second bottom. It's not quite Paul Slane being offered back on loan, but I can see why it's hard to take.
  20. No worries. Dunno if those other two are any good to you either but think that's all I've got of empty bucket seats.

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