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  1. Rico

    Card Suppliers

    Got a few specific ideas in mind, will keep everyone informed of what we decide as the best option. We would obviously love to involve all 'well fans in the display but that will depend in the cost of everything and the level of finance raised. Help would be greatly appreciated if this comes out with the setting out etc of the display so volunteers are welcome.
  2. Not sure if anyone has already contacted you about your flag, but we are always more than willing to accept flags from other fans to use at games, if they aren't up for taking them to games themself. Still use the old well trust fc flag that was given to us a few years back.

  3. Rico

    Up The Well Song

    Up The Well is a classic Motherwell song!
  4. Rico

    Season 09/10

    Couldnt even contemplate not watching the well week in week out, i feel lost on a saturday when our game has even been moved to a monday night for example .
  5. We might not be enjoying the game and are getting pissed off just as much as the next man but is there really anypoint in shouting abuse at players during the game ? As for the Saunders mistake at Killie that is lot of bull cause as i seem to remember everyone gave him a genuine round of applause because they could see the guy had given all his effort and had burst a gut . Thanks for the support towards the group again and yes we do all travel in good numbers to both home and away games but its not to look menacing or whatever we are ACTUAL fans believe it or not . Can i just say that post from suprawell is rather embarrasing actually struggle to contemplate that you are trying to get people to be quiet at games apart from moaning at players.
  6. As has been said previously its funny how Sieb always has a go at us at every opportunity . Cheers for the publicity mate it saves us handing out flyers about us and also gives us a wee chance to see the majority supporting what we do. As many people say, without us last night there would have been no atmosphere at all, but if you would prefer to sit and watch utter dross on the park while sitting in complete silence for an hour and a half then its your choice . I understand people might not like our songs or flags but to have a problem with us personally without actually knowing anything about us is out of order. I personally dont like the way that people go and watch the team in complete silence or have a random outburst of abuse now and again, but i don't have a problem with them personally. And as for your killie mates enquiring as to what we "wee dicks" were doing they are also in the minority as we have had many compliments from opposite fans both home & away.
  7. Rico

    Youth Cup vs Livingston

    Il be there, trying to get a few boys from the group to go as well. Looking forward to seeing a team who actually play for the club and it means something to them.

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