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  1. Nashville done OK for their first season in the 'Big time'
  2. Get onboard with Nashville SC, just tell the CEO that you know me and you'll be good.
  3. Plus ca change, Plus c'est la meme chose.

  4. Yip, you are correct, I forgot the next round was being drawn tomorrow. I'm just putting it down to an auld age brain fart.
  5. For that to happen, 22 out of the 26 seeds would have to lose in Round 2. Not happening.
  6. Miller was still in charge when we knocked them out the cup. Holt has went in there and got them playing a similar style to last season.
  7. This. The league performances since the triple header against Celtic have been well below acceptable limits. A lot of this was masked in the 2nd half of the season due to the Scottish Cup run. The same glaring deficiencies that were there last season are still there to be seen by everyone. Even that, shouldn't be held up as an excuse, A quick look at Livingston at the moment will show you what can be achieved by playing to your strengths and not by trying to hammer round pegs into square holes.
  8. I was thinking more about if the Clubs pro-actively used a bit of common sense when it came to travelling fans etc. But yes, Police Scotland would have the final say
  9. SKY will have a big say on whether the game goes ahead or not, if the weather goes downhill. Remember Boxing Day a few years ago when we played Rangers at Fir Park in the middle of the last REALLY cold spell that we had. Burst pipes in the East Stand toilets and all sorts of stuff flowing out of them down the stairs and on to the track. I can remember thinking that day, that the only reason that game went ahead was because SKY were already set up and ready to go. But, to be fair to them SKY paid the (pittance of) money for the rights and could make us play on the moon at 2.30am on a Sunday morning, if they wanted. Just checked there....that game was on 26th December 2010.
  10. Very fine margins in this league. Hibs took their chance and we didn't. Always noticeable that fans seem to default to blaming refereeing performances after a defeat, I agree Madden didn't have a good game today but he wasn't a patch on Finnie during the week at Dens Park and we won that one. Three games in six days was always going to have an effect on the overall squad performance, Hibs had three games in seven days, playing Saturday, Tuesday & Saturday. As I said, fine margins.
  11. He signed for Cork City.
  12. Conversely these teams will licking their lips at the chance of playing against a team who have shed a barrowload of goals this season. Inverness for example have been doing the same to bottom 6 dross as we did to them last season.
  13. Scarecrow

    Vs Dundee Utd

    Think of Utd fans who booked buses for the Wednesday and were then told 11 days ago that the match had been moved, they had to rearrange their transport to tonight. Then they get hit with this. Another example of clubs taking their fans for granted. No other type of entertainment treats their paying customers as badly as football does.
  14. Scarecrow

    Vs Dundee Utd

    That was my first thought when the postponement decision was made

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