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  1. Did you post something that wasn't mental?That would make you stand out if you did.
  2. Elliott Frear not being fit to wear Marvin Johnson's shirt number was the post that ended my short stay on there.An absolute gang of puddle drinkers.
  3. mjw

    Dom Thomas

    The end of season award no one wants to win.
  4. Nice try.No one who seen that game will say the first half was good enough. The posts aren't even about criticising after a victory but booing the team off at half time when they were drawing.
  5. 20 odd young lads trying to generate an atmosphere surrounded by 50k empty seats wasn't going to happen though. They should maybe have tried starting a boo,it might have got people joining in.
  6. mjw

    Mcghee Out?

    10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
  7. Given his absolute melt down at a laptop manager who'd never been one of the lads getting a top job,he might just deserve it.
  8. ICT/Ross county at Aberdeen isn't the easiest of journeys to be fair.
  9. Well that's a big plate of telt he's just been served up.

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