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  1. The Daily Mail, which is why I didn't want to link it.
  2. Some quotes from Robinson following the appointment of Graham Alexander:
  3. A few points, which I've bolded above. The finances situation is quite simple. We're not going to be spending any of the money brought in from the deals you mention until we have some sort of idea when we're going to see paying fans coming back through the gates. Right now we're like a family with cash in the bank, but who have had their breadwinners sent home from work on furlough. There's not a hope in hell you dip into those savings unless you really need to. As for the appointment itself, I can't agree with it being something I'd expect from a St Mirren or Ross County. With the exception of Jack Ross and possibly Oran Kearney, St Mirren have been appointing the likes of Jim Goodwin, Alan Stubbs, Alex Rae, and Allan McManus, while Ross County have just appointed the very epitome of a lower league lazy Scottish appointment in Yogi Hughes. Graham Alexander has two promotions under his belt, reached a promotion play-off, and a cup final. In just eight years of management. That's not a bad record at all. He also has a higher win percentage as manager over his career than both Tommy Wright and Stephen Robinson, boasting close to a 50 percent rate at Salford during his nearly two and a half years there. I honestly don't see anything for any fan to be pessimistic about. Is it a definite that it'll work out? Of course not, but that's the same for any managerial appointment. There's no sure things in this game, especially as this level. But his credentials are good, and he seems like he's up for the challenge.
  4. Aye, there's no disagreement there. I do think though that recruitment is mainly carried out by the recruitment team. It's all part of the thing that clubs do in the modern era to ensure that managerial changes don't result in entire squads having to be ripped up and started again. Basically, we have recruitment policies in place, and a recruitment team that carries transfers out. Any new manager will be sounded out about our approach, the kind of players we're signing, the recruitment team itself and so on. And if they don't want to work that way they'll probably not be considered for the job. Of course they'll have a say, but it's not like the olden days where a manager would go to the chairman with names of players he wants and the chairman goes out to sign them.
  5. I think the manager is part of the discussion, but if there is no manager at present I don't think the club will just sit back and do nothing as the window ticks by and potential targets sign elsewhere. Case in point, signing the keeper. There's areas that we need filled, and the recruitment team along with Lasley and Burrows will likely be continuing to carry that out.
  6. The recruitment team led by Martin Foyle will know already who we're signing pretty much. The club won't be sitting on its hands waiting on a new manager to hand Burrows his transfer targets. It doesn't work that way these days.
  7. From what I've heard O'Donnell's contract expires today. Could be wrong though.
  8. Oh, I've seen us play. That's why I said it obviously isn't working out for us at the moment. But we have a good squad of players. A few duds need shipping out, and someone who can partner Watt up front and score goals is needed.
  9. Do you think the squad is really that bad though? When was the last time we had two current Scotland internationals in our team? I mean, it obviously isn't working out for us at the moment, but when we started the season there was very few among our support claiming it was a bad squad.
  10. He's been out of the team long enough for everyone to think he's a good player.
  11. Whilst I would never call this game a "must win" it's certainly the game where things can get real serious for us. A loss will see Hamilton go a point above us, which would see us drop into the bottom two. If Ross County get a win against St Johnstone we'd go rock bottom. However, a win could see us push up to 8th or so, which would be a welcome reprieve while we sort out the management situation.
  12. That's not true, for the moment anyway. I was due to travel to Europe for work on the 2nd and had my flights cancelled and refunded without any say in the matter.
  13. No thread was deleted as far as I'm aware? What I did was split the posts discussing a new manager into a separate thread.
  14. Certainly not the answer at the moment, but if we appoint someone to the end of the season with a view to getting someone new in over the summer, I'd go for someone like Damien Johnson or Billy Barr at Blackburn. They've done a great job with their youth and under 23 setup. Or if we wanted to be really ambitious go for someone like Andy Myers at Chelsea. He spent time as assistant coach at Vitesse in Holland as well as coaching the Chelsea under 18’s and development squad. You’d imagine any of those guys would have contacts with clubs down south, and knowledge of who we could sign or loan from the youth teams in England. They'd also fit with our aims of promoting players from within, and have a track record of cultivating youth. I’d rather that kind of appointment than the usual pish we see up here.
  15. So, we're going to move the chat regarding Robinson's replacement to a new thread. There'll undoubtedly be talk and rumours in the days and possibly weeks to come, and there's no need to lump all of that in with those who wish to talk about Robinson's reign. I'll close this thread until I shift over the relevant posts, then will reopen this thread so those wishing to continue the discussion can do so. EDIT: All done. As you were.
  16. If we're limiting ourselves to managers who know the Scottish game inside out then we're going to end up with one of the usual suspects, which is about as uninspiring as it gets.
  17. Nijholt's last managerial job was Meizhou Hakka in the 2nd division in China back in 2016. He lasted just over six months. Before that his last managerial job was Stormvogels Telstar in the Dutch second division from 2005 to 2008. So, he has zero credentials besides being a good player for us thirty years ago.
  18. Like it or not, the pandemic is wreaking havoc with all aspects of life, including football. I'm not "blaming" the pandemic for our recent results, I'm simply saying that when we're in the middle of a shit storm it's maybe not the best idea to go sacking a manager unless we absolutely, positively have to. The scope for a suitable replacement at this time of year is difficult enough at best, but in the current circumstances when any manager living outside Scotland will have to think about uprooting a family (not to mention if they're even allowed to cross the border) it's a tall order indeed. For me, this season survival will suffice. We will hopefully be in a better place as a nation come the summer and we can re-examine then. If we've had a terrible season and just escaped relegation by the skin of our teeth then I have no issue with the board looking to replace the manager. But now isn't the time for it. Yet there was a majority of fans seeming positive about his signings before a ball was kicked, remember? And for the record, I absolutely agree that his signings this summer haven't been great. But that's going to happen some years when you're operating with our budget. You hope to nab a bargain or two and that they click. Sometimes it'll work (Gallagher, Watt, Gillespie, Donnelly etc) and sometimes it won't (Sloth, Ilic, Lamie, White) but that's the nature of the game at our level. Hopefully we can offload some of the duds in January and bring in some decent replacements. But Robinson will know that he has to improve things. He'll get the chance in the January window to make some changes.
  19. Wait, what? A topic titled "sorry Robbo, time's up" isn't about sacking the manager? What is it about then? When you say someone's time is up it means exactly that. Oh, I've been very real in my post above. I don't enjoy the football we're playing at the moment either, or the form we're in, but this isn't a run of the mill season. There's issues that would come into play with sacking a manager during this climate. In fact, I'm fairly certain that if we did drop into the bottom two and looked like we were not going to improve we'd end up with Lasley and/or Ross until the end of the season. Other options such as Tommy Wright would depend entirely on where he is at the moment. Is he in Scotland? Or Ireland? If it's the latter then he's going to have issues even getting to Lanarkshire. Not that I think he's the answer.
  20. Seriously, is this discussion still actually a thing? This season is a total mess thanks to the lack of income from fans, no atmosphere, the rules and regulations around testing for COVID, and the whole carry-on of players isolating and being unavailable for games. And in the middle of all this there's still fans who think sacking the manager and attempting to bring someone new into the club is the answer? Seriously? Wouldn't the current situation cause problems with the process? No in-person interviews. Can we even hire a manager who's based outside Scotland? Or outside the UK? Would we have to apply for permission to fly someone from an EU nation that has banned flights to the UK? What about a new assistant? Training staff? What if the manager wants to bring in his own people? How much would we need to pay Robbo and his staff to leave? It's an expense that simply isn't needed at the moment. If we end up in a position where we look like serious relegation candidates then sure, we can kick Robbo to the curb and hire a Yogi Hughes types if we think that's the answer. It isn't though. We need to just get through this shit storm as best we can, as financially savvy we can, and emerge next season to hopefully a better set of circumstances while still being a Premier League club. As for style of football being a problem, we can look at that in the summer. Now isn't the time to be sacking managers unless it's an absolute necessity. And having a hard on for Stephen Robinson isn't reason enough to create issues that simply aren't big enough to require addressing mid-season.
  21. This thread is destined to rumble on until Robinson eventually leaves the club, isn't it? At which point the new guy will get maybe six months before the same people moaning about Robbo will start on him as well. What people need to understand is that we're in a situation where fans getting back into stadiums is as far away as it ever has been throughout this pandemic. No one is taking risks. Not people, not households, and not football clubs. Under Robinson we finished third last season, which brought in £2,062,500. Did we deserve to finish in that spot? Maybe not, and we may not have finished third if the league hadn't been stopped. But it was, and we did. You don't get paid on where you should have finished, you get paid on where you do finish. We finished third, we were awarded the money allocated to the team finishing third. Because we finished third, we qualified for Europa League football this season, and in the three games we played the club were awarded €780,000, which is roughly £700,000. Under Robinson we've also seen the sale of David Turnbull, James Scott, Cedric Kipre, and Louis Moult. While the figures are never confirmed, it's safe to say we generated somewhere in the region of £6 million. Sell-on fees etc will maybe add to that figure down the line. Take into account that in his three seasons here so far he's led us to 7th, 8th, and 3rd place finishes, along with a league cup and Scottish cup final. For a manager who's remit is to, at minimum, keep us in the top division and try to produce a player we can sell for a decent chunk of cash every summer or so, it's clear he's doing his job. Throw in the fact that we're not in a bad league position at present and you have a situation where sacking the manager would be borderline ridiculous.
  22. O'Donnell has one huge quality over someone like Tait. Consistency. Which is what separates the kind of players we usually get with the guys who play at a level above.
  23. If Rangers show up under par and we're on form we'll have a chance of taking something from the game. If Rangers show up in the mindset to hand out a doing and perform to their capabilities it won't matter what we do really.
  24. Thankfully people like Yodo are restricted to shouting at the moon and posting on the internet. The decisions are made by what seems like a reasonable and intelligent board, and I'm happy enough to let them do their job. We're going through a bad spell but it's not the end of the world. I remember the feeling I had as we headed into a playoff series with Rangers looking for all the world like we'd be going down. The club didn't panic then, and they won't now.

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