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    Season Tickets

    They can be found everywhere at the moment. Social media, primarily. They're usually found with little banners on their profile pictures, and using NHS hashtags. To be clear, I'm not downplaying the effects of the virus, or saying we shouldn't be concerned about our loved ones. Again, this is what I'm talking about when I mean the "either/or" approach. Unless you're using a banner, hashtags, and focusing on one aspect of the discussion you're seen as opposing this part of it. It's like the other day on here, I dared to mention the Swedish approach. No one knows if that kind of tactic will work long-term, but it's another way of going about things. Another option. No sooner had I mentioned it than someone replied with some pish talking about injecting bleach. It was assumed that by not taking the "stay indoors, save lives" approach that I was vehemently against it. I'm not, I'm just looking at other options and ways other nations are dealing with the situation. We need to look at all facets of the situation. Like it or not, the economy matters. The effects of a depression of this magnitude is well documented from the 30's. At some point the furlough money is going to run out. We can't keep paying out that kind of dough while there isn't enough businesses paying taxes to support it. It's not going to work. So we need to move on from only looking at one aspect of the situation and start taking into account that measures need to be taken, in the safest way possible, to get things moving again. No approach is ever going to be completely safe. We'll never get to that stage. It's the same with football. If we're looking for a safety level akin to that which was enjoyed before this all happened then we'd be as well packing it in, and shutting clubs down entirely for a few years.
  2. David

    Season Tickets

    The ones who use such talk as a reason for deflecting chat away from the very real issues we are going to face due to the economy tanking? Yes. If you consider an appropriate response to someone discussing the effects this situation is having on the economy, people's livelihoods, jobs, and future prospects of the nation to be "Is the economy more important than saving lives?!?!" then sadly, I do. Those with any sense would know that this isn't an either/or situation. It's not a choice between shutting ourselves away to save lives or trying to salvage the economy. There's a fine line between dealing with both, and that's where we need to be. Anyone who's familiar with the great depression and the absolute destruction it caused to people for years should be just as concerned with the economy as they are with the virus. Both go hand in hand.
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    Season Tickets

    I wouldn't imagine that you're alone in this situation. The biggest threat to our society at present isn't the actual virus itself. And the virus spreading isn't the biggest threat to Scottish football. We're supposedly heading towards 1930's great depression levels of unemployment, and the lockdown is totally fucking up the economy. And I know, every time the economy is mentioned there's always some twat who pipes up "Is the economy more important than saving lives?!?! What if it were YOU or your LOVED ONES?!? Eh? Eh?" Well, the economy tanking will likely destroy more lives over the next twenty years than the virus will. The truth is, football is fucked as it is. If we're looking for the levels of safety that medical types are wanting before we let punters into stadiums then we'd be as well calling it a day and shutting the club down for the next few years, because we're not getting to that point any time soon.
  4. If the government takes such a stance it'll affect a lot more clubs than just us, so I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure we're following the same protocol that every other football club is.
  5. Seems the lad who penned the piece for The Athletic wasn't all that wrong then.
  6. You could be right. This particular piece came from The Athletic, and they're usually a lot more thorough and honest than our bog-standard red-top journo.
  7. I recall all of the experts telling Sweden that a number of weeks back as well. But yes, football attendance in large numbers will not be happening for a long time, and for fans of certain age groups or with certain health concerns, perhaps never again. From a purely footballing point of view, I miss going to games, but I really feel sorry for the older generation who've attended games all their lives who may never get to sit in Fir Park again.
  8. Is that what the Swedish government are also doing? I must have missed that. Otherwise you're chatting shite.
  9. The author has been very specific in naming Robinson and Martin Foyle, which I found surprising. He's obviously been told that by someone, hasn't he? I doubt he'd pluck Foyle's name out of thin air.
  10. It's about time our government started taking its lead from Sweden on this issue.
  11. Then for some reason the club are providing false information by the looks of it. The writer will only be going on the information provided to him.
  12. I took from the article that the writer was meaning staff outside of the players. As for the uploads, I've seen other companies that aren't football-related claim that they have management uploading certain social media content on a voluntary basis. Complete bollocks, of course, but I doubt there's going to be any way of really disproving it.
  13. Not sure how many (if any) folk here subscribe to The Athletic sports journalism website? Anyway, it has quite a long article about Robinson being possibly the most overachieving manager in the UK. Interesting that the writer, Jack Pitt-Brooke (nope, I've never heard of him in Scottish football terms either) claims that "Robinson, and his chief scout Martin Foyle are the only two members of staff who haven't been furloughed." The article also states that "strength and conditioning coach Andy Boles has been placed on temporary leave so is not allowed to communicate with the players, which means Robinson has to make sure they are following Boles's plans to stay fit." Apparently Robbo is monitoring the players via Strava.
  14. Aye, i'd certainly buy that.
  15. David

    Season Tickets

    I'd be absolutely astonished if this were the case. Some people have an axe to grind with Burrows, but his track record until now speaks for itself, and I'm happy to trust he's making the right call.
  16. Although not one for breaking away from the claret band across the chest, this is a design I quite like. Would perhaps even look good as a white away shirt with the same claret designs?
  17. I'm hearing that Tommy Wright is also in the frame for the job, although I personally couldn't see why they'd go for him if Robbo was interested.
  18. Just to clarify, I wasn't being serious.
  19. If Robbo pips Baraclough to the Ireland job, we could always get him in as his replacement
  20. I doubt Sky would entertain the idea of a television deal at the current rate if they're not getting the Rangers and Celtic games they were promised. Let's be honest, that's what they're paying for. No one is tuning in to see us play St Mirren. The TV deals we get are what they are because we can sell them Rangers and Celtic and all the shite that comes with those games.
  21. We'd normally be looking forward to seeing who's coming and going next season by now, so let's just batter ahead with this. I know we don't know what the script is with contracts and suchlike, but for the time-being we have the following players out of contract at the end of the current season. Most deals end in May/June I believe. Rohan Ferguson Mark Gillespie Richard Tait Peter Hartley Charles Dunne Adam Livingstone Barry Maguire Mark O'Hara (end of loan) Tony Watt Christopher Long Christy Manzinga Christian Ilic Ronaldo Aarons (end of loan) Mikael Ndjoli (end of loan) That's a sizeable chunk of the first team squad, although I'm sure some of them will be retained. Personally, I'd try to keep Tait, Dunne, Watt, Long, and maybe Ilic. The rest I wouldn't be all that fussed about. If we can get O'Hara permanently then that would be a great piece of business.
  22. This is a key point. I keep hearing people talking about "the government paying" this and that. The government have fuck all money. It's the public's money. It's our tax money.
  23. David

    Season Tickets

    I haven't bought one the past few years due to travelling, but fuck it, I'll maybe buy one this season. Even if I don't get as much use out of it as I'd like.

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