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  1. Seeing reports that the deal with Ross Tierney is pretty much done and dusted.
  2. He's the lad I mentioned in the Dundee United thread. 20 years old, Irish under 21 international, central midfielder who can also play on the left I believe. Played 30 games this season for Bohemians, scored 4 and notched 14 assists.
  3. It's happened in most of the games I've seen him in. Granted, he's still getting up to speed with Scottish football as mentioned, but he does have the look of someone who can read the game and actually play football. We signed him on a three year deal for a reason.
  4. A luxury player? I wouldn't say so, no. We need someone who can pick out a pass and read the game well. I think he's been brought in with the intention of giving him a prolonged run in the team, which is why he's been given a three year deal. Alexander seemed very happy to have brought him in, and claimed he'd been talking to him for a while.
  5. He's only played something like 9 games for us I think, but I've seen flashes of quality passing and vision that I like. He's not a "cover lots of distance" workhorse, but I'm hoping he comes good.
  6. On that front, I see we're being linked with Ross Tierney of Bohemians, who's out of contract on December 31st. He's a central midfielder, so perhaps the manager sees him as part of the answer to the problem there? Apparently he's got six goals and fourteen assists this season, from what I've read elsewhere. Him and Slattery in the middle from January onwards?
  7. We'll have to agree to disagree on that one. Positioning or not, O'Donnell doesn't have the pace to match that burst from Jota which created the space for the shot. It was a flash of quality from what is a quality player. Like I said, sometimes there's nothing that can really be done. Throughout much of the first half O'Donnell done well to keep tabs on the lad, but all it takes is one opportunity.
  8. No one said fans couldn't have opinions, did they? My opinion is that he's the club captain, a player with international experience, and that talk of dropping him in favour of a centre back is ridiculous. He's far from perfect, but very few at our club are. Otherwise, they likely wouldn't be at our club. Sorry to say, but there's no one in our squad who'd have stopped Jota scoring that. Sometimes we just need to hold our hands up and say "well, we got turned over by a player of superior quality." Jota's turn of pace took O'Donnell by surprise, that's for sure, but there was next to nothing he could have done about that. We were undone by two class finishes at the weekend. Coincidentally, I watched O'Donnell in the first half do a quite admirable job of containing that young lad. The thought of him going up against Mugabi down that flank gives me the fear.
  9. I don't understand why we're talking about O'Donnell as if he's some inconsistent roll of the dice type signing? He's the club captain, Scottish internationalist and pretty much a mainstay if he's fit. His inclusion isn't up for debate if he's fit and available I don't think.
  10. Well, if our current record so far this season is a result of us struggling against most teams, then long may it continue.
  11. Me too. I didn't think the Celtic game was the time to start him, in all honesty.
  12. There's an argument for Justin to come in for sure, I'm just saying that we can't judge Goss solely on his performance against Celtic.
  13. I'm saying that Clarke will base his choices, including O'Donnell and Kelly, on more than one game against Celtic 4 weeks before our next Scotland game. There's a lot of football to be played before he has to make that choice, and we know he likes to stick with his regulars as best he can.
  14. That's an unfair game to judge him on though. He's looked decent in the flashes I've seen of him previous to the weekends game. He deserves a chance against a side that isn't Celtic or Rangers.
  15. Anyone thinking that the manager is going to voluntarily drop O'Donnell for Mugabi is mental.
  16. We will struggle against better sides with quality, because we're a side with limited quality. Surely that's a given? If we beat teams like Dundee, Ross County and Livingston we'll be fine, and if we happen to secure results here and there against the likes of Hearts, Hibs, Dundee United and Aberdeen then we could be pushing for top six. Thus far this season we've lost to Hibs, Hearts and Celtic in the league. Beaten Livingston away, Dundee, Aberdeen and Ross County at home while drawing away to St Johnstone and Rangers. If we progressing at this clip we shouldn't have any relegation worries this season, which would be nice, and could be pushing for top six. You think so? O'Donnell dropped and when the media ask Clarke about it he'll say something along the lines of "well, remember when he made a pigs ear of the first Celtic goal in that game a month ago? You know the one? I know, he's played four games since then, but still."
  17. David

    Tony Watt

    Nothing wrong with travelling abroad to follow your country for a piss-up. Let's be honest, we're never going to win anything at international level, so it's about the good memories with friends and family, enjoying yourself, and grabbing those rare wins that really matter when you can. Absolutely no issue with anyone who doesn't follow international football, and don't agree with the poster who drew comparisons with the Old Firm fans, but everyone has different reasons for following the football, be it club or country.
  18. I don't think anyone on here actually went through the games and compiled the stats though, they were simply shown to us. And that's what would be interesting. Besides, people compile stats for all manner of things. What cannot be denied is that those particular stats, if true, are very interesting, and would certainly back up a lot of non-OF fans views that the officials are somewhat biased, be it unintentional or not.
  19. It's not an obsession, it's simply pointing out, using stats, that what many of us suspect is most likely true. They're given the benefit of the doubt by match officials more often than not when compared with the other clubs in the league. I find it baffling why anyone would look to try to explain it away and make it look as if our fans are mental and strange for even pointing it out
  20. David

    Tony Watt

    I don't think Gallagher lost focus or interest in us due to his international call-ups. He lost interest because he was focused on moving elsewhere for more money.
  21. Imagine if O'Donnell had performed defensively the way Patterson did? The knives would be out.
  22. David

    Tony Watt

    Well, it was always going to be tough for Watt to get called up, especially with the amount of goals from the strikers we have in our national team at present...
  23. David


    He just posted it. And the thing is, it's not a big deal if he's not currently employed as a player by a club who play in the same league. If he was a Burton Albion player, then fine, but he knows it's going to piss off the fans of the team who currently pay his wages, so why do it? Is it so important to post shit on Twitter? He clearly doesn't give a fuck what Motherwell fans think, or indeed the club for that matter, which is why there's an issue.
  24. David


    You've mentioned that twice now, despite surely knowing the difference? If Lawless was texting his comments to other Rangers-supporting mates then there's no issue. He's posting them on Twitter, knowing fine well it'll annoy the fans of the club he's currently playing for and who are paying his wages. Big difference.

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