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  1. For a player we've sold? I may be losing my marbles, but I don't recall ever getting more than £2 million?
  2. Ordinarily I'd agree, but if the £3 million sum is correct then it's a no-brainer. This is "once in a lifetime" type money for the club, and could pretty much change how we stand financially for years to come.
  3. I was also dismayed by that comment, but then I realised who had made it and the world suddenly made sense again.
  4. David

    The Longer Listen

    Does this new podcast signal the end of the MFC Podcast then? It's the same host, isn't it? Plus, we've not had an episode of that since October.
  5. You think the club is lying to us? For what reason would they do that? There may very well be complications with his rehab. Some people respond quicker to treatment, it doesn't really mean anything in the long run. What is unfortunate from the club's perspective is that all of this time out is eating away at his contract. I think there's a good chance we'll go from envisioning a £3 million profit, to seeing us pay his wages while he's out injured, and for him to either leave in the summer with a year left on his deal for far less than the £3 million originally touted, or even worse, walk for nothing the year following.
  6. It just hasn't worked out, for whatever reason. It happens. He can move on and continue his career elsewhere, and good luck to him.
  7. Does anyone actually think that Celtic are going to pay £3 million for a player who's been out for six months and hasn't kicked a ball? There's no way we're getting that for him now. Not a chance.
  8. Thought Gallagher and Polworth were good today. Carroll put in a decent shift as well.
  9. I've said it before, the gulf between us and Celtic financially is bigger than the gulf between Celtic and PSG or Celtic and Manchester City. That should kind of help set expectations going into these games. Granted, we should always look to get something from them, but if they're even halfway on form we're not going to see much joy. I thought we looked pretty decent for most of the game. Not much of a consolation mind you, but it is what it is. On to Hibs.
  10. Be it him or someone else, that was always going to happen. Let's just be a little happy that the person who took that opportunity was someone who cared enough to get involved with the club.
  11. Ordinarily I'd say there's no chance we get him, but the truth is if he's interested in rehabilitating his career he could do worse than a few years with us. There's a winning formula in place, we have a decent setup, it's perfect for someone like him really.
  12. Let's hope the compensation we'd be due would be used, if needed, to pay compensation for his replacement. It would hopefully mean we're not limited to someone on the free market or Lasley.
  13. Absolutely no need for Cole to do that, a proper error in judgement. Fuck.
  14. We need to start taking advantage of the possession we get in games, we should be at least troubling the goalkeeper.
  15. If Turnbull is smart he'll calm the jets on any move and look to re-establish himself as a player first. He's been out for a while now, and before talk of million pound moves happen he needs to show potential suitors that he's still the player he looked like becoming.
  16. Well, they've not paid the due fees and compensation yet as far as I'm aware...
  17. Don't see the problem with the post to be honest, it's international break and Scotland are honking so we need something to discuss. Also, just because someone is suggesting a player could be away in January doesn't mean that we actually want them to leave. It's a discussion thread on an internet forum, nothing to get to wound up about.
  18. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I reckon Burrows may have to get on to one of those debt collection agencies and have them start sending letters and making phone calls to Ibrox demanding that they set up a repayment scheme at a tenner a month.
  19. Why is available on some shit stream, yet MFCTV can't offer it to their paying customers?
  20. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Well, he's not played a lot of football recently, so it's to be expected I guess. After all, there was a time not that long ago where we were all over the moon at him signing, with his little piano video and all that shite, remember? He was made captain as well. So, as I said, if he's suddenly that pish that he doesn't even warrant a look-in and we're chasing a Celtic player on loan for that position then we should let him leave before the English lower league window closes.
  21. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    He may very well be, it's still early doors I guess. I don't see that as a reason for Hartley not to be given a chance. If he's completely out of the running (which I think is a bit off as we're hardly brimming with talent in that position) we'd be better off letting him head down south for games elsewhere. I'm not sure that supposedly trying to bring in a defender on loan from Celtic suggests we're in a position to dump Pete though.
  22. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I haven't really noticed that myself, which maybe says something. The thing for me, and this goes for Carson as well, is if the team isn't doing that great and we're at a stage where we've conceded seven goals in our last two games, and there's been a few notable errors at the back, surely the players who've been on the bench waiting on their chance are due a shot, no? We hear the manager (and all managers really) talk about those who aren't involved having to "wait for their chance" to stake a claim fora starting spot. When does that become the case? How many errors does a goalkeeper need to make before our equally talented other goalkeeper gets a shot? Or how many goals must our defence concede before our supposed club captain gets another shot at making a starting slot his? Or is it only injury that provides that chance? I also have this feeling of dread that we're going to persevere with the likes of Seedorf until we're behind the curve, then it's going to be panic stations and everyone losing their shit around Christmas. We just have to hope that Turnbull can come back and hit the ground running, or that we've got another Jake Hastie somewhere that can come in and turn things around.
  23. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    The thing is, he got dropped at a time when the entire team was pretty shit if I recall correctly, and he's never really been given an opportunity to come back in. He can't really be expected to regain any form if he's sitting on the bench the majority of the time. In all honesty, I'd have him back in the starting eleven this weekend. I think we're missing a natural leader at the back.
  24. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    It's a weird one for sure. I know he had a foot injury that kept him out for a bit in early 2018 and pretty much meant he was out for the remainder of the 2017/18 season I think, but then at the start of the 2018/19 season he was announced as captain. He featured pretty regularly until the 2-1 away win at Accies in the New Year game last last year, which was his last league game if I recall correctly? He featured in the cup against Ross County in January but after that he disappeared. Did he get injured again? Aside from a few early Betfred cup appearances against Dumbarton and Annan he seems to be out the picture again.
  25. Like any other industry, they'll all charge whatever they can get away with. If they see less fans coming through the gate, and less money being registered in the accounts they'll quickly change their approach. It's up to the fans to help them make that decision.

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