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  1. Following the end of one of our more memorable seasons I thought a thread for folk to post their photos in might be a good idea. Be it pub-related shenanigans abroad during our European adventures, or Scottish cup final related pictures, we can all post our memories (both good & cringeworthy!) in this thread.
  2. David

    Away fans in the POD

    Spoken like someone who has never had to put up with Celtic or Rangers fans pish in the O'Donnell stand.
  3. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Then he's a charlatan and deserves to be on the forums with the rest of us!
  4. David

    Robinson yer time is up

    Let's look at the facts. Robinson took over from McGhee at the end of February 2017 with us sitting 10th in the league, 3 points above Accies in last place. We'd just been scudded 5-1 at home to Dundee, the latest in a run of 4 defeats on the bounce, which also included a 7-2 tanking off Aberdeen. We'd won two of our last thirteen league games. We eventually finished 9th, went out to Rangers in the 4th round of the Scottish Cup, and lost 5-0 to Celtic in the last 16 of the League Cup. In his first full season he brought in notable signings in Craig Tanner, Trevor Carson, Charles Dunne, Cedric Kipre, Liam Grimshaw, Curtis Main and Peter Hartley along with Tom Aldred on loan. We saw Allan Campbell really step up his game, and we saw Robinson hand debuts to Davie Turnbull, Liam Brown, Barry McGuire, and James Scott. Notable "duds" include Alex Fisher, Russell Griffiths, George Newell, Ellis Plummer, Deimantas Petravicius, and Stephen Hendrie on loan. We finished 7th in the league, lost 2-0 to Celtic in the Scottish Cup final, and lost by the same score to the same team in the League Cup final. That summer we sold Kipre for a reported £1 million, a player signed under Robinson on a free the previous summer. Notable signings include Mark Gillespie, Alex-Rodriguez Gorrin, as well as both Tom Aldred and Gboly Ariyibi on loan. We also saw the emergence of Jake Hastie, and Davie Turnbull really came into his own. "Duds" that year include Taylor-Sinclair, and Sammon and McCormack on loan. In his second season we finished 8th in the league, lost to Ross County in the 4th round of the Scottish Cup, and Hearts in the quarter final of the League Cup. Personally, I think he's accomplished all we really could be expecting of our manager. Pushing for top six, finishing 10th or above (which is what we budget for), his cup record is pretty decent, he's brought in one player who's netted us a million quid so far, and he's brought the youth into the side fairly consistently. Would it be nice to win a cup or finish in the top six? Aye. Should we judge a manager a failure if he doesn't accomplish either of those? I don't think that's realistic.
  5. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    That's why we're posting about football on a forum and paying to get into games, while the likes of Levein and McInnes have played the game and are paid decent coin to manage top Scottish clubs. When Robinson continued to play Main during the business end of the season from January onwards in the position where he was the lone striker, despite the calls from us fans that he was pish, maybe the same logic applies to Robbo as well.
  6. So, last game of the season and a legitimate dead rubber, with us unable to catch St Johnstone in 7th, but Livingston unable to catch us in 8th. What team would you go for at the weekend? It's a choice between playing some more of the kids to give them a runout, or playing some of the more established players in what could be their farewell game for us, give them a chance to say goodbye and all that. I think the lineup will be quite telling. If we see the likes of Main and Hartley brought back into the fold there's a good chance they'll be on their way in the summer I'd think, One thing I would do is make some pretty substantial changes where possible to the shite we saw against St Johnstone. Another performance like that, dead rubber or not, is unacceptable. I don't think we'll see Hastie feature after the grief he got at the weekend, but I'd be happy enough to see some of the first team who are moving on be given a chance to say goodbye, sprinkled with some of the youngsters getting game time as well.
  7. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

  8. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I think what Burrows is hinting at is that it would take around £2 million to set the wheels in motion on a move at the moment.
  9. I don't think there's anyone who "doesn't want Motherwell to win" this game, or any other game, but there's probably a few who don't see the result as being all that important. I'm now of the opinion that some fans had even when 7th was still possible, and think we should be looking to give the guys who've been here for a while and are leaving the chance to say goodbye, as well as giving the kids some more game time. Do I "want" us to win? Of course. Am I going to be bothered if we don't? Not really.
  10. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    If he ever kicks on and makes a big enough impression to win a move from Thistle we're covered with a sell-on clause anyway. Apart from that there wasn't much else we could really do.
  11. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I see we've added a sell-on clause. Doubt it'll amount to much, but you never know I guess.
  12. Right, the penultimate game of the season, and for me it's one of our most important of the season. We're one point behind St Johnstone with two games to go, so a win here would mean that where we finish this season is entirely in our own hands. By the same token Livingston are playing Dundee at home, and a win for them could bring them to within a point of us, so if we lose at the weekend we could potentially be playing Livi on the last day of the season trying to avoid finishing 9th. Apart from the fact that finishing 9th would be a piss-poor finish for a club who were challenging for the top six until the death, it would mean a financial difference of £120,000. I know a lot of fans say they don't give a fuck about the money, and reckon these games are meaningless, but as a club who regularly have punters outside the ground with buckets for Well Society fund collections we're simply not in the position to dismiss the £60,000 of a difference between finishing 7th and 8th, never mind the additional 60 grand drop in finishing 9th. As an example, £120,000 is the equivalent of over £2,000 a week over a year. That's a couple of wages, or some extra dough to extend contracts or whatever. We need that fucking money. The players had better be up for this game. Anything less is unacceptable in my opinion.
  13. Why's that interesting? It's a game that literally means nothing. We can't finish any higher or lower.
  14. I do actually, yeah. Especially when there's a deadline or a target that we've been working all year to hit. It's called being a professional.
  15. Seems you could be right, maybe the best idea would be to fuck the new season ticket off and just PATG, as that means I can fail to turn up if & when we're consigned to bottom six next season with a load of dead rubbers to play. Would be better off just sitting out in the garden with a beer, enjoying the nice weather. Fucking ridiculous state of affairs, especially with fans paying their hard-earned to travel to the game and pay those ticket prices.
  16. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    What I read into it is speculation. So & so "heard" this isn't exactly concrete information. The biggest thing I've read into the Jake Carroll signing is that he's a stick-on to be the scapegoat among certain fans next season unless he hits the ground running and immediately settles in.
  17. No one said they're single handedly keeping the club afloat, but if we're going to the trouble of trying to rustle a couple of hundred quid together or whatever is raised via such means then we shouldn't be dismissive of 60 grand. Imagine if the club announced that they'd raised 60 grand via bucket collection, or through Well Society membership sales over the course of a single day. We'd all be pretty happy with that, wouldn't we? Well, this is the same thing. The players can essentially "win" us 60 grand by going out there and wanting it more than St Johnstone. Maybe Saints will be thinking "60 grand? Who gives a fuck? It's holiday time!" and we can take advantage of it.
  18. David

    Agent Fees

    It really depends on the player and the transfer. In most cases for clubs our size it'll be a case of the player hiring an agent to oversee the process and negotiate his deal, speak to the club, organise the ins & outs, and the cost will come out of any signing on fee or money the player makes from the transfer, so we wouldn't be liable. The higher up the tree you go the more complex the deals become, which is where multiple agents are involved in a single transfer, representing both the club and the player in negotiations and so on.
  19. Then you'll understand why some of us are seeing it as an important game, even if you don't personally agree with us? The reaction I see from some fans over the situation, you'd think we were heralding 7th spot as a noteworthy accomplishment in our clubs history. We aren't. 7th spot doesn't matter as much as the increase in money that it represents. And while we're a club that still sees regular occasions where Well Society volunteers are doing bucket collections outside games £60,000 is worth fighting for, simply because we're a smaller club that can't afford to ignore the financial benefits.
  20. Like it or not, finances matter. And you claiming to not care doesn't change that fact.
  21. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    If the compensation we'd be due is even close to what I've seen touted (£600,000) then I'm not sure Doncaster are in a position to pay it. I could be wrong, but haven't they mainly been picking up free transfers and suchlike the past two or three years?
  22. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Got another season as far as I know. I doubt we'll get offered much for him by way of a transfer fee this summer.
  23. David


    Not only that, unless they've went to the trouble of subbing to MFCTV they've likely never even seen that much of him outside of highlights on Sportscene.
  24. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I think that'll come down to how he's asked to play by Robinson. Since the turn of the year he's been asked to do a lot of the dirty work that helped free up the likes of Hastie and Turnbull to get in among the goals. He's done well in that position, but he's not anywhere near good enough a player to play that kind of game and still hit the net. It's either or with him I think.
  25. David

    Motherwell v St. Mirren 4th May 2019

    Considering the fact that we regularly have people standing around the stadium with collection buckets I think that whopping £62,500 will come in handy.

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