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  1. This is a key point. I keep hearing people talking about "the government paying" this and that. The government have fuck all money. It's the public's money. It's our tax money.
  2. David

    Season Tickets

    I haven't bought one the past few years due to travelling, but fuck it, I'll maybe buy one this season. Even if I don't get as much use out of it as I'd like.
  3. Saying that, his Twitch FIFA shenanigans have been more prevalent than his on-field stuff so far.
  4. To be fair, I think he was a wee ned. But, like most folk, he grew up eventually. Hopefully he's arrived with us just as he hits his playing prime.
  5. Obviously they didn't consult with Steelboy before making that decision.
  6. At the end of the day, the footballing authorities don't have much choice other than to proceed as advised by the government and the medical professionals. If, God forbid, someone tested positive for this thing after being at a football games over the weekend there'd be uproar as to why the footballing bigwigs went against advice from government and medical experts.
  7. Well, why don't you get on the phone to the major sporting leagues around the world that have all cancelled or postponed their seasons? The event organisers taking hits worth hundreds of thousands to cancel open air concerts and suchlike? Tell them all to just continue as normal, because despite what the medical professionals say, it's just a nonsense. I know you're the resident fuckwit, but take a day off, eh? Away and "self-isolate" for a few weeks, will you?
  8. Aye, that'll be it. No discussion or advice sought from medical professionals, eh? Just start the meeting, stick on Sky Sports News, see the English have cancelled and follow suit.
  9. Not entirely sure that's all that true to be honest. Us fans will see it as the best move because it means he's not buggering off on the cheap shortly. If the knee issue he's dealt with shows us anything, it's that the old "strike while the iron is hot" adage is very much applicable to footballers. That he went from signing for Celtic for life-changing money to hobbling around on crutches at Fir Park with the deal in tatters within weeks of each other is a prime example of what can happen to professional athletes. It can happen to any player, at any time. Which is why I'll never be critical of a Jake Hastie or a Chris Cadden who jumps on a good deal to increase their bank balance as soon as it's available to them. Does it suck for the club and the fans? Aye, but it's not our careers. Let's imagine he comes back and he's not the player he looked like becoming. What then? If he suffered from recurring knee issues let's say, that saw him eventually fade from the first team and get released? Would the fans give a fuck about a 25 year old Davie Turnbull playing for Arbroath? Of course not. We'll be concerned with the next 18 year old Davie Turnbull that the club is producing, or the next talent we're trying to punt for millions. That Turnbull signed this new deal is highly commendable, and it shows his respect for the club. But his primary concern should always be himself, not the club, and not the fans. The fans aren't paying his mortgage when he's 40 and his career is over. I wonder what planet fans are living on when I see them saying "aye, Jake Hastie, eh? Signed by Rangers and immediately papped out on loan. Wonder what he's thinking now lol." He's thinking that he's getting thousands of pounds chucked into his bank account every week for playing football, that's what he'll be thinking. He'll most likely not be thinking "Fuck, I wish I'd stayed at Motherwell on less money." There's every chance he'll end up back at a club our size permanently when his Rangers deal comes to an end. The only difference will be a few years worth of really good money in his bank account. The lad had a purple patch and he took advantage, as we all would. This knee issue with Turnbull will have highlighted how quickly it can all be taken away, so don't be surprised if he leaps on the first really good multi-year contract that comes his way. And who could blame him?
  10. A lowball offer is less than we were offered for him in the summer.
  11. We would be willing to let him go. For the £3 million that Celtic agreed to pay for him last summer. If they decide to try and lowball us then we simply say "nope, the valuation is the same," and perhaps we question why they're looking to sign a player who is obviously damaged goods in their eyes if they think he's now worth less. We're always happy to let players move on, but not for below market valuation. How long was Tierney out injured? Didn't see Celtic accept a reduced fee for him based on that.
  12. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Again, if the reports are accurate that he has options down south, he'll not be coming to Motherwell to sit on our bench. He'll be coming to play football. Not to mention, we won't be signing him to sit on the bench either.
  13. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Aye, he's going to knock back teams down south and sign a deal to play as a back up at Motherwell. Do you ever think before you type?
  14. He'd also stand to make more money via the contract offered and a potential signing bonus. The less the buying club has to pay us, the more they can offer him.
  15. The documentary was well-made and it was cool to see "behind the scenes" for sure. I took two things from it though. Turnbull was desperate to sign for Celtic, and there's next to no chance he'll sign a longer deal with us. Strangely, after seeing him and the club gushing about the Celtic interest, him moving on in the summer won't actually bother me as much now. Get as much money as we can and move on.
  16. Has there been any movement on this deal he was supposed to be signing? He's out of contract next May from what I can see, which means he'd be free to negotiate with other clubs from January, right?
  17. We need him playing if we're going to punt him in the summer.
  18. You do realise that it's not a case of Hull City sending us the cash via PayPal family & friends, right? We'll likely get that money at some point over the next few months, or even in installments.
  19. If he doesn't sign a contract extension with us I can't see this ending well. He's currently out of contract at the end of May 2021, and if he comes back at the arse-end of this season he'll likely not do much until the new season, at which point he can sign a pre-contract with Celtic in January I assume?
  20. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    If it's a deal until the end of the season it shouldn't be too much of a risk to us. If he comes in and does well he can win an extension with us or a deal elsewhere, while we get a much-needed striker for the remainder of the season.
  21. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    The James Scott deal isn't ideal for us at this stage of the season, but that's football in this day and age. I'm hearing that he's set to "significantly increase" his weekly wages down there, as you can imagine, so it's a no-brainer for the lad. I've said it a number of times, it's easy for us fans to bleat on about development and giving it a few more years, but when you're the one who's handed a chance to make a ton of dough and to put yourself in the picture at a club down south it's not something you just pass up. You strike while the iron is hot in such a short career. He doesn't know if such an opportunity comes along again, and although folk will say "well, if he's good enough it will," what if he's not? He's secured a three and a half year deal on very good money, and that's what really matters in all honesty. Long after the fans have stopped giving a fuck about him it's his family and his bank balance that'll matter.
  22. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I can't really recall any players who've managed to hit those kinds of numbers in the lower leagues yet couldn't make it at the top of our game. I also wouldn't read much into the 20 or so games he played for Aberdeen, he was a young lad then who seems to have come into his game into his early 20's.
  23. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    So no one else coming in during this window. Let's hope we keep hold of our better players as well.
  24. A win or a draw from this is a good result for us, so I'll take either.

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