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  1. Play nice, we're all on the same team here.
  2. Anything and everything the agent does is with his clients express permission. If he's being shopped around it's because Gallagher wants to be shopped around.
  3. A few points, which I've bolded above. The finances situation is quite simple. We're not going to be spending any of the money brought in from the deals you mention until we have some sort of idea when we're going to see paying fans coming back through the gates. Right now we're like a family with cash in the bank, but who have had their breadwinners sent home from work on furlough. There's not a hope in hell you dip into those savings unless you really need to. As for the appointment itself, I can't agree with it being something I'd expect from a St Mirren or Ross County. With the exception of Jack Ross and possibly Oran Kearney, St Mirren have been appointing the likes of Jim Goodwin, Alan Stubbs, Alex Rae, and Allan McManus, while Ross County have just appointed the very epitome of a lower league lazy Scottish appointment in Yogi Hughes. Graham Alexander has two promotions under his belt, reached a promotion play-off, and a cup final. In just eight years of management. That's not a bad record at all. He also has a higher win percentage as manager over his career than both Tommy Wright and Stephen Robinson, boasting close to a 50 percent rate at Salford during his nearly two and a half years there. I honestly don't see anything for any fan to be pessimistic about. Is it a definite that it'll work out? Of course not, but that's the same for any managerial appointment. There's no sure things in this game, especially as this level. But his credentials are good, and he seems like he's up for the challenge.
  4. Aye, there's no disagreement there. I do think though that recruitment is mainly carried out by the recruitment team. It's all part of the thing that clubs do in the modern era to ensure that managerial changes don't result in entire squads having to be ripped up and started again. Basically, we have recruitment policies in place, and a recruitment team that carries transfers out. Any new manager will be sounded out about our approach, the kind of players we're signing, the recruitment team itself and so on. And if they don't want to work that way they'll probably not be considered for the job. Of course they'll have a say, but it's not like the olden days where a manager would go to the chairman with names of players he wants and the chairman goes out to sign them.
  5. I think the manager is part of the discussion, but if there is no manager at present I don't think the club will just sit back and do nothing as the window ticks by and potential targets sign elsewhere. Case in point, signing the keeper. There's areas that we need filled, and the recruitment team along with Lasley and Burrows will likely be continuing to carry that out.
  6. The recruitment team led by Martin Foyle will know already who we're signing pretty much. The club won't be sitting on its hands waiting on a new manager to hand Burrows his transfer targets. It doesn't work that way these days.
  7. From what I've heard O'Donnell's contract expires today. Could be wrong though.
  8. Oh, I've seen us play. That's why I said it obviously isn't working out for us at the moment. But we have a good squad of players. A few duds need shipping out, and someone who can partner Watt up front and score goals is needed.
  9. Do you think the squad is really that bad though? When was the last time we had two current Scotland internationals in our team? I mean, it obviously isn't working out for us at the moment, but when we started the season there was very few among our support claiming it was a bad squad.
  10. He's been out of the team long enough for everyone to think he's a good player.
  11. Whilst I would never call this game a "must win" it's certainly the game where things can get real serious for us. A loss will see Hamilton go a point above us, which would see us drop into the bottom two. If Ross County get a win against St Johnstone we'd go rock bottom. However, a win could see us push up to 8th or so, which would be a welcome reprieve while we sort out the management situation.
  12. That's not true, for the moment anyway. I was due to travel to Europe for work on the 2nd and had my flights cancelled and refunded without any say in the matter.
  13. No thread was deleted as far as I'm aware? What I did was split the posts discussing a new manager into a separate thread.
  14. Certainly not the answer at the moment, but if we appoint someone to the end of the season with a view to getting someone new in over the summer, I'd go for someone like Damien Johnson or Billy Barr at Blackburn. They've done a great job with their youth and under 23 setup. Or if we wanted to be really ambitious go for someone like Andy Myers at Chelsea. He spent time as assistant coach at Vitesse in Holland as well as coaching the Chelsea under 18’s and development squad. You’d imagine any of those guys would have contacts with clubs down south, and knowledge of who we could sign or loan from the youth teams in England. They'd also fit with our aims of promoting players from within, and have a track record of cultivating youth. I’d rather that kind of appointment than the usual pish we see up here.
  15. If we're limiting ourselves to managers who know the Scottish game inside out then we're going to end up with one of the usual suspects, which is about as uninspiring as it gets.
  16. Nijholt's last managerial job was Meizhou Hakka in the 2nd division in China back in 2016. He lasted just over six months. Before that his last managerial job was Stormvogels Telstar in the Dutch second division from 2005 to 2008. So, he has zero credentials besides being a good player for us thirty years ago.
  17. If Rangers show up under par and we're on form we'll have a chance of taking something from the game. If Rangers show up in the mindset to hand out a doing and perform to their capabilities it won't matter what we do really.
  18. Hibs have looked not too bad this season, but it's certainly a game we can win. Hopefully we see an improvement on the performance against St Johnstone. In saying that, we're hardly a team in dire form. If you take out the Celtic and Rangers games we've not lost a league game since August 22nd, which is five games unbeaten. Not perfect by any stretch, but not catastrophic either.
  19. £12 for a stream of a cup game seems reasonable enough to me. Complainers on social media aren't being forced to buy, are they?
  20. Not the most exciting 90 minutes of football we'll see this season, but a point away at St Johnstone when we didn't play particularly well? I'll take it.
  21. David

    Allan Campbell

    Aye, totally depends on the player in question and his own circumstances. Like I said, it depends on if the lad has a wife or whatever. What do they do for a living? If she's studying then that makes things difficult perhaps? What about her parents? For the record, I'm not saying the player shouldn't move south. I'm just saying that there's more factors to be taken into account than just footballing reasons. That's all. Yeah, but if the player has decided he doesn't want to leave Scotland, for example, at the moment, then they'd be wasting their time. Unless he's a really top talent who brings something to the table that other players don't the buying club would just move on to their next target. Again, all I'm saying is that while a move to Hibs or another Scottish club would be seen as a sideways move to the average fan, it may not be for the player in question. Personal circumstances could play a part. It's not just a case of a footballing decision.
  22. David

    Allan Campbell

    Maybe he will, maybe he won't. I'm just offering the reasons why he may choose to remain in Scotland, that's all. It's not a decision he'll make based entirely on football is my main point. There's other factors such as the ones I mentioned that will come into his thought process. In most cases the first port of call for an interested club will be the players agent, and if Campbell has told his agent that he fancies remaining in Scotland for the time being, for whatever reason, then why would the English club pursue the player? As for guarantees about the football population, you can't make any kind of claim to that end. The truth is, neither you nor I knows what goes through any individual players mind before they make a move. What I've provided above is some of the factors that, for many players, will be a factor. If you honestly think that a footballer won't take into account the circumstances and preferences of their significant others and family then I don't know what to tell you. My main point is that just because a potential move to Hibs, for example, may be seen as a "sideways move" by some fans in a footballing sense, it doesn't mean he's not going to entertain the idea based on factors outside of football.
  23. David

    Allan Campbell

    What is it? Like 2 and a half hours from Glasgow? As opposed to four or five hours down to Stoke or wherever? The point still stands. He'll have to take into account more than just his own circumstances unless he's a single guy with no relationships or anything going on. It ain't football manager, players aren't just making decisions based on their career, they have lives outside of football to consider as well.
  24. David

    Allan Campbell

    Feel free to shift the commentary to the Tartan Army section @steelboy Hope we hang on for the win mind you.
  25. David

    Allan Campbell

    Aye, but like anyone taking a job that would see them move to a different country or whatever, you'd take into account your family circumstances I'd imagine? I'm sure he'll do the same. Is he married? In a long-term relationship? If so, does his other half work? Do they maybe study? Is he going to just fuck off down south and leave them up here at University or college? Do they want to quit their job and move to somewhere they know no one? Away from friends and family? While he's at training and can effectively "plug in" to a social circle of new team-mates the partners are often the ones left at home in a flat or house with fuck all to do except get homesick. There's a lot of different considerations for any player when they decide to move club. He may very well fancy a shot down south. Maybe he's single and can take off wherever he likes. But maybe he'll see Hibs or Aberdeen offering a decent wedge and figure it's a win/win as he'll be close to home and also earning a bigger wage. A whole lot more to it than football, which, if we're honest, is only a job at the end of the day. Family comes first and all that jazz.

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