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  1. It doesn't happen often, but this is one of those occasions where I have to go with a null vote.
  2. Was he not away on compassionate leave as well?
  3. Is Carroll still unavailable tonight? Or is it league games he's suspended for?
  4. I'm not sure a loan move would make much sense for us, as he's out of contract at the end of the season. I'll be surprised if he's not moved on in January for a small fee. Unless, of course, Gillespie attracts attention and he moves on. In that case Carson may even sign a new deal.
  5. I think a little bit of perspective is needed here. It's worth remembering that there is less of a resource gulf between Celtic and Paris Saint-Germain than there is between Celtic and us. Let that sink in for a second. When Celtic are being absolutely handled to the tune of a 5-0 loss at home, and a 7-1 loss away to PSG our media (quite rightly) highlight the huge financial gulf between Celtic and clubs like PSG. Well, the gulf between Celtic and us is even greater. Fans asking why our players didn't measure up against their lot? The answer is right in front of you. There's levels to this game, and we're operating a shitload of levels below what Celtic are, it's as simple as that. Our season isn't defined by these games. If we're losing handily to the sides around us in the table, and our midfield look gash against them, then fair enough, there's room for discussion. It's early doors so far, the team is still bedding in. Our next five games see us play Hearts twice, Accies, Hibs and Ross County. After those games we'll have more to judge our new players on. Yesterday was a free hit, nothing more. Sad as that may sound, it's the truth. Sometimes we nick something from those games, which is amazing considering everything I've mentioned above. But the normal outcome will be a bit of a hammering. Same as it is for Celtic when they face a PSG or a Barcelona.
  6. I suspect if he's willing to venture back over the wall to Scotland that there'll be a number of clubs interested who may catch his eye more than a return here.
  7. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I wasn't meaning you in particular, I was just speaking generally. It's a fan forum, there's going to be speculation, especially in the summer when there's nowt else happening.
  8. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    It's easy to jump in a month after the discussion and claim the high ground, but back then we were all speculating as to who was coming in, who was a trialist, and who the trialists were. It's a discussion forum. Speculation is the very foundation upon which sites like this are built.
  9. This is probably not the game I wanted as our home opener, especially after seeing how they dismantled St Johnstone at the weekend. I know it's seen as defeatist, but I honestly view games like these as bonus points to an extent. Anything we can take from Celtic will be welcomed, but I wouldn't be surprised if we're on the receiving end of a thumping on Saturday. I'd rather we went for it rather than trying to contain them, as that tactic rarely works.
  10. Nice. Call me a glutton for punishment, but I'll end up sitting through the entire 90 minutes just to see how we got on
  11. Has the Livi game been uploaded in its entirety on the paid service? Or is it just the highlights?
  12. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Anyone know what Tommy Coyne is up to these days? He undoubtedly has some knowledge to pass on.
  13. I've seen a few people say they've had to go a size up.
  14. At this stage the only facts we have are that he's got a contract with a MLS side, and that he's spoken on social media about looking forward to going out there to play his football. Maybe he's just lying, but at the moment I'll assume he's going out there.
  15. No, what I'm saying is that it all depends on personal circumstance and the situation. If the player is in a position where what he wants to do can benefit the club, then great. I doubt Cadden is actively looking to fuck us over, but he's been handed the opportunity to play some football in England and then head over to the US where he probably hopes he can make a bit of a career for himself. Should he compromise that opportunity because the process the clubs involved are taking means Motherwell get less money? Absolutely not. As I mentioned, we had ample opportunity to move Cadden on to another club for a fee a while back, and we chose not to. And I'm not saying that loyalty is fine when you're a better player, I'm saying that someone like Turnbull or Tierney will have more choice. Was there a queue of clubs wanting to sign Cadden when his contract expired? I certainly didn't hear of many. His circumstances are obviously different. The home development club relationship obviously should mean something, but it comes a firm second to what benefits the player himself, and his family. That's only natural. It looks to me like Cadden was in a position where he could either take the route he's taken now, or he could refuse it and hope that something else comes along.
  16. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I wasn't aware that this forum held such sway with the manager's team selection.
  17. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Yeah, I'd be very surprised if we see the window close with us having the strikers we have at the moment.
  18. So, when is this away shirt coming out? I've postponed my holidays so I can wear it in Portugal.
  19. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    And that's absolutely fine, but at this stage it's perfectly reasonable for fans to look at what he's done previously and either show concern or excitement. The key point is that despite what all of us may say just now there shouldn't be anyone here who doesn't want the guy to do well. If the standard answer of "judge him in the months to come, don't doubt the managers eye for a player" were cast in stone this place would be boring as hell. I may not agree with some of the views on here, but so long as they're actually based on something and not just negativity for the sake of it then they have their place. Argument, debate and discussion is what somewhere like this is all about. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but those people are probably better off just reading the official website for news and not getting involved in platforms such as this, as we're going to see dissenting opinions.
  20. The obvious difference there is that Turnbull is well aware that he's destined for bigger things and will be seeing a significant increase in wages over the next five years or so, while Cadden is moving to Oxford. Just like any other fan, if a player who's leaving is able to do the club a solid I'm grateful. But when it starts to veer towards fans blaming the actual player when he doesn't take a hit in his own personal circumstances to help the club I start to wonder a bit. The harsh truth is that the player has zero obligation to the club. All this chat of "we gave him his chance, we provided him with his start in football" is great, but let's not forget that if the player hadn't been talented enough to benefit the club he'd have been papped out on his arse like so many before him. The club looks after itself in that regard, and the player should be doing the same. As far as Cadden goes, we could have chosen to sell him on while he was under contract, couldn't we? There was interest a while back from Hearts and maybe Aberdeen I think, but the club decided to roll the dice and go down the compensation route. That was our call. The player is doing what's right for him and his family, as he absolutely should. He owes us nothing.
  21. David

    2019-20 Rebuild

    I think everyone knows that we have to give all of the new signings a chance, but this idea that any criticism of them based on their career to this point should be off the table is getting tedious. How boring would the place be if everyone just responded to a new signing by saying "great, I trust the managers judgement, let's see how this new guy gets on." It's natural to see a new signing and immediately look at where he's been before and what he's accomplished. Is that a cast-iron indication of how he'll do for us? Absolutely not, but to completely dismiss it as not worth discussing is mental. Personally, I'm not impressed by this guys career to this point. It's a signing that has me scratching my head a bit, as I'm fairly sure there are players available in Scotland for similar money who have a better track record. In fact, even though playing with a lone striker isn't really playing to Danny Johnson's strengths I'd have more confidence in him than this new guy based on what they've both done in the past. Johnson can score goals for us if given the chance, he's done it before. Now, just to clarify, this isn't me not "giving the new guy a chance," it's me, as a fan, looking at what he's done until now and forming an opinion. That opinion will change as he gets chances to play for us, and obviously I hope he turns out to be a superstar.
  22. Tierney was never priced at £3.5 million though, was he? My point is, he's clearly one of the better defenders in the British game yet Arsenal aren't prepared to just chuck around the money needed to get him. Neither is any other English club by the looks of it. Much like Turnbull, the asking price for Tierney is pretty well known.
  23. I know it's not the way most football fans want to see it, but Cadden owes us fuck all. He was paid to do a job, and when the time came and we stopped paying him he was free to move on within the rules of the game. If any rules have been broken we will have a case, and if not then that's just how it goes.
  24. Yeah, well, I still don't think that Andy Carroll is any real barometer that English clubs will just chuck silly money around because they can. As I said, if that was the case Kieran Tierney would be an Arsenal player by now, wouldn't he? Also as I said, there wasn't a lot of money being chucked around a month or two back when Turnbull was available for £3 million pre-knee issues. I did see more than a few folk say they expected interest from down south, where it seems they wipe their arses using ten pound notes. Not much was forthcoming though.
  25. Yeah, but that was a calculated risk of sorts. Carroll was a Liverpool player and an England international who had been a proven commodity in the English Premier League. There's a difference. Let's be honest, despite our belief to the contrary there wasn't a queue of top English sides with £3 million ready to buy Turnbull before his knee issues were known, so what makes you think there'll be any real interest when he's a few months (if that) removed from coming back? The risk associated with buying a player from a minor league who's not proven at the top level is enough for most of the bigger clubs down south to take into account, but when you throw in the knee issues as well? I think it'll either be Celtic, or he'll need to take some time to kick on and prove he's back to his best before anyone outside Scotland really looks to invest top dollar. This belief that "It's England, they'll just chuck millions at us because that's what they spend on players down there" isn't quite true. If it was Kieran Tierney would be an Arsenal player by now.

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