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  1. the club should be letting fans in for free to apologize for such a dire performance this season.
  2. Ha HA , tried to get a bigger picture, was telling my son it would make a good banner for the well bois, hes one of them, but joke lost on a 13 year old
  3. Have to agree, heard all this before, with Nancy home and away, wales home and away, cup finals, semi finals etc, etc, etc Again never heard of anyone not getting a ticket for any , dont start aw this pish again !!!!!!!!!!
  4. all the best big man, a great servent to the club over the years, as been said earlier, kind of sad when I heard that today, met him at the pool night for Jamie Dollan, absouloute gentleman and a credit to himself and the club.
  5. good man, straight answer, looks like we have won a watch either way, would be great to get a few games in europe by any method
  6. sorry if this has been answered already. we are unseeded in the 3 rd round qualifier. what happens if we lose this tie? do we drop into a europa qulifier? Some lads I work with say if we lose that tie we are out of all europe ? if we get through first tie and get beat in 2nd what happens? is that when we go into a europa qualifier? seem to get different answer from everyone?
  7. Few questions lads - how much money would we get for getting into the Champions Leauge ? i take it we would have 3 qualifiers to get through to get into it proper? do you get money even for getting to the qualifiers?
  8. I agree we are really struggling at the moment and have had some very bad results lately. However have to disagree with your comment "we are in a false position" ? how the hell can you be in a false position in a league? the number of points you have and the place you have in the table is the correct position. any points gained earlier in the season are on the board to carry you through bad spells. the league table dosn't and cant lie
  9. wasnt there last night, what do you mean McFadden has signed up?, bought shares?
  10. Apart from the cup final in ’91, the best and proudest moment I have had as a well fan was my first time following the well into Europe; I will never forget stepping out the plane in France and stepping onto foreign soil to watch the well, Fantastic.
  11. biggayal0

    Did You Know

    STAR SAIL - Alternatively we can be really thankful for our small support and be grateful that we go to the football for footballs sake and put a big smile on our faces because it is not fuelled by hatred and intolerance. I'll take a 2-1 defeat any day to fall on the Well side of the supporting spectrum. very well put mate
  12. biggayal0

    Semi Final

    I bought 4 adult tickets and 1 child for the family section. £15 for the adult ones and £5 for my sons one
  13. Sorry not sure where to post this so just started a new thread. Just to fill you in – I’m now in my mid 30’s and have being going to well games now for the best part of 20 years, a lot of ups and downs over this time. I’ve had a season ticket for the last 10 year but last season didn’t renew due to work, and to be totally honest as time went on I didn’t really miss going, this year didn’t renew either due to spending time with family etc I decided to just pay at the gate and pick and choose games, now like a lot of fans I know. Went to game this weekend, before going in went to ticket office and bought 2 tickets for semi final- 1 adult 1 child =£20.00 great value for a semi at the national stadium with all its facility’s (reasonable seats and food, depending on your opinion) Then walked round to the east stand and paid at the game for me and my 9 year old lad - £24.00. Walked into east stand to the usual pie stands with nothing they have on the menus available and having to wade through human pish already running out of the toilets. This I feel is the real reason we are losing fans week by week, massively overpriced product. League reconstruction honestly wouldn’t bother me as I still like watching a fitba game, even though the game v Inverness was hopeless that wouldn’t bother me, but paying more to get into that than a semi at Hamden? You are havin’ a laugh, and some folk still wonder why our crowds are going down, Motherwell your nearly about to lose my support and of future support of my kids and many folk like us.

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