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  1. Ohwullie has hit the near on the head - this is one of the reasons I believe Chris Burke may be tempted by our great club It's not about money, it's not about the league, it's about enjoying being close to where he's from and still doing what he loves most Chris Burke may or may not be signing for us but I have learned it's a highly likely and let's be honest this one year deal may be his ticket back 'home' to other side of Glasgow when their back in SPL
  2. From what I've heard the one year deal to winger is in deed chris Burke - I can't give away source but genuinely believe it to be accurate but only time will tell Don't shot the messanger but ainsworth I believe will not be at the club next season
  3. ainsworth isn't going to sign and the club have already sounded out Chris Burke to replace him
  4. Right...... I was in Morecambe at the weekend and had all but ruled out Russia trip. I was treating our day by the seaside as my own little Euro tour. However....... I heard someone talk about options of getting there.....is driving a real possibility? how bad can it be?! Google maps says 45hours drive............ I beleive there may very well be a bus going! The other option is to drive mid europe and fly direct.....any one any thoughts on this? Like others I have a second glimmer of hope and now no longer ruled it out
  5. Whose all going to morecambe tomorrow?....right gutted how club have split team etc.... So roll call please? Few numbers going down?
  6. I no the draw is tomorrow.....but will we find out who we are playing out right or will it be a case of .....such n such or such n such vs Motherwell FC?
  7. Yes Lee Miller had discussions with us and it was an extreme possibility that things were moving forward positively and the finance behind it all stacked up however and disappointingly instead of being a great and exciting replacement for higdon our club have (fact) opted for a cheaper and less proven option which will come very apparent....this I'm affraid a sign that when we have a chance we opt for a more of a 'gamble' in my opinion....yes the new striker will be a replacement and could do well but why do we choose to gamble when a replacement in Miller was an very realistic option and that's after discussion....he's signed a new contract at Carlisle as we never followed through!
  8. Fear not positive news will be delivered early next week!
  9. I do not want John Sutton back at our club I'm sorry but not for me....he will offer little to us...he's had his day and let's keep it that way..any player that's at hearts is there for a reason - over paid and lacking a decent performance
  10. John Sutton is in the past and should be kept there ...not for me!..... Lee Miller thank you!
  11. I to, similar to other post, believe that if we sign ur man from Ross County and miller consider us to have 'feel in the Clyde and came out with pocket full of salmon' We are all Stuart mcall.....
  12. The reason he will not sign for Blackpool/Preston is his family commitments He has been offered a new deal at Carlisle which he is happy with but with every out of contract player he is sitting tight Motherwell have enquirer and at 30 this year have discussed a 3 year deal on slightly less cash than Carlisle but understand similar to the offer tables to higdon The Blackpool/Preston this is true but with the prospect of moving family may not be ideal
  13. And as previously stated there is a family connection with Motherwell, which is helping things move forward Lee has stated that he would love to play with Motherwell and I think European football and potentially Scottish Squad is an attractive contibution to his want to return to scotland
  14. Lee Miller does commute to Carlisle from Wishaw Unfortunately and sadly his wife did die and he now has his kids himself and that is why he will not be at Preston/Blackpool In addition to this Motherwell have spoke about a 3 year deal with option of fourth with a signing in fee Preston/Blackpool have offered 2 years If Higdon goes Lee Miller will discuss a move to Motherwell and it has every possibility of developing - its all fact Im not saying he will sign but if Higdon goes Lee Miller will be no.1 priority
  15. Alright guys, This is no rumour just fact but Motherwell have lined up Lee Miller to replace higdon when/if he decides to leave Enquiry has been made and McCall will discuss higdon/miller issue when he returns from his break
  16. Right lads! I have just found out that ticket office is closed tomorrow and Celtic are not selling tickets! Now looking online the ticket office has only been open a few hours only yesterday.....I was working! How can I get two tickets?!! Help needed!
  17. I do remember on John Suttons debut a rendition of: 'your awright but your b'others a wa*k' being sung in a certain section of the East Stand
  18. Guys, When I started this topic I never once thought it would be still bubbling along and more importantly never thought it would get me 'up' for this game as much as it has..... Now at this point I wish to stress that throughout the full 'rangers/the rangers/sevco' media circus I paid no interst to it nor did I read anything about it.......I very much had the opinion that what will happen to them will happen and I have very little control of it all so why get myself wound up about it.......Motherwel Football Club would and always will be my club despite the product. HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED! Now that actions are in place and 'The Rangers' are where they are and they are performing the way they are - IMO purely because they do not have a squad strong enough (at this time) to match their own desire or hopes - i feel more anger to them as to how they are playing the media. The media in this country are still filling their stories with the next word that comes from the organisation which is 'The Rangers Football Club'....why should this be the case........yes its because they have papers to sell and jobs to keep.....what is my point you ask? The point is that The Rangers are playing on this issue.....and that now is MY issue!......I want to go to Ibrox and regardless of the result (I bloody hope we put them away) be able to go there and be proud that I support a club that have learned from our own mistakes but did it with an element of diginity while clearly coming out the other end a better team than before it........I feel anger that they are being allowed to use this circus at the time to shadow the poor team that they are and I want to be there in the hope that Motherwell tell the rest of Scottish Football/Scottish media that The Rangers are indeed nothing but a poor team that at this time are not accepting they have did wrong and are struggling to get close to being a better team on the back of their own wrong doings. I hope my rant makes an element of sense and I find it strange that after so little a number of responses on this forum i am writing so much....I HOPE THAT THIS RANT MAY INDEED ADD SOME, EVEN IF ITS JUST ONE, EXTRA MOTHERWELL FAN TO TRAVEL TO IBROX TO SUPPORT OUR TEAM!
  19. Right Lads, I'm not a frequent poster on here but always a keen reader (and head shaker) of some of the points made on the board - but thats what this is all about so fair play to you all. I, like everyone here, follows Motherwell with the best interest at heart - this is my opinion and I am prepared for all mannar of responses.....so.... heres my point! We all have our opinions on this unfortunate (IMHO) situation that we are the first SPL club who require to play Rangers. Yes I have the fear that we will roll over like we normally do at Ibrox and the media will have a field day at such, yes we will get hassle as a visiting fan taking the brunt of the anger 'them lot' will display to US, The SPL, Scotland and any one else thats not 'the Rangers'. I do however feel as a club and as a fan that we must all attend Ibrox on such an important night. Yes its a Wednesday night and its away to home at possibly the worse expericing stadium available and yes its on TV but think about it this way - we would go if it wasnt on TV and it wasnt away. So with such I suggest the following arrangements to start now: (i) Motherwell FC - look into the selling of a match ticket and a seat on a club arranged bus (similar to previous away trips) (ii) The Supporter Clubs - Push from now to then to fill that bus thats a struggle to fill at times, to think of an incentive to get the regular on the bus to bring his mate (iii) The guy that organises the trip with his mates - To fill that car/sort that train with like minded fans of Motherwell or Scottish Football that have stressed so much about the mess that are Rangers and the wrongs they have did (iV) The Parents that take the wain(s) to the game - To say sod this its only Ibrox and after all its all about the furture of our game and what we have stood so lets take to show were in it for the long hall. This may seem some far fetched cry however from my experience of the European home/away trips this season it can be done if the want to do it is there and in reality in my opinion this is the first time i do believe the want must be there for a game of this nature. I think its time that we demonstrate Motherwell FC can make a stance like an other team. Anyway i would be interested to hear if anyone plans the to go based on similar opinions or if they are can add anything else to this out burst. Views? all welcome Cheers
  20. Can someone help me........ Game at fir park few years back.....a wee foreign hobbit comes of the bench and score a very quick hat trick.....sure third was a long distance rasper..... Can you tell me his name and nationality and who we were playing?
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0PgVyoW8bs&feature=fvwrel I call out the battle cry!!!! This has so got my mind muddled! I so hope we do it!! The best song ever (before your man off xfactor wanted a slice off it) along with some of the best moments of my life thus far!! Goosebumps.com Fair play to the 'well fan behind it........u have made me a happy man!!
  22. After being at todays game I decided to watch the game again (Joys of Sky+) I noticed that when Ross was being subbed he made a pont of saying something to Scott Brown. Anyone else notice it? Giving the wee stain is being treated as the saviour of Parkhead im hoping Ross had a cheeky wee word with our man Brownnie. I have a funny feeling that the wee stain would have been bumping his gums to Ross all game about this and that.....probably his overpaid wages etc. With this, im hoping Ross put some cat shit in his pipe so brownnie had the bad taste in his mouth at full time trodding off our sand pit of a pitch.
  23. Was walking upto the game today and couldnt get by the Brandon Bar as it looked like there 4 police vans were stoping access ....appeared to be a couple of people on their arses covered in blood and a fair few folk lined up against a wall..... Now im assuming that it was 'casual' related......im hoping it wasnt the well boy that were in a bad way. Anyone shed some light on the events? Was it nothing more than a cat fight and hair pulling?
  24. Had a great day at the game today, great banter and great result. It was good to see the 'old school' out on force today. You no the guys i mean... those that came in late and left early!! Im just hope'n they got what they went for as in my opinion thats what they see as all part of supporting their team. I just wish that these guys would follow us to more away games...i no their apperance is tradition in Scottish Cup.
  25. im beginning to worry it was just me since its not been mentioned but did we change dug outs last night? i.e. were we in the away dug out? If so why?

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