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  1. Best place for a beer beforehand close by, The Bay Horse ok for away fans?
  2. Ryan bowman from Gateshead.
  3. SSN reporting Luca Belic joins from West Ham on a season loan.
  4. Is Leeanne from the statement after the takeover from Les..... ''Three new directors have been appointed – Ian Reid, Peter Kellie and Leanne Thomas, who is Mr Hutchison’s daughter''
  5. Noticed earlier on twitter Mark O'Brien tagging a chap called Cliff Byrne who appears to be in Motherwell gear. Not sure if he's being linked with the club or here to assist the gaffer.
  6. McCall was at the Hamilton game today preparing and having a look at them before the cup game.
  7. Stuarty

    Club Email...

    I didn't get an email however the same chap phoned me the other day asking if I had seen the new offers and deals on the web site. Was pushing to see if I was interested in anything from the club. Seems to be a new start if you ask me.
  8. Cheers mate, painter and decorator type of guy I assume?

  9. Cheers mate, painter and decorator type of guy I assume?

  10. Hey mate, seen your post. Give Frankie at All Trades Decorators a shout and tell him I sent you!

    Not got his number handy but its on google!


  11. We really dug in today to grind out a 0-0. I don't really think there was much in the game to be honest. Was just coming back from the toilet when we had our penalty shout so can't really comment on weather it was or wasn't. On to Friday night now against Hibs.
  12. I actually agree exactly with what you have said here. I understand 100% if the club is in a position where money is needed and if one player needs to go then it is Jamie, but part of me, from what I'm taking from Jamie's interviews is that he is being left with no other option than to go. Not sure what would happen in terms of running out his contract until the summer and him being offered a new deal should he want to stay. Obvious that Jamie goes with every single 'Well fans best wishes and we are all wanting to see him go on to be a star in his football career. Cheers for the memories Jamie, throughout your time at Motherwell you have been a total professional and joy to watch. All the best to him!!
  13. Don't think there is anything can be done at this stage. When I purchased tickets Wendy said that it was open over weekend/Monday and that Celtic will not be selling any for the 'Well end. Lucks out I'd say.
  14. As usual I enjoyed my trip to Aberdeen. When I heard that Hutch was missing and we lined up with Kerr and Cummins at centre back along with Hollis playing his first game of the season I thought we were in for a long day. The first five minutes or so almost confirmed this. After that I felt we came into the game and certainly played our part in a decent match. I must say that is the coldest I have ever felt at a match in a long time. Murph's goal was a peach and jumping about like a mad man certainly warmed me up for a bit!! Gutted to have lost a last kick of the ball goal but hopefully we can change our home form around starting on Saturday and take some confidence into the replay. Lastly total credit and respect to the young and old who made a total racket for 90 minutes in Aberdeen and created a brilliant atmosphere...keep up the good work lads!!
  15. Stuarty

    Inverness Away

    Quality weekend. Made todays 3 hour drive down the road a bit better after last nights night out in Inverness. 5-1 in a game that could have alot more. Total credit to all the players and staff today, and not forgetting the very small band of 'Well fans who were there today. A real credit to those who managed to either go for the weekend or just came up today for the match. Mon The 'Well!!!

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