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    Should really be a clean sweep of votes for Hutch . How anyone could think any other player came close , I don't know .
  2. As Fudge says , we are definitely restricted by opposition teams coming here and pushing , and closing our players down quickly to nulify our passing game . On the road the onus is on the home team to create , which gives our players more freedom and space going forward . The manager therefore needs to come up with a plan b at fir park , because we are so predictable its hard to see where a home win is going to come from .
  3. Randolph challenge just been back on sky . Contact to me seemed minimal tbh , and as for intent , would be hard for anyone to prove there was malice in it . Randy takes the ball and appears to be looking straight ahead , not towards hearts player coming in . Wether he meant it or not , I have my suspicions , but hard to prove , I would reckon .
  4. On the Randolph debate , thought it looked dodgy at the time , but just about to watch highlights on Sky to see how it looks on t.v. Got to agree it would be harsh if compliance officer gets involved . The fecker only seems to rear his head when incidents receive tv and media attention , things like McCullochs elbow as stated being swept under the bigot brothers favoured carpet .
  5. Definitely a poor overall performance . Looked a nil - nil from a long way out , so at home you expect your manager to change things in an attempt to turn things in our favour . Personally thought that , although he had few efforts at goal of note , big Higgys workrate , especially in the first half tracking back , was much improved . But as long as he is on the park he is a threat in and around the box . Henrik , on the other hand , was out of sorts and contributed little . Would have hooked him and gave Boab a half hour run out , as although McCall doesn't appear to rate him , he couldn't have done any worse , and after so long in the fringes deserves a wee bit if game time to prove once and for all if he can cut it or not .
  6. Sundays result should have given the team plenty confidence , so hoping for a positive result to get our home form going . Although they beat us last time at their place , I wasn't overly impressed with Hearts . Would love a clean sheet for a wee change , so goin for 2-0 'Well .
  7. mfcdez

    U20 Fixtures

    Just my opinion that boys who were in the 19s before things changed in general . Boys like Leitch , Ashgar etc deserve to be playing to aid their development and give them a chance to prove if they can deliver whats required on a consistent basis . As an example , Hollis quite rightly plays most games to keep him as sharp as possible incase he is called upon for first team duty . But from there , how much competitive action does the young boy Stewart get ? Don't know if he is in his final year of contract or not , but his chances could be limited to prove his worth . As I say just my opinion , could be totally wide of the mark as I've not been to many of these games
  8. mfcdez

    U20 Fixtures

    From the reports though it seems Hearts fielded a strong side too , so my point is lack of game time afforded to the younger boys in favour of the likes of Hollis , McHugh etc . All the players obviously need to play as much as possible , but having one team for all personnel between u17 and first team to me is not adequate , not only for us , but even more so for teams with far bigger squads than us . So yes , Hearts got a positive result with a strong line up , but at what cost to the progression of some of their upcoming talent ? .
  9. mfcdez

    U20 Fixtures

    Another disappointing result which can't be good for morale and confidence , but there are obvious failings in the set up in this country . Looking at last nights team , there were 7 or 8 reserve/fringe players in the starting line-up for us . From that its not hard to see that the younger boys are not getting anywhere near the game time required to prove whether they're good enough or not . It's probably also why there is no consistency in results , as the starting line-up is completely different from game to game so centre backs not having chance to build a partnership , forwards not able to gain an understanding with each other etc. I know everything points towards finance , but doing away with the seperate u19 and reserve leagues is stunting the growth of young talent in this country . When they were both in place it gave the youth a natural progression from playing in a settled side , through integrating with the reserves and onto the first team squad , if they were good enough . Now even our most promising youngsters like Lawless and Watt are not getting a fair crack and moving on elsewhere while imposters like Daley draw a decent wage for warming the bench and contributing the sum total of hee haw .
  10. @linsey12 , don't know if your post is in direct reply to what I posted , but I don't think it was being overly critical of him , more a realistic appraisal of where he is at , at the minute . As I said , play to his strengths and for many full backs in the SPL he becomes unplayable , continue in the same vein as we have been lately and his contribution and confidence will remain low . I would be delighted to see him return to form , and a spell on the bench with a high impact introduction in the last half hour could be a good way of helping him get there imho .
  11. I agree with some that Humphrey got 2 or 3 decent balls in last night that were begging to be tucked away , but over 90 mins that has regularly become the sum of his contribution , which is far from enough . He is one of those players who , if he has some joy vs the full back early on , he thrives on the crowds reaction and positivity and goes on to rip them a new arse throughout the match . However , if things go against him early doors , he falls out the game and offers little . Balls to feet are no good to him , close control and dribbling past men are not what he does got to be in behind for him to run onto using his one true strength of speed . I am not a Humphrey hater , just got to play to his strengths , or have him on the bench as an impact player for last half hour , as at the moment I dont think he does enough to merit a starting slot every week . Would personally go with the latter option and move Murphy onto the right with Law out left and possibly Carswell in middle with Las giving a bit of balance to the midfield
  12. Got to get back to basics . A lot of emphasis lately by management and fans lately on getting back to scoring goals but to get back on an even keel I would first be happy to stop conceding from being poor at the back .Scoring goals breeds confidence , but losing goals obviously has the opposite effect , and a settled back line to build from is key , and from that point I really hope big Hutch is back fit .St J are in a rich vein of form at the moment , and I think if we can head back down the road with a clean sheet and a point in the bag it would stop the rot and give us a platform to build from . In the past I would have said we should be going there confident that we are capable of coming back with a win under our belts . Of course we are , but being realistic about where we are at the moment in terms of confidence , mentality etc. , I think a draw and a clean sheet would be good for morale . Last season we were considered a scalp to most teams , but now our frailties are all too obvious . The sooner the players and management realise that and learn to knuckle down and graft to rectify things , the better .Anyway , after that rant my ( hopeful ) prediction is 0-0 , and a base to build from in the coming month which could define our season .
  13. Even without the monumental refereeing fuck ups , we would still have lost tonight . Dont know if my eyes deceived me but seemed like a back 3 at one point with hately deployed on left with hammell pushing up a bit in front of him , wtf ? Why not remove Kerr who was having a mare , keep hately in the right and put Carswell on in the middle ? How can subbing ojamaa instead possibly be seen as being positive in trying to get a foothold back in the game ? Humphrey actually looked in the mood early on before reverting back to his usual self , the wild effort he fired up the back of the Cooper summed him up , when was his last really good game ? Fuckin imposter . Some of McCalls blue eyed boys are not repaying his faith in them with recent performances , and need a spell warming the bench , rather than him shifting them all over the park just to give them a game . Unless he can take his blinkers off and send the right team out in the right formation , a long depressing season languishing in the bottom half of the table awaits
  14. Hearts were no more than ordinary today , and McCalls failure to recognise that and change things early in the game to have a go at them is my main frustration . Constantly playing to negate the opposition rather than playing to our own strengths is so often our undoing .The longer McCall persists with the obvious failings in his system that everyone bar him can see , the more the likelihood that mid to bottom half of the table is where we'll stay . Higdon as a lone striker doesn't work - fact . This has been painfully obvious in so many games , but on the rare occasion he is given someone to play just off him he has proven much more effective . How Humphrey merits a place in the squad never mind starting 11 is a mystery to me , he needs hunted to f#ck asap , waste of a jersey . Would like to see him dropped for Hibs , with McHugh or Ojamaa coming in and getting closer to Higgy . Would put Hateley back to R/B and Kerr in middle at back if Hutch not fit , and have liked the look of ZFA when he's had a chance . Give a midfield 3 a go again with Murphy in a free role in front of them , and if thats not working , revert back to a 4-4-2 with Murphy in front of Hateley , where at least he will be playing down the right on his stronger foot and might actually be able to get a cross into the box when he reaches the bye line . Randolph Hateley Hutchy Ramsden Hammell Lasley Law ZFA Murphy Higgy Ojamaa/Boab Had a few beers so don't know if this selection would stand up with most folk , feel free to shoot me down !!
  15. Complete pain in the arse . Should , as had been said , simply a case of s/t holders using a special voucher as per the Hibs game last season . Now means having to get away from work for a completely unnecessary trip to f/p for myself and many others in the same position , purely because of the usual sub standard level of communication from the club . If the special vouchers aren't going to be used for these situations , whats the point in printing them ?
  16. mfcdez

    U20 Fixtures

    Cheers mate , just wonderin if he looked worth adding to squad
  17. mfcdez

    U20 Fixtures

    I see the guy Bossekota started last nite , but only played 37 mins according to official site report . Was this due to him being gash , tactical change or whatever . Anyone who went along shed any light on his performance / think he's worth a deal ?
  18. mfcdez

    The Next 3 Games

    Brazilian is spot on IMO , supporting the team as long as I have , I always view top 6 as relative success , with anything over and above that an added bonus . We have one of the smallest squads , budgets and core supports in the league and are relying ever more often on our youngsters coming through the ranks . These guys will invariably have dips in form and confidence throughout the season , but reasonable fans make allowances for this and look to the more experienced squad members to dig deep and pull them through . That kind of fighting spirit and trench mentality are seriously lacking just now and McCall needs to instill it in them . We know we wont win every game , but the least we deserve is to see a team which goes into every one believing that they can
  19. Well 4 Europe makes the same point above as I and several others have made previously in that big Hutch needs an older head in beside him to help calm things when we are under pressure , as although been in the first team for a long time now , the added responsibility of him trying to guide Cummins through games definitely seems to be having an adverse effect . The only option we have is Ramsden , so its a case of going with them as a pairing and hope they forge a good understanding with each other and bring some stability to our back line . We have been conceding an alarming amount of soft goals lately , and serious work needs to be done on the training pitch to stop that trend continuing against Johnny Russell and co next week
  20. After watching Randolph saving us from complete humiliation today , I dread to think what could happen if he leaves as expected in January , and future games against that mob pan out in a similar vein as today's . I like Hollis and think he is a decent deputy for the big man , but had it been him or anyone else between the sticks this afternoon it could have been so much worse . Randolph will move on to much bigger things very soon with our best wishes , but his departure may cost us more in points than we are ever going to gain for him financially
  21. mfcdez


    Should be a clean sweep of votes and man love for big Darren . Enjoy the next couple of months watching him in our colours , as I doubt we will see another keeper of his quality donning them for a very long time Just noticed someone has voted Hateley ahead of him , We're all entitled to our opinion but wtf ! Is Hateleys da a member of these forums or what ?!!
  22. Another woeful performance on the park , and tactically inept one in the dugout . Too young , inexperienced and naive at the back to keep out any half decent forward line . Too lightweight and lacking in ideas from middle to front to trouble any half decent defence . Thank god for Randolph , that could have been so much worse . Got to somehow get back to winning ways against utd next week , and to do that I think McCall must make some of the changes most on here have been talking about for some time , starting with Humphrey taking a seat on the bench , or even the stand as he has been a waste of a jersey for weeks . Start Ojamaa playing off Higgys shoulder , as the big man had some really good hold up play today again , but had no other well player within 20 yards to benefit .
  23. Getting ready to head to F/P , dont know what McCalls proposed changes are goin to be , but with a squad as small as ours , how radical could they be ? What I do know is that after mid week , we are owed a big performance from whichever 11 step out onto the park . Its always a big ask to take anything from these games , but taking back some pride , and the knowledge that every single one of them has given their all is the minimum thats expected . Intae them !
  24. Seriously hope McCall changes things tomorrow , as the combination of players underperforming or playing out of position is going to see us go down to a potentially heavy defeat . Hateley to full back , and Humphrey to the bench would be my first two changes . We are the home team , and as such should take the game to the opposition . Lesser teams than us have adopted this approach and gained points against them , so why shouldn't we ? At them from the start at a decent tempo , don't let them settle and be decisive in final third , as central defence is still their weak point . Players owe themselves a performance as much as the fans for the sake of their professional pride , tomorrow wouldn't be too shabby a time to give it .
  25. Really like big Hutch , but got to remember he is still a young guy learning his trade . Maybe the added pressure of being the more experienced of our central defensive pairing is too much for him at the moment and adding to some of the rashness and conceding of needless fouls around the box by trying to do too much in helping Cummins through the game . Would like to see Hateley back to R/B with Ramsden in the middle with Hutch as a bit of a calming influence , as if we start with the same back line as last night and concede an early goal , we could be on for a serious pumping .

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