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  1. apparently there is a player in our squad, who has very rarely featured, who is paid more on a weekly basis than his free scoring highland counterpart i was utterly astonished when i heard this - fair play to the player for getting such a contract, but someone at Motherwell mustve been on a crack offering those terms
  2. so there are 1000 tickets available for pay at the gate customers? that'll do me, i've not managed to get over to FP
  3. reid and ainsworth frustrated the life out of me - professional footballers who cant use both feet to pass a ball 10yards is a joke we played a possesion game, but most if not all of reid's passes were to mcmanus - on all but one occasion he cut back on to his right foot, slowing the game down and giving the saints a chance to get back into position - the one time he went outside, he put a decent ball into the box and gave us a chance. ainsworth the exact same.....but i dont know if baraclough looked at ferguson and thought law would offer more protection than lionel due to his lack of tracking back and helping out defensively law is winning me round, i think its time he gets a run at right back sutton - im a fan of his, and i think he gets harshly treated on here however, if he is going to play in the team - we MUST play to his strengths otherwise he offers little. Higdon was the same. get to the byline, fire the ball across the box - he will score! he's proven it time and time again someone mentioned hammell being away, i think as a player he is slowing down - however i dont think his contribution can be under estimated. when he doesnt play, we miss him and his experience badly. we need to find a left footed left back who can replace time longer term - no one currently at the club is the answer
  4. 450 - that's crap, henry schivute gets 450 million listens on soundcloud alone
  5. mcbookie are now 4/5, but barraclough is 10/11 on same site
  6. the club were losing money on this as we need to give the away team half the money of the attendance......but we werent charging everyone a fee to attend, so it was a decision made to plug a hole - anyway, this part doesnt bother me - what bothers me here is the SFA - they made the decision to amend the football calendar, they have ultimately affected and dented the finances of all their member clubs - the attendance at every game other than Tynecastle was terrible - SORT IT OUT SFA or at least the clubs should be telling the SFA this needs to change This is currently how i feel every player in the first team squad is handsomely paid - waaaay waaaaay above average earnings - yes, yesterday prices were reduced - but i'd struggle to agree it was a bargain. maybe the players should take a bit of responsibility upon themselves and give the fans something to cheer them up - they can forego a weeks wages and pay for the fans to go to an away game, I was going to suggest Accies on New Years day, but we'll travel in numbers for that game anyway, so as an early Xmas present they can pay for the fans to go to Paisley a massive game - a real 6 pointer, and they get a proper backing by a vocal support and before people suggest, they've got bills too, yeah I agree, but they're still getting their appearance fee and they'll potentially get a win bonus too - i dont get extra money for turning up to work every day! And I dont get extra money for doing what I am paid to do either! (which in their case is to win football games, if I performed how they have been this season, I wouldnt have a job anymore) it works both ways, yes we as supporters should be supporting the team and encouraging them, but they need to also give us something to cheer - its the festive season afterall and its the season of giving!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. What is he meant to do? Just call Strachan and say not coming in this week?? That's just not going to happen. And if you think it is, then you are ridiculously naive. Yes, things are not looking good. I'm not entirely happy he won't be here to rally the troops. Everything that has went in our favour the last few years... Pen decisions, injuries, suspensions etc, has went against us this season. McCall won't be here next season. Whether we stay up or go down. So the decision the board need to make is...... Does he go now and let someone come in, to oversee the squad and give them a chance to do something in the jan transfer window. Or do we ride it out and see if someone comes in and we get compensation for him. As someone else mentioned, county have strengthened last few jan windows. There's nothing to suggest they won't do again.
  8. The only good thing to come out of our euro adventure this season. Amazing. Well done
  9. is that going to make him make better decisions? if that stat is true - then that is absolutely honking they were gutted at losing to Albion Rovers / Stjarnan - it is not improving, cup games are one offs - you need to lift it, you need to fight for it, you need to match the opposition - we are not doing that!! god help whoever we draw next time? are you for real? teams will want to play us
  10. weesacs

    Josh Law Vs Faddy

    why?? did he pick up a knock or is he not doing it in training? he came here because he wasnt getting game time in poland, i expected way more from him without a doubt, if he plays like we know he can, he is the most talented player in that team- he is the one who CAN cause opposing teams problems with his running, closing down and ultimately some goals bring back the old Henrik - the guy who was causing havoc amongst these defenders and making them look stupid
  11. weesacs

    Hamilton Lc

    no one stood out for me - bad night all round, didnt feel we wanted it as much as them, and often felt we were second to every ball - they harrassed us when we did have it, and more often than not, lost the ball or made mistakes 25 mins against 10 men and we cant do the basics no one should get this vote!!
  12. weesacs

    Josh Law Vs Faddy

    i'm pretty sure Josh Law scored on his debut for us!! whilst i'm not happy with the performance of anyone last night, i think its unfair to critisise or single out one player. he may not have set the heather on fire this season - but he is far from being the worst offender. we cant compare him to faddy - that too is unfair another who has not impressed me since his return is Henrik, much like Vigurs - wants too much time, tries to do too much nad ends up getting caught in possesion and losing the ball
  13. Sorry JG!! I was meaning an imminent departure or not. Or maybe even January. But his contract is up at end of season. And his will be the same as departed players. Comprende amigo??
  14. not sure when he will leave, whether that be now or near future - one thing is for sure though, he wont be here next season - that much is pretty guranteed
  15. 118 at dingwall last week - i cant see more than that
  16. whilst i agree that we have been overrun and outplayed this season you think 8-0 on saturday? what about the real game on sunday? 3 or 4-1 is my prediction
  17. I'm sure Las and Hammy have done/are doing their badges, im sure I read that somewhere........and as for Craggs, he left and never stayed in football because there was more money in what he is doing now. I think we all need to remember that for alot of the players, one of the main reasons they are here is Stuart McCall - they might not take to someone else and that will only lead to disaster. If the story is true, to me its a smart move by Palace - getting a well thought of manager who knows the Scottish game inside out, can take a few gems down south for peanuts are sell them on for a very healthy profit. Its a man Warnock obviously trusts and can get him to do alot of his day to day running. Again, all hypothetical - I'd be sad to see him go, however, its a move that he totally deserves after what he has achieved with ourselves
  18. it is yes, but AFAIK, since he left us he's been plying his trade as a central midfielder - however, if he can improve what we currently have, which I thnk he can, then i'd take him - as much as i still hate the fact he paraded himself in those green n white hoops
  19. i think this is a great idea and something i might now take up. i dont have a ST and at these prices, it is defo something that appeals to me i have only been to the Stjarnan game and Killie away - and it is looking very likely that the next game i will go to will be Accies away
  20. 21/10 with bet365 for an away win IMO - thats a fantatsic price considering how we are playing just now
  21. thats good to know - because you would be waiting a while
  22. whilst i agree with that, he was the same before he went to Hearts and Higdon was the same - im sure the shout was something like, "jump / run ya big lazy bastard" these guys have proved they can score, its up to him to get in the positions and the rest of the team to provide the chances - he has not recieved any service, therefore he is not going to score any goals - it really is that simple. Higgy or Sutton were/are not flashy players, give them the service and they will score to me, it looked as if we were playing a 4132, with lasley sitting deep and 3 centre midfielders of Law, Vigurs and Leitch - none of whom impressed me at all. Carswell at left back - nightmare, everytime the ball came to him, he is cutting inside, slowing the play down and heading into trouble. there was NO width whatsoever something needs to change, we need more balance in the team and whilst i would not call Vigurs an imposter, his talent is clear - he can not play the role asked of him saturday past - if he does, then IMO he IS a waste of a jersey - failing to track back when he lost the ball, blowing out of his arse after half an hour - that isnt good enough. A few nice passes here or there does not counter his lack of work ethic St J are a very well organised team - i fear for saturday, especially if we have Hammell, Ramsden, Kerr, McManus all missing
  23. VVVVVVVVVVVVV this man is correct - however he has been the only one who has given the youngsters their chance, we were once the team reknown for given them a chance - that is fading away now i normally agree with alot of what you say but for me, if you play Henrik on one side and Ainsworth on the other, you cannot afford to play Vigurs in the middle - IMO, way too many attack minded players and not enough defensive cover, especially if we dont have a natural left back - we are always way too exposed on that side is Vigurs fully fit though? and im not sure i like him out wide.........he has great technique, and his delivery into the box is fantastic, for me, he just lacks the legs both going forward and also covering his defensive duties, i'd like to see him played inside a little bit but that would mean a change to our system, which at the moment may not be a bad thing (but not a 352!!!!!) and i do think that if we can get Leitch and Carsy playing more often they could either be there for a long time or potentially getting us some much needed transfer money - the potential is there, i think they both still need nurtured, game time and can also still benefit from Lasleys experience
  24. studs back in a motherwell strip - nice happy with that!! solid pro

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