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  1. Jay only interviews horses, not people.
  2. anyone see "the manager" on BTSport? he comes across so well, very much a "football man" - they make reference to that couch someone referred to above and I'm with Sieb, an excellent footballer who was way ahead of Scottish footbal at the time a very good watch
  3. if theyve no manager who is doing the deal? Lawell? he's a fantastic player and i think McCall alluded to it at one point when asked if he could have any player in the SPFL who would it be, and the reply was Ciftci- but if I were a Utd fan, I actually think they will be better off with Boyd IF the rest of the talented guys hang around. Much like Higdon having Henrik, Law, Faddy and Humphrey If Kris Boyd is given the service he will score goals for fun
  4. i saw him play years ago too, although I thought he was going to be more Didier Deschamps / John Collins / Lothar Matthaüs / Gheorge Hagi type player
  5. the 3 players you mention are all totally different footballers McNaughton wont sign for us, he is under contract and a team with more money than we have will be more than happy to take him on if he agrees a deal with Cardiff
  6. i would too, but apparently going back to Hearts as a player/coach..............another reason for getting rid of Alan Combe however, this contradicts everything he has said about getting abck to playing at the highest level
  7. somewhere that is easy to get to and a stadium where everyone who wants to go - can. Llanelli would be good again, as would some of the irish teams. even some of the scandanavian ones - then after that, i'll take a french, german, austrian team i think i must be the complete opposite to decorator on the kassie site - its nice to see that it is assumed we will qualify for the next round!!
  8. delighted big mick has decided to stay and i do hope others follow i think we need to keep it in context that he is in a very fortunate position where money is probably not high on his agenda - he's made alot out of the game. other people at the club, who are out of contract may not be in such a fortunate position and money may be higher on their agenda however, i hope i am wrong and i hope his signing is the catalyst to get others to follow suit Hammell, Faddy and McManus are all local boys - having a family settled close by is certainly advantageous to us
  9. from the fans? or the younger players? hibs - if they can stay up, Utd - Ciftci will be away, and i think their "support" players would majorly benefit him
  10. post the editors email address on here, and we can all send him some emails asking why the foul on hutchy is not a pen? we can also send him a freeze frame of the static aberdeen defenders asking why do they not play to the whistle? and we can also get them to ask DMcI why a player who fell over sutty and clangers, still manages to get up off his arse and prod the ball home before any of their players react get it right up ye Aberdeen you deserve everything you got, and the way the goal went in makes it only sweeter for us "YOU'RE NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE"
  11. you are always wrong
  12. if stuart mccall can get us some silverware, he will go down as one of the best managers EVER the last few seasons have been sensational - absolutely fantastic achievement to hit 70 points (exactly double what the big city club Hibs achieved) was interesting to note from the BBC Alba HT footage with Hammell, it was mentioned what is sometimes brought up on here.......his reply was "i'd give up all the success we've had over the years to bring some silverware to the club" and to think of all those people who wanted him out in December!!!!!!!!!
  13. hes done fantastically well, but IMO, if Aberdeen finish 4th or better, I think McIness will win it McCall is now a victim of his own success - its "expected" that we finish up there they are a bottom 6 team! first cup win in 19yrs and looking likely to make it to their 2nd final of the season I'd love McCall to win it, but the reason the media are going on about Aberdeen is a combination of : they are a sleeping giant, the turnaround this season has been exceptional, they have a large support which can help the mess Scottish football is in, they have been a good team to watch
  14. McCall is certainly a factor in why some players have signed for us - seems to have a very good reputation amongst the players in Scotland, however, someone like Big Mick and Faddy, I'm guessing aswell as hyaving McCall as their manager, they also enjoy playing with their "mates". IMO, if one or two go, then we will see a few of them go - but if one or two stay, it could be enough to convince the others to stay As for McCall - whilst I would like him to sign an extension, the bit I have highlighted will not happen - that was one reason why he stalled over signing the new deal. Motherwell obviously want to protect themselves and be compensated but McCall does not want to be priced out of job. I believe, and this is not 100% fact, that the "release fee" is a set amount rather than the remainder of his contract. He has ambitions too, and I could not and would not blame him for moving on - other than win a cup,(and maybe a goal in europe!) he has done everything else.
  15. any type of win for me i dont care if its beautiful or ugly all i want is the 3 points
  16. PR stunt in my eyes few folk have touched on it already........it's like scoring an early goal, you want to silence the opposing fans, they want to silence us - they see us as a 12th man we shouldnt be saying we are not going, it should make some more folk go sing louder "oh the hibees are shite" "maurice malpas, yer a .............." "mo mo mo, nobody likes ye, nobody likes ye!!!"
  17. was he not released when we were in administration?
  18. i actually cant believe this........... but i agree 100% agree and mccall doesnt ALWAYS go 442 - its not how we lined up against St J and were punished for it, he changed it at HT and we were far better after the change (although we were still mince - but that gives you an idea as to hwo bad we were 1st half) Zero faith in McCall? - i think he deserves better than that, he's shown that we can play good football and we are 3rd in the league at this moment in time, finsihed 2nd last year, been best of the rest for a few years now, so i think that's pretty harsh IMO - he will be away at the end of the season, he can't do any more with our team and the only way is down, he'll leave whilst the iron is hot
  19. i heard that hammy may be off, he likes it here - but could be offered reduced terms and apparently there has been a few teams in touch with his agent - the only reason he stayed on the last time was his testimonial whilst i'm not Hollis' no 1 fan - what has he done so wrong? IMO nothing, this season he has been unlucky with injuries - he's certainly not in the Nielsen category - however i owuld liek to see us go after McDonald or Kello
  20. think Reid will come straight in at RB......and that means, depending on injuries to carswell and las, Vigurs may be pushed inside and ZFA on the left however, after reading that Wright, Scobbie and Davidson are all missing - i am little more confident but Hasselbaink, May and Big Chris will give us the run around 2-1 us hopefully! so the drive home isnt as bad!!
  21. so if i wanted a share for nothing other than nostalgic reasons - 1- can i do this? 2 - what is it likely to cost me?
  22. i normally big Carsy up, however against Aberdeen, when Kerr went off - they hit that side of the park and Hayes slaughtered him every time (yes Hayes is one for the better players in this league - but Carsy just aint a RB) dont like seeing Hammy playing RB, cutting inside that far back is inviting trouble in my opinion - especially if you have a team who play 5 across the middle and like to press think it will be closer than some may think, but i'll take any sort of scrappy win to keep the pressue on the sheep and keep a gap between us and ICT (who will probabl y beat Hearts this weekend)
  23. killie away - cant remember when, scottish cup i think woke up in the cells apparently i was so drunk i couldnt walk and was nicked in the toilet by police who followed me from the stand nice £60 fine finally got let out about 8pm that night, when i was more sober, got a carry out for the train back up the road and when we reached central, i was "singing too loudly" and got huckled again! when asked if i'd ever been in trouble with the police before - NO was the response!! they then proceeded to make me take my clothes off so that they could get a description of every tatoo i have!!
  24. rather than moaning - what are the alternatives? suggestions please? its unfortunate we have ICT away midweek - but what about the ICT fans, they have Motherwell away midweek? infact, nearly every game ICT (and County) play away from home is a minimum of 100 miles one way

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