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  1. Thanks for all the advice. Thinking the Cooper will be the best option. He loves face painting. The swearing not the big problem he probably knows more than me! Just been hyping it up to him all week. Hope he enjoys it. What are the rules about taking crisps and sweets etc into the ground? Make sure his ds is charged as well!
  2. Taking my son to his first Well game on Wednesday and need a bit of advice. My favourite place is the east stand but not sure it will be the best for him. Atmosphere will be best there, but might pick up a few new words. What are the family sections these days? Is there one in the POD or is it solely the Cooper stand... He's been at Lanark Utd games before, but never a proper match when you need to sit down for 90 mins! Thanks in advance. Al
  3. Hello Sidney

    I'm a big fan of a certain column in the Daily Record, and its Saturday Glossy supplement.

    Also a big fan of the off the Ball radio show, and i am saddened to hear of the missing presenter this week.

    May be putting tow and two together, but I want to offer my full support to you, as i know its easy to make a mistake with an ill concieved rant w...

  4. This season, Motherwell have jumped 2 places in the all time SPL table, amassing a total of 717 points since the SPL creation. We leapfrogged The Dons and Killie to claim 4th spot! not bad for a wee team! ALL TIME SPL TOP SIX POINTS SCORED CELTIC 1318 (last season 1st) RANGERS 1175 (last season 2nd) HEARTS 826 (last season 3rd) MOTHERWELL 717 (last season 6th) KILLIE 712 (last season 4th) ABERDEEN 707 (last season 5th)
  5. Hatley's last minute belter against St Mirren. Loved it, and my highest viewed youtube clip! Was in the home end, with my Paisley Brother in law, and his St Mirren supporting pals, so was great to see the look on their faces!!!
  6. A great day to be a Well fan! Changing ringtone to the Champions League theme!!!!!
  7. Really sorry I didn't record in hd. Forgot to adjust it before filming...
  8. Hate being in the home stand when the well are playing away..... still got a great view of the goal, and was well chuffed to hear the singing section all through the match! Possibly only about 3 mins out of the 90 in total when they wernt singing! A day to remember, and I have to say some of the Saints fans patter is just pish!!!!!
  9. Managed to film the goal yesterday!!! Was sitting in the West Stand, alongside my Paisely born brother in law and his 2 St Mirren fan friends......... Smug face summed me up at the end of the game!!!! LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPx28fc82DM
  10. 1002 actually. Was sitting in the west stand with my Paisley brother in law! Got a great video of the goal! Mon the well!
  11. 2001 xara motorola one. Always brought me luck. This year ive worn it for the 2-0 celtic game, and all the cup games. Got a dirty mark on oit this morning, but cleaned it up quickly! Not leaving it to chance! This top is the lucky talisman!!!
  12. Joewarkfanclub. One of the best posts I have read. Thanks.
  13. I thought so. May end up heading to city centre and take it from there. The last final, we ended up going to the Clockwork, but it was hoaching with h**s, so not to sure really Wing it may be the order of the day!!!
  14. Myself, wee bro and Dad all heading to the final. My first thought was to meet them at Rutherglen Station, then a wee march / mini pub crawl up to ampden, but that might just take us to the wrong end of the ground. What would be a safer/better option for us, or are there any well friendly pubs either in the city centre or otherwise?? Think i may go to Lanark first and meet them and get the train from there, may be a safer bet with a few more well fans! Any advice much appreciated! Cheers
  15. Me neither. Getting a bit worried!
  16. Was given a '51 and a '52 programme by a very genourous cusstomer about 3 years ago. Sitting pride of place in my dining room. Not sure what they are worth, but i remember the'52 one going for about£300 on ebay a few years ago. Would never sell them though!

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