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  1. Moult for me! Not only the work rate but the pace the boys got and willingness to go for the full 90! Impressive!!! Not many failures tonight tho!!!
  2. 46 ???????? His paper bag must've been the one with all the supplements in!!!
  3. If Straker sits in the left back position and doesn't venture over the halfway line he'll do okay! He looked lost going forward a fortnight ago but held his own while defending, I thought!
  4. 4th and final according to Twitter! Nite all!!!
  5. Wow...that wasn't what I was expecting!!! Welcome to Firpark one & all!!! Can't wait till a week on Saturday now, which ain't something I've been saying much this season!!!
  6. Have we just paid cash money for a player...or someone going the other way???
  7. If it's just the East that's damaged, couldn't the club just run with the three stands, similar to what Dundee did a couple of weeks ago? Football on a Saturday would be more beneficial than a midweek game?!?!
  8. Possibly because he ain't allowed to bring that fucktard Malpas with him!!! Now we just need Fucktard No 2 Shiels to say something similar!!!
  9. So, tonight is gonna be interesting and unfortunately one I'm gonna miss! Team choice for one may shed some light of any, if any, dressing room bust ups that have been rumoured! It may also show signs of how many wanna play under the old regime! But here's the kicker, if we do win tonight, that's gonna put Black in the frame for the gig and piss all those (lets call them 'Gannonites'!!!) off that called for Stuart McCall's job! Yes, we weren't playing well, yes it's looking bleak, but we have to be careful what we wish for, or all the good work that has happened in the last 10-12 years goes to pot! We're no longer deemed as a bottom 6 club due to the great work McGhee, Brown and latterly McCall has put in! So all those attending tonight, I hope u put whatever agendas aside, get behind the team and current management team and hope we get a win for Stuart McCall and the work he has done in the last 3 & half years, whether u liked him or not!!!
  10. Anyone who is celebrating this as a victory really needs to take a look at themselves! Just seen his stats on SSN 43% win rate and won more than he's lost! Thought personally he had till Christmas to get us some wins and the fact he's resigned speaks volumes of what's going on financially at the club and I respect him even more for not holding out for the pay-out! Thanks for the 3 & half year roller coaster ride Stuart! Some of those highs will live long in the memory!!!
  11. David Badcock we know she said no!
  12. No money, No squad, but 100% commitment from our team throughout the season to push the media darlings all the way for what was the 'sheeps' 2nd place!!! Can't wait for this now and don't care if we get beat, I just want to go and support my team who have a chance which not many of us could've dreamed about last August!!!

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