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  1. ScottW1886

    2018’19 Game 17:St Johnstone (A) Saturday 15th December 2018

    Does this maybe show why Robinson is employed by a football club to make decisions, while you just criticise his every decision with no real consequences? Also, a 3-5-2 doesn't use a left back.
  2. ScottW1886

    2018’19 Game 15:Celtic (H) Wednesday 5th December 2018

    Last season that level of contact was sufficient for Sinclair and McGregor to be awarded penalties against us, so it seems fair enough that it's also a foul by Benkovic
  3. ScottW1886

    Aberdeen Man of the Match

    ARod for me... He was instrumental in his 14 minute cameo and has been the real driving force in the recent 3 wins.
  4. ScottW1886

    2018’19 Game 13: Aberdeen (H) Saturday 24th November 2018

    Is this linked to the Ikpeazu challenge? Robinson said he deliberately signed 2 'first choice' goalkeepers so this is the scenario this was intended for then.
  5. ScottW1886

    2018’19 Game 13: Aberdeen (H) Saturday 24th November 2018

    If McHugh's was a penalty then this was... Not even highlighted on Sportscene either.
  6. This bit is absolutely key... Assuming we score the penalty, it's 7-2 and not much of a difference on the day. That 1 goal could be as good as 3 points come the end of the season in determining a European place for The Rangers, and a playoff/relegation place for us. That, and Tavernier should be suspended for their next game so their next opponents can also feel aggrieved that when The Rangers get their inevitable penalty, their penalty taker shouldn't be taking it.
  7. The circumstances under which McCall won his appeal are interesting as well. Thomson claimed that McCall swore at him in the tunnel, however the whole incident was caught on camera and also witnessed first hand by the referee's supervisor. The footage and the report from the supervisor both confirmed that McCall hadn't used the language he was accused of so Thomson blatantly lied to cover up a decision he'd taken. He's a referee that has an astounding list of questionable incidents against the club. Interesting side note, as last season was his last as a FIFA official he was listed to referee both of the major cup finals. He was replaced by Kevin Clancy for the Scottish Cup Final. Read into that what you will after his red cards in the 2 games against Celtic he did referee.
  8. ScottW1886

    Who’s next?

    I guarantee you that we won't get three points on Saturday.... I'll also guarantee you that we won't lose or draw!
  9. On the goal, there is no doubt that McHugh's pass was a very poor one and has pretty much cost us the game. It's a shame because otherwise he was immense, but split second errors can lose games. TV evidence shows that Carson got the ball first though and was then caught by Ikpeazu, so technically the goal shouldn't have stood. It's even more galling when the replays show Ikpeazu has led with the studs, and given we've seen players sent off for less he was very fortunate that it was almost impossible to spot at full pace. Hearts then proceeded to employ every dirty, underhand trick in the book to run the clock down for the last hour. Dunne must have feigned injury at least 4 times, to then get straight back up and sprint back into position. Souttar's simulation at the end was ridiculous, and the linesman couldn't flag quickly enough despite having a clear view of a player go down when his opponent was at least 6 feet away. Naismith kicking through Aldred's ankle and then accusing Aldred of cheating was peak Naismith as well. The seats and the f****n blood chants on the way out just confirmed that the club and fans have now gone full Rangers. Hopefully someone puts them back in their place soon.
  10. ScottW1886

    Changes At Motherwell Ladies Fc

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44980404 More changes required
  11. ScottW1886

    Post Motherwell careers

    To paraphrase Tom Boyd in his acceptance speech at being voted best ever captain; "well he won more than us"...
  12. ScottW1886

    New Assistant

    Paul Lambert...
  13. ScottW1886

    2014-15 Ins And Outs

    Gunnar Nielsen has the same physique as the new man, yet he doesn't bully strikers or command his area particularly better than Dan Twardzik so it doesn't automatically follow that Long will either. Also Twardzik is 6 foot tall, he's not a midget by any stretch of the imagination!
  14. ScottW1886

    2014-15 Ins And Outs

    Can't agree - Pearson was actually a very potent attacking force against Dundee Utd so I think he'll add something in the way of goals. Should have had a penalty, set up Sutton for what was initially given as a goal and was unlucky not to score himself. He also linked up well with Erwin so I'm encouraged that he can create chances...
  15. ScottW1886

    2014-15 Ins And Outs

    How quickly people forget... The majority of that team were heavily involved in getting the club to a record points total last season. They may be on a very poor run of form just now, but is it not slightly harsh to refer to them as the worst team ever? The record points total is in the record books afer all, when folk look back how will they tie up the claims the the men who did that were regarded as the worst team ever?!

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