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  1. So maybe the video wasn't all about hooring him to Celtic... Great news.
  2. A 4-1 win and you've still got to find something to pick fault with? Jesus wept.
  3. The Scottish press have managed to focus only on the Celtic elements of the video and his "heartbreak" over his "dream move" [emoji2359] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Just fucking win And maybe stop feeding the trolls for a few days.
  5. This is far from over though - there's still Steelboy's appeal to be heard by the judge now....
  6. Did we no have Josh Watt as well - brother of Luke?
  7. Airdrie died... Clydebank don't really offend me to be honest.
  8. Can you imagine if there's not a working scanner that day....
  9. The Tom Boyd stuff is interesting, when he was voted Greatest Ever Captain his interview was pretty poor, referring to Motherwell as "yous" and "I won more than yous". I don't expect that our players support Motherwell and if he's a Celtic fan at heart then good luck to him, but players are probably the only people connected to the game where it's accepted to have a fondness for more than one club and if you've captained a club to their only success in many of their fans' memories then I'd think you'd be a bit more affectionate. Glad to read that he seems to be after all... As for the vote, I went for Cammy Bell for that goal that day....
  10. Wouldn't trust a word he says. Met him in Lidl before the Ross County game and he said we'd get 3 points. Lies.
  11. I can't link to Twitter from work, but if you can find Laura Brannan on Twitter she posted it recently....
  12. My point was mainly tongue in cheek, but the amount of Celtic content he's liked and the number of tweets from their fans saying they'll see him in January or similar he's also liked, would suggest that his head may very well still be along the M74. The media have already seized on his 'likes' when the move was going ahead so I wouldn't be surprised if they do so again if Celtic need the pressure put back on publicly.
  13. I think you just did!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Someone needs to have a chat with him about the like button on Twitter, a lot of Celtic related content he's liking just now
  15. Not having a go at you here, but that kind of sums up Scottish football... Gannon rightly or wrongly felt the players should be avoiding alcohol during the season to improve their fitness. Collins had a similar issue at Hibs.

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