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  1. I've been on holiday for 2 weeks and David has been out of town, apologies for the missing MOTM votes.
  2. i'm sure it was 1966 that 4-4-2 came to prominence and by the late 80's teams were moving off that formation.
  3. Correlation does not imply causation!
  4. You can, but I'd bore you and the rest of the forum with it.
  5. He'll probably get in though, watching the seethe online will be epic too.
  6. It's not the money you spend on buying, it's the money you spend on wages
  7. Apologies for lack of Hearts poll
  8. Glenlivet I've found to be pretty smooth and no hospital aftertaste
  9. I'm still looking for a whisky that doesn't taste like a burnt hospital
  10. Callum Slattery weeyin 4 hours ago
  11. Apologies, had a busy weekend
  12. Stevie Hammell never played in goals, never played left wing or CF, Joe Wark's feats on the field are somewhat overshadowed by his length of service, Stevie Hammell doesn't know my father either.
  13. I'll hazard a guess that he means the Danderhall donkey.
  14. Apologies. Birthday weekend
  15. I think Aberdeen's pace up front will cause us problems.
  16. I'm sure both of my mates who passed away would have a different outlook on personal decisions to vaccinate. Always baffles me that putting others at risk is seen as a personal choice.
  17. Are you 11? Still got the worst patter on here I see, it's up there with those tubes that *roleplay* conversations. Gi'e it a rest
  18. Can only be the goal scorer for me
  19. He has benefitted greatly from being eased into the role and terrific mentorship, he gets a solid B- from me so far
  20. There's no place for sentiment in business, I know we are a small club, but still one of the top clubs in the country, at times sentiment has cost us in the past.

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