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  1. It's getting close to the time that this poisonous pile of shite is shut down
  2. My initial point was the rush to bemoan what appears to be from the majority who were there. A decent effort I mentioned striking the bar as surely that must count as at least a decent effort.
  3. I've been to more away games than you'll ever dream sonny Jim. I'm also pleased to be a poster of my own individual thoughts - not like you a cheerleader for your boyfriend
  4. Does hitting a shot straight at the keeper count? But it's on target though so I suppose that's better
  5. I think you might be right. I looked at their line up from Friday night and guessed
  6. I don't really give a fuck if we struggle midweek. We're going through a wee bit of a personell crisis so I'm just hoping we recover and regroup

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