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  1. There must be doubts about this game being on? Its to rain for 48 hrs
  2. Calm doon We beat the h**s 68% of the time. 6-1 100% of the time.
  3. If there's nae buses going up she'll turn the weans against us.
  4. Think there was a few attempts to get a bus going from Daniels but it was down to regular numbers & someone having to organise it. Hence it lasted 2 games
  5. Just signed up to the £10 a month paypal thing. Pain free.
  6. On eBay. a good cause apparently..... http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=151726984850&globalID=EBAY-GB
  7. I'll have 1 of each game, where do I pay (I have a paypal account)
  8. Is it going to stay as a file or make onto a DVD for the luddites among us?
  9. well you might as well give it a go if there's no sign of an official option....
  10. Don't know if its financially worth while or morally (being pish all season I mean)?? I'd buy one & watch it, DVD daft me.
  11. I spoke to the mascot's dad, mcdonald swore near the wee guy not at him. He didn't even hear it, the club phoned to apologise anyway.

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