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  1. Gary Smith? If so, he got released aswell, no sure where he went though, Stenny or somethin
  2. Now McCalls staying, I think Gary Harkins will be on the radar. Though, am no sure we could have both him n Higgy in the same startin 11! Harkins a good footballer though, would link up well with Ojammas runs.
  3. The very 1st post on this thread is quite funny
  4. Eh, hows about Sat We were never winning that game, playing long balls to Higdon He brought on Angol n Mchugh and played round them, rather than to Ross Tokelys heed!
  5. Who else has watched "Simply the greatest" tonight?
  6. Big, big game this, so thought a would get the chat going! Hammell for Angol is the only likely change, but wouldn`t be fussed if ZFA was given the nod, looks a good player. Hopefully Hutch n Lasley were saving themselves for Sat, as they never kicked a ball last night! Hopefully take a good crowd up to this one, the pricing is fair, Sat at 3pm, not on tele, and its the Scottish cup!! Keep the good away form up, al go for the shoulda been result last time, 1-3, Higgy x2,Ojamma!! Lets do this Motherwell!!
  7. Club aint really thought this one through have they..... Its only gona be the core Motherwell and Dundee Utd fans who will be at this match, as am 100% sure any neutral thinkin about going will realise they could just sit in the hoose and watch the Celtic-Barcelona game So we aint gona loose that much £, as thats obviously what there thinkin.
  8. Lets get back into talkin about the fitba again Always a tough game to call v the Jambos, but a think we will be refreshed and up for this one! So am goin for a 2-0 away win, Higgy and Law. Dont think there will be much of an away support through to be honest, taking all considerations into account, hope am wrong though and its a similar atmosphere and result to the one we got tail end of last season `Mon the `Well!
  9. Nothing to do with the club, thats fine. Where is the major work being carried out, and surely they musta known there was a chance things coulda went tits up, while theres a game on at Fir Park?!
  10. Feelin quite confident about this one. Big Higgys on fire, get Hateley back to RB, Ojamma in for Murph. Would also put Ramsden back in for Cummins. He struggled last week playing against Nish, and would expect a pretty similar contest against Vernon. Harsh on Fraser Kerr also, but think that wee bit extra experience in the team for this one will benefit us. 2-0 `Well, Higgy and Law , remaining top of the pile going into the OF double header
  11. 16/5 we were yesterday (-1)....Thats too good to resist.
  12. Agreed. With this cup game, prob TV money to go with it, the Panathiniakos game, TV deal in place and the extra match v Levante, how can we be much worse off from last year??? Stop pissin about n get Faddy signed up!!
  13. Although the scoreline don`t look great, looks brilliant havin a full stadium http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjTeVUaIUHA&feature=related Didn`t realise how close Randy was to getin to both goals
  14. This Greek channel looks to have it on.... http://otetv.ote.gr/portal/page/portal/OTETV/Channels/Sports Good quality of the 1st leg on youtube.
  15. Anyone else get an email from Sky today, saying there putting prices up?!

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