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  1. Excellent postings, keep it up

  2. more than likely sportsound via www.bbc/sportsound .co.uk or on 94.3/104.5 fm or 810 mw
  3. Funnily enough, I subscribe to the theory that Injury prone players at one club could possibly be injury free at another,the difference being down to training methods. Just a thought
  4. live commentary here http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/s...rem/6359481.stm
  5. seems to be just a jpeg image mate, any link to the live webcam?
  6. So good ,you said it twice
  7. 1/ Just because they were not found does not mean they do not exist ..................and If I recall correctly, you chose not to stick to the thread by bringing Mad ass's regime up in the first place 2/ could very well be, and could equally ( at this stage of the game) be for the golden boot up the arse or out the door 3/ Has he actually signed for the club,if not will he or is it all in your imagination
  8. How can you compare Sadaam's murderous regime to a young boy's obervation that the thread will probably start up, as there is always one who thinks " our new Messiah" is shite .......... would that be a Mackerel?........... something fishy about that

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