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  1. Thanks guys. Ended up parking in the street which runs parallel to the medical centre car park. not bad for getting away. up the hill to the main road and left and along down to asda. thanks for the replies. just wonder why they put them up in the first place. as someone suggested maybe when concerts are on and theyre expecting a lot of people maybe charge for the parking or give some sort of code. ah well glad anyone who was in got out lol.
  2. Hi all.. Been working south for a a while and back up for my first home game for a while. My mate told me that there have been access barriers installed. Whats the script now? is it still acessible?
  3. On that Kerrydale Street theyre saying that the scanner at Ross Hall where they do there medicals was broken and that he had to go down to Manchester to use the scanner down there.
  4. Imagine the scenario. Celtic at Ibrox going into last game of the season. Celtic going for 10 in a row. Equal with rangers on goal difference and points. O-O and minutes to go. Rangers player goes down and ball put into touch. Do you think Celtic would give them the ball back and not take the opportunity to win. Not a fecking chance they wouldnt.. Always the victim
  5. Looking at Tom Aldreds twitter feed, sounds like hes away to.
  6. Seems like then weve given back tickets for B4 and B5 then. Taken from the announcement on the general sale which was put out on the official website on Monday "As per SPFL instructions, tickets will be sold from Area P1 towards P6, Area A1 towards A7 and then Area B1 towards B3". As previous posters have commented, id rather we were getting a share of the gate receipts from a full stadium rather than from a 3/4 full one.
  7. All they would have to do is open the kiosks at the bottom of the Cooper. Stick a few barrels behind the counter or bottles and hopefully cut the queues.
  8. Its going to be that before the game. 41 plus coaches filling edward street, firpark street and knowetop avenue. If they all leave at 1pm ish thats one hell of a convoy heading down airbles road towards the motorway.
  9. Thats good if they on A7 now. Selling 14 sections in 2 days is good going. The fact they released up to A7 means something. Anyway got tickets and bus seats so buzzing for the 26th.
  10. When i got my 2 tickets at 1pm this afternoon, the office were up to Section P3. There were seats left i understand in P1 and P2 but from what i heard there were single seats here and there. A guy next to me tried to buy tickets for the West Stand behind goals, but was told that club had been told to start selling from section O outwards and that they wouldnt release sections behind goals until other sections had been close to sold out. P3 where i am starts at seat 61 up to 89 and front o back row b to row uu. Here is a link which shows the sections which should give us an idea what has been sold so far http://www.hampdenpark.co.uk/visitor-information/stadium-plan.html. Tam
  11. at least there would be absolutely no chance of anyone poaching those 2 feckers from us if the story is indeed true
  12. Would take Tel back in a sec as long as when he was driving down the A9 to come back he reached 70 mph opened the door and launched that prick Malpas out on his erse.
  13. Rocky Unfortunately its not as easy as that sounds. All the stands are constantly monitored by the police in the control room in the south stand. If they see that something is happening the word goes down the line from the control room/senior stewards and the stewards are then expected to carry out whatever instruction they are asked to do. Unfortunately there are only a few stewards who read these forums so i cant give an opinion on their behalf. Using the sitting discussion i totally agree it would make our job easier but if we turned a blind eye as you suggest, we wouldnt be there for long. The hastle i get sometimes, i wonder if id be better packing it in and getting an East Stand season ticket which i used to have up until a few years ago lol. I wish i could give you a better answer. Think at the end of the day its down to the way an individual steward deals with someone. Some do go over the score and ive seen it happen. Im a 'Well fan through and through and enjoy stewarding even tho it is for peanuts lol
  14. Rocky The sitting down argument is old ground that has been raked over several times. First and foremost the sitting down and bouncing about is a health and safety issue. I personally wish that the grounds had terracing, as i liked to walk from one end to another when the teams changed ends but in an all seated stadium you are stuck in the same place. I can appreciate to, where the the posters who think that we are out to stifle fun are coming from but the bulk and i say bulk of the stewards are not there to deliberately spoil anyones fun. In carrying out duties and enforcing certain issues, of course 'sitting ' being one of them, we are going to be seen as spoilsports. However in saying that, i know that there are individuals stewarding at Fir Park who shouldnt be stewards. Lets face it, as long as the H&S policies are in force, us stewards will enforce it as best we can but try and enforce it with a human face and not some power hungry despot with a yellow jacket. Ive worked in the Cooper for 4 years now and make time to say hello to my regulars. 'sweetie money' - yip agree there. If youve experienced the stewarding at other clubs, you'll see that we are not the worst. As Wellboy 60 stated in another earlier thread, if youve got an issue with stewarding speak to the stand supervisor and they will try and address the issue instead of saying nothing then coming on here and having a go at us. Finally i want the Cooper back as much as the next man. Do you think i like seeing my fans being kicked out for both sides of the OF.

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