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  1. steelboy you must be serious contender for fool of the century with they statements. It took Mccall up to last week to decide if he could budget for 2 of the players you have mentioned above, but you could have saved McCall, MFC and most of all the guys you named money, effort and time. I`m a relative of one of they no-hopers you have named above and would like to know what makes you such an expert? And how many yrs you have earned a living from football, like they no-hopers. As for the youth development, murphy, saunders, hutchy, mcHugh, carswell, page, that`s a shocking return on our youth development
  2. Lawless, halsman, forbes and McKinnon will not be playing part time football, all have offers on the table from full time teams , England & Scotland. McCall would have liked to have kept a few, but budget dictated things, Best wishes go to all the guys released, and hope they carve out a career for themselves elsewhere.
  3. All the players are being told today who are being offered new contracts or not. Some of the players being offered 1st div wages at most. Mass exodus coming soon me thinks.
  4. There`s no way any Well players are on £2.5K a week and that is FACT, £1.5k -£2k is the top earners down to £300 per week. Some guys are being offered more bucks from 1st Div clubs to sign at end of season. 3 or 4 guys already told they can go and others will find out very soon.
  5. Of course it is, that is what i was saying in the last 4 or 5 lines, only the old firm can field a team of 90% senior pro`s or pro`s with lots of experience. Who said there was senior pro`s sitting twiddling their fingers, i said the bounce games are mostly 19 & 20 yrs old. There are some older pros who play in the bounce games.
  6. Not many senior players have been playing in any of the bounce games, all mostly 19 and 20 year olds. The old reserve league featured lots more experienced pros and only a handful of youth, this gave them more experience. When Lawless, McHugh, Slane ect, were 16 and McGee was in charge they played regular reserve games against senior pro`s, that has been taken away from them now. Lawless has been out in the 3rd div for a year and 3 months in the 2nd div and has gained a lot of game experience against senior pro`s. The youth sitting in the dug out or in the stand hardly play against men, only rangers & celtic and to an extent hearts (not for long) have reserve teams with senior pro`s. The rest of the teams have to rely on youth for bounce games.
  7. The main problem for the boys who get signed after coming through the under19`s is there is no longer a reserve league, where these boys would be getting regular football against boys in the same situation and also senior players who are coming back from injury or not getting into their teams. Experience !!! And also how can McCall change a team that is currently sitting 3rd in the league. In Lawless`s case he has Daley & Humphrey in front of him starting, unless 1 gets injured or leaves, then he will struggle to get into the team. the same goes for McHugh, with Murphy and Higdon starting before him, and that also goes for Carswell. The team has been lucky with injuries so far (defence excluded) and the gaffer will not change a winning team, just for the sake of it.So depending on transfer activity the boys will struggle to get games in my opinion.
  8. wee g

    Time For A Change?

    So Well fans have a superiority complex if we think our team are better than Hibs. Well i certainly think we are better than most of the teams in the SPL, and that must mean that my superiority complex is huge.
  9. wee g

    Chris Humphrey

    I never mentioned any of the above cos this is a thread about Chris Humphrey, but my thoughts on the players mentioned above, just for you Dazzer. Murphy...Played out of position in about half the games so far this season. When played in his natural position he is our main goal threat. Higdon... Not the most energetic footballer we have seen, canny jump (couldn`t slip a £5 under his feet, when jumping), i would give Bob or Gary Smith their chance, to see what we get, at least they will run a lot more. Lasley... Not been at his best in the last 3 games, but started the season well. Jennings... Thought he looked over weight when he returned from pre-season, not hit the heights of last season, so give Carswell a run and lets see what he can do. Hamell... Last 3 games not been at his best, but has had one of his best starts to the season. Craggs... who do we replace him with at the moment. we could play Page alongside Clancy, but Clancy is not a CH. So Craggs has to stay there until Hutchy and Saunders are fit. As for all of the above being better than what we have on our bench, how do you know that, cos they have never had a proper run in the 1st team, until they do we will never know what they can do.
  10. wee g

    Time For A Change?

    You are correct in saying that the performance was 100% better than the weekend (would not have been hard), but last night was against a team that are joint last in the SPL with the second worst goals scored record and also the 2nd worst goal difference and have only won 1 game all year. So if you think that was a decent performance & you are happy paying to watch your team be defeated against the 2nd worst team in the SPL, then carry on.
  11. wee g

    Chris Humphrey

    I was at the game last night and it was his best performance of the season, but still pish! We have signed Omar Daley who by all accounts is faster than CH and has more experience than him. Humphrey was diabolical on Saturday, but he was always going to start last night. WHY? Because McCall hasn`t the bottle to change the team He has had 10 games this year so far, scored 1 and not a lot of assists. So this is from someone who has meant to have the ability to change a game. And it wisnae my wee cock in your ears, that was my balls hitting your ears whilst you were sucking my wee cock.
  12. wee g

    Chris Humphrey

    Maybe take the cock out your ears, then you might be able to hear. Ps. I forgot it`s only your opinion that counts on here, tosser!
  13. wee g

    Chris Humphrey

    Humphrey needs a spell on the bench!!! or in the stand!!
  14. Totally agree with this ^. Give the boys a chance now!
  15. After watching another disappointing performance from a depleted starting 11,is it time for a few changes to the starting 11. McCall stated at the beginning of the season that he would give the boys a chance instead of going out and getting loan signings from England. Well it`s time he trusted some of his boys now! The reserves have not been beaten this year yet, but with McCalls lack of playing subs, none of these guys are getting playing time. The starting 11 seem to have an attitude that if they do not perform it`s ok, cos they will still be in the starting 11 the next game. (this is starting to do my head in). We started the Clyde game with 6 bench players (Lee Hollis, Jon Page, Jordan Halsman, Bob McHugh, Ross Forbes and Steven Lawless) with Carswell & Smith coming on later and before anyone states that it was only Clyde, i know it was, but all the above have experience out on loan or with their previous club. We need to give these lads a chance and start playing them. This should make the 1st team squad a lot more competitive and give some so-called 1st team starters a kick up the arse they need. In my opinion some of these guys are better footballers than we have starting and would also give a lot more to the team than some who are constant starts. Come on McCall Saturday is the day to start trusting your boys!!!!!

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