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  1. Sent £10 via the Paypal link, thanks again for running this!
  2. I'm maybe being a bit naive here but the way I see this share sale is akin to the folk that sell plots of land on the moon, you pay your money get a nice wee presentation certificate and on your way. Your never going to see any dividend, return or otherwise, it's just another means of raising cash for the society.
  3. They're probably trolling us...it'll be Russell Griffiths!
  4. See Stephen O'Donnell (formerly of Patrick Thistle) has been released by Luton. Possibly a shout?
  5. Hello mate, there's no ICT vs St Johnstone and 2 x Hearts vs Dundee listed on this Saturdays round of fixtures?
  6. All the best to Kennedy, looked like the kind of defender we needed when he first signed but seemed to lose his way. Always more difficult for a young defender to come through in a losing team, especially a team with the defensive problems we have!
  7. Couldn't make it on Monday night, glad to hear it all went well. Any chance of posting the questions up? Like a good quiz!
  8. Ally Maxwell? Can't recall anyone since?!
  9. Really hope this is where we took our inspiration for the new strip...
  10. http://www.worcesternews.co.uk/sport/13329868.No_cash_injection_for_Kidderminster_Harriers_if_Marvin_Johnson_seals_move/ As much as I'd like to see Marv stay, if we get an offer anywhere near £1m then I'd say it'd be good business to sell on. The balls in our court in so much as I believe we have him under contract till 2018, but I think an offer anywhere near £1m would be difficult for the club to turn down.
  11. Hello mate, I don't think the ranking table has updated for a wee while?
  12. Stenhousemuir are unseeded, Dumbarton have been put in the North 2nd seed pot, think they would've had to be swapped with either Rangers, Morton, St Mirren or QotS to go into the South 2nd seed pot.

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