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Found 32 results

  1. I collated the MOTM results and, using a pretty simple formula (3pts for winning, 1pt for coming second in each game), the results are in: Fourth: Bevis Mugabi (16 points) Joint Second: Tony Watt (20 points) Kevin van Veen (20 points) Player of the Year: Liam Kelly (30 points)
  2. Turns out Celtic are quite good. Thoughts and votes please...
  3. Choisissez votre homme du match dans notre match de qualification pour les Euros.. (courtesy of Google Translate)
  4. Take your pick from this week's "How can we still be in the chase for Europe" extravaganza...
  5. After days of consultation I agreed to move this poll forward to Saturday.
  6. Players who sign pre-contracts shouldn't play for their team for the rest of the season. Discuss (once you've cast your vote for Lamie)
  7. Thoughts and votes from the goalsmageddon...
  8. Make sure your cross in the box is better than the ones on the park.
  9. Thoughts and votes now we can "concentrate on the league"...
  10. Once you've got over the excitement it's time to take your pick.
  11. Who was the least culpable in the inevitable "let's blow our chance to go 4th" extravaganza...
  12. Better than Dortmund? Thoughts and votes...
  13. Thoughts and votes for the "Haven't Won a League Game in 2022 Derby"
  14. The cup bandwagon rolls on. Make your choice for man of the match.
  15. Pick your Man Least Likely to be Dropped for the Cup Game of the Match.
  16. Make your pick - and pretend we were saving ourselves for Wednesday.
  17. Place your vote for Tierney here.
  18. Make your choice. Could be worse. Some of us have snow to shovel.
  19. Make your pick for man of the match. This week's prize is to keep GA's seat warm in the dugout at the next game.
  20. It's the result that counts, so take your pick before we move on to Dundee Utd away in the next round.
  21. Place your cross in the Christmas Box.
  22. Cast your votes for Dean Cornelius here...
  23. Votes please, thoughts optional...
  24. Lick the salt 'n' sauce of your fingers and give us your votes please...
  25. I'm doing the honours this week for the Utd game. Now you've all dried out, time to make your choice.

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