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M F C Official Carpool - Launch 2011

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MFC Carpool

Further to the announcement last week, we are pleased to advise and remind fans this initiative is now up and running. It is hope this thread will act as a catalyst for debate and stimulate interest.


We recognise that many fans live in areas where either public transport to games causes issues or the costs associated limit their frequent attendance at Fir Park. As some members of the committee live as far away as sixty miles from Motherwell we can empathise with the issues faced by a significant number of our support.


As we understand it, the first club in Scotland to do this. It's envisaged that it may persuade a few floating fans to attend an extra game here and there and help ease the burden on those already travelling to Fir Park regularly.



Therefore from season 2011-12 we plan to offer supporters the opportunity to combine their resources to help get them get along to games. If you live outside a 15 mile radius from Fir Park or in a remote location within, you are invited to post your details via [email protected]


If interested, please indicate your:







Number of places required/on offer


And select one from the following:


a) I would prefer to take my car every week

b) I would prefer to share the driving

c) I can only passenger and contribute to fuel costs


By submitting your details you consent to the club exchanging your details with other like minded individuals. We will then put you in touch with interested supporters from your local area, future arrangements would be made between yourselves. The associated map shows the location of all those currently registered.

Or alternatively type in "MFC Car Pool" into Google, the first result should take you to the map.

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